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Only the highest quality free stock photos

Enhance any design project with the perfect image. Browse and find your match from Canva Photos—a diverse library of millions of free and premium stock photos and assets you can use all the time.

Millions of stunning options

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Bring your projects to new heights with just the right image from Canva Photos. Search by theme or category and discover endless options that will ignite your creativity. Grab free stock images or unlock access to premium ones with your Canva Pro account.

Edit and enhance images with ease

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Going for a specific look and feel? Achieve your aesthetic on Canva’s free online photo editor(opens in a new tab or window), and transparent image background tool(opens in a new tab or window), no editing skills or heavy software installation required. Adjust the exposure, overlay images(opens in a new tab or window), use filters to alter the mood, crop(opens in a new tab or window), and combine photos(opens in a new tab or window) for montages(opens in a new tab or window). The possibilities are endless.

Create and share photos & designs on the go

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Work wherever inspiration strikes. Stay on top of your social media content plan or creative projects on the move. Get the Canva app on your desktop, iOS, and Android devices and share your design wherever, whenever.

How to find the perfect stock photo

How to find the perfect stock photo
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Right from the Canva editor dashboard, look for the Photos tab on the left sidebar and type a keyword into the search bar. Or, go to Canva Photos and enter a keyword on the search bar.

Looking for inspiration? Click on any of our sample categories and themes. No specific theme in mind? Dip into our trending stock photo selection and see if any image resonates with you.

On the Canva editor, click on the photo preview to automatically add it to your design. If you’re on the Canva Photos site, select your chosen image, and then click Use in a design. A dropdown menu will appear asking you to click the type of design you want to make. This will automatically create a blank template with your selected stock photo. You can then start creating on Canva.

Subscribe to Canva Pro or Canva For Teams to get unlimited access to any of our premium stock photos, or support the creator by buying the licensed photo at a very competitive price with a free account.

Get creative with your design using our free online photo editor. Adjust the exposure and saturation, add a filter to create a certain mood, crop and tilt, or use effects to achieve the perfect look for your design. Now, you’re ready to download your design in your preferred file format.
Get stock photos

Frequently Asked Questions

Stock photos, also called photography stock or stock photographs, are available and existing photos that you can use in projects for free or with a minimal licensing fee. You can access a wide range of stock images from Pexels and Pixabay directly in Canva.

At Canva, content can be either Free or Pro. You can use Free content at no cost, as the name suggests! If you’re a free user, you’ll see a watermark on Pro content, and you can pay a small cost to use a piece of Pro content in a design. This grants you a Pro Content license. You’ll need to pay to use this same piece of content in a different design.

For Pro users, there is nothing more to pay, no watermarks. You are automatically granted a Pro Content license. When you resize a design, or create a new design and want to use the same piece of Content, you get another Pro Content License issued for each new design. For more information on how you can use Free or Pro content, check out our Content License Agreement.

Unless you’re using content identified as “Editorial Use Only”, Canva’s license does not require attribution, however it’s always welcome!
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