39 Instagram travel feeds to inspire you with jaw-dropping landscapes and intimate travel stories

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In between adventures and can't wait for the next one? Maybe you're just trying to decide where to go next? Let these 40 amazing travelers take you with them with photos of breathtaking views and crazy fun stories to satisfy your wanderlust.

@chrisburkard | Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard's travel photography is what dreams are made of. Not only are his landscapes to die for, but his Instagram pushes people to have a greater love and respect for the world. From extreme sports, to peaceful landscapes, Chris Burkard makes anyone want to really live life.

@mattcherub | Matt Cherubino

Sunrises from mountain tops poking through the clouds, free diving with humpback whales, camping on mountain tops in Norway, Matt Cherubino shows nature at its most majestic, with tiny figures trekking through to give an impression of the scale of mother nature's jaw-dropping creations.

@jasoncharleshill | Jason Charles Hill

Jason Charles Hill shows the crushing weight of nature, inspiring with the sublime and unexpected. His work hinges on perspective, as a pink sun sets over the vast Arabian desert or a shadowy figure walks beneath a jagged peak at El Chaltén. One can always feel the human element in the wild.

@helloemilie | Emilie Ristevski

Emilie Ristevski fills life with wonder. Her soft palette of colors gives the impression of a water colourist. Not only is each photo a work of art, but her entire feed works so beautifully together. The way she frames her self-portraits, the iconic "girl in hat staring at majestic view," the small moments of her day—the collection of images working together has influenced an entire generation of instagram users.

@annapurnauna | Annapurna Mellor

Annapurna combines her skills as a photographer with her love of storytelling to bring intimate adventures and portraits from the road—a moment of time, a snapshot of life, a brief insight into a person's life. It's no surprise that she's shot for National Geographic, World Nomads and Intrepid, just to name a few.

@andrewling | Andrew Ling

Andrew Ling brings a mastery of light to his landscapes. In a world filled with brilliant Instagram photographers, Andrew has created his own style. He has recreated the cliche of inspirational text and turned it into a work of art. As evening pours down over Yosemite, a climber dwarfed by his rock dangles on his rope in silhouette, telling a story without words of a very long day's climb. Sometimes, he uses simple text to take an image to the next level and creates an emotional connection to his photo.

@Jarradseng | Jarrad Seng

Not only is his Instagram filled with crazy adventures and beautiful imagery, but it's also a whole lot of fun. Whether it's because he's wearing flip flops even in the middle of winter in Iceland or because he and his best bud Passenger are taking an awkward family portrait together, one doesn't get just a dose of inspiration to explore but also, generally, an entertaining story.

@wildsommer | Nicole Odemann

With a nostalgic air that film photography brings, Nicole explores the world. Film brings a certain quality to images that can't be recreated with digital—a soulful moment. Her photos still show the epic vistas the world has to offer but with a very personal nature to them.

@benjaminhardman | Benjamin Hardman

Snow. Ice. White. Vast. Benjamin Hardman has spent the last few years living in Iceland. In a country that feels like every single Instagram influencer has visited, he manages to fill his feed with so much originality. Calling him a travel or landscape photographer doesn't do him justice. Every image is a work of art.

@jedforster | Jed Forster

Using a palette that ranges from monochrome to muted colors, Jed Forster brings a melancholy charm to landscape photography. A great travel photographer who brings a touch of contradiction to his work, the inner warmth to his images of cold lakes and the feeling of freedom in his oppressive skies inspire people to go off on their own adventure.

@nomadic_habit | Marianna Jamadi

Marianna's Instagram doesn't just capture the beauty of nature and travel, but also the feeling. She intersperses epic landscapes with portraits, snapshots of the day, and photos of animals in their habitat, yoga with a view, or people hustling in local markets. She's proof that there's no need to be a mountaineer or adrenaline junkie—an open heart, a love for the world, and a handy camera are all that's needed for a great adventure.

@bejamin | Benjamin Everett

One can instantly see that Benjamin Everett had been a landscape painter before he picked up his camera. He manages an almost surrealist effect and conveys the dynamic beauty of nature with simple yet spectacular juxtaposition of shapes, colors, atmospheres, and textures. One can see the unique eye of a photographer who finds beauty wherever he goes.

@_nata_ | Natalia Horinkova

Natalia's Instagram is a window into undocumented lives. There is such a warm personal quality to her portraits of people at the edge of the developed world that not only give a glimpse into their everyday life, but also evoke beautiful feelings for the planet we live in.

@dantom | Dan Tom

The photography of Dan Tom is always painterly, whether he's capturing portraits or epic landscapes. There is an other-worldiness to his rich earth tones, and it is this lush visual surface that inspires, as much as the fantastic scenes he captures.

@coopsfrootloops | Nick Cooper

Nick Cooper brings travel photography to life with his unique color palette and his unforgettable hues. Based in Perth, he catches the beaches of Western Australia in all their glory. With his stunning aerial views and his angled light, he then shows spectacular beauty around the globe—from New Zealand to Iceland to San Francisco.

@rjbruni | RJ Bruni

In the feed of R.J. Bruni, BC based filmmaker and Cold Water fanatic, he makes people feel both the beauty of frozen landscapes and the intense energy in engaging them. He documents the road less travelled—kayaaking, trekking, and water-skiing everywhere from Canada to the Himalayas. Wherever he roams, he brings these inspiring scenes to life with a beautiful eye.

@alexstrohl | Alex Strohl

There is an inspiring directness and honesty in the nature photography of Alex Strohl that allows him to convey the beauty of unadulterated nature. One can see his love for the variety of wilderness. But it's the way his photos pull viewers into the wilderness with him, through a tent flap, by the fire, or in the back seat of the car, that makes his Instagram feed truly worthy to follow.

@_fabiozingg | Fabio Zingg

Fabio Zingg’s work has the visual strength of a masterful ink drawing. One can feel the cold in each image with the dark and dramatic atmosphere. He captures these majestic views by pushing himself up mountains and braving the harsh and frigid landscapes to experience the beauty of this world.

@morganmaassen | Morgan Maassen

The idea that the Innuit have fifty words for snow could easily apply to surf photographer, Morgan Maassen, who, if he were not working in a visual medium, would have to invent as many words for the texture of water. His work ranges from crisp high-speed action photography that captures every droplet flying off a board to the atmospheric silhouette of an unknown surfer as a golden sunset pours over California. One can see his love for this lifestyle.

@shortstache | Garrett King

Whether he is shooting breath-taking glimpses of Iceland or photos of golden light pouring over the Southwestern American States, Garrett King brings a personal feeling to his photos. His photos tell stories with an economy of images of the soulful solitude one finds just beyond civilization, inspiring viewers to seek their own adventure.

@travisburkephotography | Travis Burke

One can feel the love of adventure pulsing through the photography of Travis Burke. He makes people want to leave the city immediately, if not forever. The human element is as powerful as the natural beauty in his work as he captures himself on a slack line, at a dizzying height at Yosemite, or at a camp on the Pacific coast.

@bokehm0n | Johannes Hulsch

The playful quality of Johannes Hulsch comes out in every landscape. His mastery of perspective draws viewers into these unforgettable compositions. 
He inspires people to explore these remnants of another era as he shoots ancient, serene feudal towers of Slovenia, reflections upon a wintery lake, or old-fashioned farmhouses at the end of the world.

@thiswildidea | Theron Humphrey

The star of the show is, without a doubt, Maddie the coonhound. Maddie is a soulful dog on a lifelong roadtrip through spectacular places across the United States and Mexico. We see Maddie, contemplative as a philosopher, gazing out over the coast of San Francisco. In another photo, she eats a Blue Star donut in Los Angeles. It would be hard not to sell everything and get out on the road after looking through Theron's photos of Maddie sitting on the deck of his car, watching the sun set over the American landscape.

@taylormichaelburk | Taylor Burk

Taylor Michael Burk’s Instagram feed is nothing short of spectacular. Using the vast canvas of nature, his work often has a fascinating illustrative look—ranging from serene landscapes that evoke an inner peace to adrenalin-fuelled photos that instantly make one's feet itch for an adventure.

@sukiicat | Suki the Cat

Travel, adventure, and cats. Is there anything more to life? Suki and her human, Marti Gutfreund, go exploring the Canadian wilderness, and it's basically everything anyone's ever wanted. Her wide eyes take in all the wonder around her, from climbing mountains to lazing about in the sun. Unlike the dogs of Instagram, Suki brings an element of style to her adventures. Rather than a bounding energy, she has a serene appreciation for the world her human introduces her to, and one can't help but feel it too.

@isaacsjohnston | Isaac Johnston

A contagious love for the outdoors permeates the photography of Isaac Johnston. His work tells an inspiring story with simple images, as he rapels the Red Rock Canyon of Zion or paddles beneath Broken Leg Mountain. His images make one want to get off the trail and discover a slot canyon in Utah or walk alone across an endless flat of sun-baked mud in Central Oregon.

@idletheorybus | Kit Whistler, J.R. Switchgrass, and Sunshine

Kit Whistler and J.R. Switchgrass (AKA Rachel and James) have been living in their bus, Sunshine, on the American Road, for over four years. Their instagram is filled with epic vista's the bus ambles along but also shares the quieter moments on the road, doors opened, an iron skillet of chili on the stove, by the campfire. One can't help but be moved by reflections on the road by two people who took the leap.

@shanemichaelblack | Shane Michael Black

The work of Shane Michael Black is always beautiful. His appreciation of nature, light, and the universe, comes out in his mind-blowing timelapse photography or in stills of the Milky Way over salt flats or the aurora lighting up the sky in Iceland.

@raskal | Crille Rask

Every shot he takes from Sri Lanka to Bali says, "This is a good place to throw down the surfboard or watch a dolphin leap in pale blue waters, unless we decide instead to jump in a jeep with good friends and get lost in the jungle." One can feel the blur of activity in his developing world traffic and in the flipping of a skateboard at sundown in Portugal.

@donalboyd | Donal Boyd

One can feel Donal Boyd's love for the vulnerable wildlife and fragile ecosystems of the planet. His playfulness with technique captures viewers' imagination as he shoots just the fin of a whale poking through underwater glare or a small pack of giraffes emerging from the dense foliage and fog in Namibia. His love for these creatures and spectacular, vulnerable landscapes is infectious, and the power of his images ripples out over the nervous system and shifts one's perspective on travel.

@levicaleballan | Levi Caleb Allan

Above Levi Caleb Allan's Instagram page, it reads, "Do what others won't, do what others don't." A quick scroll brings this motto to life. Waking up in the snow by Tilicho Lake, the highest altitude lake in the world, or camping above the clouds on mountain tops. Allan shows, rather than tells, a bigger story through each of these small windows.

@lebackpacker | Johan Lolos

Like a great painting, Johan Lolos manages to create fascinating and unforgettable images with a rich canvas full of movement. This visual mastery puts a seed in the brain, and twenty minutes later, it grows into an I-want-to-go-there tree.

@timclark1 | Tim Clark

Tim Clark always finds the exact moment when the view goes from breathtaking to cosmic. His feed is filled with adventure. Each image tells a story of a life well lived and a body well used. From skiing, surfing, to bike riding, nothing is off the cards, and this constant energy for adventure courses through the veins as viewers scroll his feed.

@adventurepepper | Pepper the Adventure Dog

Anyone sick of the overwhelming amount of people having fun in the wilderness may find their inspiration in the ongoing journey of Pepper the Adventure Dog, the loyal partner in crime of @elizabethgadd. Follow Pepper through the snow under an orange Alpine sunset, the pleasure of just being hairy on a rock in a forest, or a downward dog with Elizabeth by a lake. They only travel locally in Vancouver, but still one can't help but love Pepper's (and Elizabeth's) great love for adventure.

@andyleeuk | Andy Lee

One can immediately spot the unique look of Andy Lee. His moody and contemplative images, mostly high-contrast black-and-white, convey the sublime beauty of nature. The soulfulness of solitude pervades his work and reminds viewers of the poetry of the earth.

@neverlandboys.co | (Neverland Boys) Zac White, Elliott Lyons, Jaxon Foale

Childhood never ends for the Neverland Boys, who may or may not, at any moment, be jumping off a tall dead tree into a flooded canyon in Thailand or riding bicycles across a rural village in Vietnam. Their images remind people that the world is always willing to provide sunshine and water to backflip into, if they're willing to seek it out in some far-flung place on the globe.

@blitutde | Tutde Darmawan

Tutde Darmawan inspires us with warm autumnal tones and romantic scenes. His soulmate walking through yellow flowers in the wilderness of Komodo Padarm. The first rain after the hot season as it drips from the side mirror of his car on a cloudy road in Bali. In one image, an orange robed monk blesses him at Angkor Wat and says, "Don't let anything [to] stop the fullness of love and life in you." His photography stays true to this.

@_ryanhill_ | Ryan Hill

Ryan Hill is at home with the waves and surf of the Central Coast of California, and his work gives the feeling of adventure even further off the trail. There's an infectious quality to his photography. With every image, he inspires people to get out onto the road.

@melissafindley | Melissa Findley

In her evocative landscapes, Melissa Findley captures the raw beauty of remote places from Bhutan to Rajasthan. Her sense of color and composition makes her work absolutely captivating. And through her storytelling, she also gives a magical glimpse of delicate cultures and of vulnerable and vanishing traditions.

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