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Diwali is the Festival of Lights, so it’s time to showcase your creativity! Replace generic cards with unique Diwali greeting cards that you designed with Canva.

How to make Diwali cards - Canva

Greet your loved ones with Diwali cards they’ll cherish forever

Each one of us has a unique Diwali memory that we’ll always cherish. For some, it’s sweets, gifts, and new party clothes. For others, it’s crackers, lights, and rangoli art. This time around, put in a little extra effort to create unforgettable memories for your friends and family with a gift basket and personalized Happy Diwali cards.

Creating a one-of-a-kind Diwali card is super easy with our free online Diwali card maker, thanks to an abundance of professionally designed layouts and simple design tools. Give your holiday cards a personal touch by adding your family photo or a lovely message with our drag-and-drop feature.

With our Diwali card maker, you’ll delight your loved ones with gifts and cards that are as luminous as the Festival of Lights.

How to make a Diwali card

How to make Diwali cards - Canva
Make a Diwali Card

Launch Canva and type "Diwali Card" in the search bar to start making a Diwali card.

Explore Canva’s library of ready-made Diwali card design templates. You’ll find a wide range of layouts, from colorful, ornate styles to classic holiday and festival motifs. Filter by color, layout, or theme.

Once you’ve chosen a Diwali card template, customize it to your party. Upload your own photos and use our built-in photo editor to enhance them. Then, add heartfelt messages and well-wishes.

Our online Diwali card maker has millions of free stock photos, stickers, illustrations, and other holiday graphics to make your Diwali card stand out. You can rearrange the design elements. Choose your own background, color scheme, and font style, too. If you’re making a digital Diwali greeting card, use the Animate tool to create movement.

Share directly online via email or social media using the “Share” button. Or download and save your work as a print-ready PDF. You can also order your personalized Diwali cards from Canva Print.

Make a Diwali Card

Create a truly personal Diwali greeting

Canva is all about making design amazingly simple. Thanks to easy-to-use, drag-and-drop tools, you can take one of our free Diwali greeting card templates and customize them as far as your imagination allows. You can even create unique layouts and save them for future gift-giving. The card gets automatically saved, so you can use them for next year’s Diwali party.

Make your Diwali cards even more special with a message. Canva has pre-made font combinations, so your loving holiday greetings will always look good. Just pick a pre-made text combination and replace it with your own well-wishes. There are hundreds of fonts to choose from.

Personalize your Diwali greeting card with photos

Surprise your loved ones with Happy Diwali greeting cards filled with family photos or pictures of warm memories. Easily upload a photo and use it in your cards. Simply drag the photo to your Diwali card design, resize it, and spruce it up with our online photo editor(opens in a new tab or window). Plus, it’s all 100% free.

Need more photos? Explore our built-in media library! Choose from our collection of stunning Diwali images and illustrations, like lights, gifts, and sweets. There are a lot of free stock photos you can use, and our premium images also come at a great price. With resources as large as Canva, you can create original Diwali greeting cards online easily and quickly.

Share the light of Diwali with everyone

Once you’re done working on our online Diwali card maker, you have a lot of online sharing options: send it through email, tweet it, post it on Facebook, or share your card via WhatsApp. Just by clicking the “Share” button, you can send your holiday well-wishes to local and overseas friends and celebrate the Festival of Lights with everyone.

You can also print your custom Diwali card. All you have to do is save it in the recommended PDF-print format. This option downloads your design in high resolution, so it will look as good in person as it does on screen. Your Diwali gift basket will surely look awesome with these beautiful cards.


When you compose a Diwali card message, you can put simple but heartfelt phrases like “May millions of lamps illuminate your life with endless joy,” or “May the divine light of Diwali spread into your life.” These will surely warm the heart of the person you’re sending it to.

To make stunning Diwali cards, choose a vibrant hue for the background. Use festive party colors such as red, purple, and gold. Try out elegant fonts like Berkshire Swash or Celandine. Our free online Diwali card maker also lets you add icons and images of lights, diyas, candles, good food and sweets, fireworks, firecrackers, stars, gifts, and jewels. Upload your own photos to add a personal touch to your holiday cards.

To respond to a Diwali holiday greeting, simply send back a card or message expressing your gratitude and mutual warm wishes. You can design your own Diwali greeting cards for free using our Diwali card maker. Or send them a text, email, or social media message saying “Thank you for your greetings. Hope your Diwali is a blessed and bright one.”

When you’re making Diwali greeting cards, try using popular festival colors like yellow, gold, red, magenta, blue, and purple. But you can create Diwali cards in any color of the rainbow, especially if it’s the favorite color of the recipient. No matter the hues, the important thing is you share the joy of the Festival of Lights with your loved ones.

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