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Diwali is a national festival and most Indians, regardless of their faith, celebrate it with great joy. In fact, it is one of the most recognized Hindu festivals which is also celebrated all over the world. Lights, decorations, firecrackers, sweets, and gifts are all a part of Diwali parties. This year, if you are planning to host a Diwali party at your college, office, club, or locality, announce it with an attractive poster designed on Canva.

Creating a Diwali poster is simple and free on Canva, and the best part is that you don’t need any prior designing knowledge for it. With Canva’s big collection of professionally designed Diwali layouts and user-friendly customization tools, all you have to do is select a suitable template, add relevant information, and before you know it, your poster will be ready.

How to make Diwali posters

Start Designing a Diwali Poster

Launch Canva and find "Diwali Poster" on the search tool. Open a blank page or browse templates.

Waiting for inspiration to strike? Look no further than Canva’s library of ready-made Diwali poster templates, designed for every theme you can imagine. Filter your search by color, style or layout.

Check out Canva’s library of free, professional photos, illustrations, icons, stickers and images. Use the photo effects feature to apply filters and the animate feature to create movement. Design with friends and family using the collaborate tool.

Add your own photos, images and artwork. Choose a font style, background and color scheme. Mix and match elements from different templates. Delete, copy or duplicate elements in a single click.

Ready to share your design with the world? Post to social media in a few easy clicks. Save as a JPG, PNG or print-ready PDF. Make prints at home through Canva Print.

Start Designing a Diwali Poster

Design a poster showcasing the fun of Diwali

Canva has ready-to-use puja, firecrackers, and rangoli themed designs. You can either customize these designs or take inspiration from them and create a unique poster of your own. To personalize your Diwali poster, you can add images of the venue, activities, or deities to it. Either upload your own images or choose from over 1 million images, graphics, and illustrations present in Canva’s media library. Many of these images are free, while the rest are offered at a very competitive price.

You can also add important information about the event with the best font combination and typography available.

Make last minute changes easily and quickly

Last minute change of plans? Edit your poster accordingly and get it ready in no time. With Canva as your designing partner, you can edit your design any number of times and from anywhere. Even when you’re on the go, Canva’s iPhone and iPad apps let you access and edit your poster design to make necessary changes. Best of all, they’re both free to download on the App Store!

Canva also allows you to share your design so that if are busy in Diwali party preparations, your friends or family members can edit the poster. Simply click on the share button, enter their email address of your friend, select the ‘can edit’ box next to email address window, and they will be able to access the poster on their Canva account.

Print your Diwali poster in high-resolution

After designing, it’s time to print the poster and inform everyone about your Diwali celebrations. Keeping the print requirement in mind, Canva enables users to download the poster in high-resolution.

Simply click on the download button and select the PDF-Print option from the drop down menu to get the perfect resolution print, every time.


Want to make your poster more personal? Easily use photos from your desktop, mobile or social media account in your Diwali poster design. Just make sure your images are downloaded and saved as JPEGs or PNGs, then upload them to the editor in your design software.

Diwali posters come in a variety of sizes. Typically they are 12” x 8,” 12” x 18” or 24” x 36.” Choose a smaller poster for your dorm room at school, a medium sized poster for your living room at home or a large poster for your special celebration.

Students can design Diwali posters as part of a fun holiday assignment. Encourage creativity with arts and crafts supplies or show kids how to design and print their own posters online in a few steps. Combine both methods by printing images and icons and adding them to a hand-made poster.

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