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Good design is really important for your school assignments. And it can be the difference between a good grade and a great grade.

Well designed assignments can ensure the work wows your teachers, stands out from the rest of the class, and reflects just how much work you (or your group) invested in this project. Why?

Because good design comes with lots of benefits. It allows you to display a clear message interestingly, grab and hold the attention of the people who see your work, and adds a level of professionalism to the work you’ve created.

Learning these design skills while you’re still in school can be beneficial later in your life, too. In the working world, professional designs that impress your audience and get your point across clearly can give you a real advantage. Especially if you create presentations(opens in a new tab or window), reports or work with customers.

Let’s explore some ways you can use design to create a professional looking school project, and see some templates you can use to make the job a whole lot easier.

01. Create beautiful presentations

It can be hard to create a presentation that pops when you’re using the usual office software, can’t it?

You want a design that grabs attention, holds it and wows your audience. Which can be hard to achieve with traditional business software. But don’t worry, Canva’s got your back.

You can choose from hundreds of different presentation templates to help you create a unique presentation your audience wants to stick around for.

If you prefer a more minimalist design that gets your message across clearly, why not get started with our Minimal Content Marketers Business(opens in a new tab or window) template?

Or, if you want something that’s going to turn heads and draw your reader in, you could replicate something like that:

02. Collaborate on group projects

Group projects can be frustrating to manage.

Sending documents(opens in a new tab or window), images and files between lots of people can take a lot of time, and it’s so easy to forget something (or someone). Leaving you with an inevitable “Oh God, we forgot to do that!” moment twelve hours before the deadline. Sound familiar?

If so, you’ll love Canva’s collaboration features.

You can add up to ten people to any project and work on your designs all in the same dashboard.

That means you can comment, create, share and edit all of your work using just one link. So even if your group is spread out across town, you can keep your work in one easy to find a place.

03. Put together powerful posters

Let’s face it, posters are hard to make.

With traditional office software, it can be tricky to get things right. And expensive graphic design software makes it complicated. You just want a simple way to create a poster that looks good and gets people’s attention, don’t you?

Well, don’t stress. Canva has a solution for you.

Posters are one of our specialties and you can access hundreds of our stunning poster templates for free.

You can drag, drop, edit and change them however you want, without having to spend hours learning how to use the tool! That means all you have to worry about is who’s going to collect them from the printer.

04. Create graphs and charts people want to look at

Graphs and charts tend to draw someone’s eye.

If you see a page full of text, or a presentation full of bullet points, these picture representations of your work tend to be where people look first. Sometimes, they even set the tone for what someone is about to read.

They tend to be pretty important and contain interesting data about your topic. But many tools make your graphs and charts look pretty underwhelming. Which makes the point you’re making underwhelming, too.

Not ideal when you’re trying to create a professional-looking assignment to be remembered, is it?

Well, Canva gives you the opportunity to inject some life into your graphs and charts, and display your data in a way that will stun your audience as much as your incredible findings.

If you’re in need of a pie chart, you could get started with this Music Genre Textured Pie Chart(opens in a new tab or window) template:

Or if you need a bar graph, you look no further than our customisable Math Games bar graph(opens in a new tab or window):

05. Design a program for your class Event

Getting people to show up to your class event takes a lot of work. You’ve invested lots of hours and ideas into spreading the word to try and get even just some people to come.

Because of all that investment, you want to be sure you create something to truly wow the people who have taken the time to show up. To prove to them it was worth their while.

A great way to do this is by creating a program for your class event. A short booklet(opens in a new tab or window) that shares the ideas and information on what you’re doing. For example, if you’re putting on a concert, you could share information about the band, the music you’re playing, and personal profiles.

You can then hand this out to the people who come as a keepsake, and a reminder of what a great event it was.

06. Rustle up the perfect menu

Presentation is paramount when it comes to food. But why it should it stop at drizzles, garnish and how it looks on the plate.

To make your home economics or hospitality assignment look as professional as possible, it’s important you create a great menu to compliment the food you’re creating. Even something as simple as the font you use can set the scene for a great meal.

Canva has an entire range of menu templates you can update with the courses you’re going to serve and pictures of your culinary creations.

Depending on the type of feel you want to create, you could choose from either our Orange and Blue Photo Dinner(opens in a new tab or window) or Pizza Photo Dinner(opens in a new tab or window) menus, to get your teacher and classmates' mouths watering:

07. Create a visual case study

Case studies can be fun to write, but difficult to present in a way that’s enjoyable to read and easy to digest. And getting them to look professional without looking dull can be a real drag. Especially if you want your work to stand out from the rest of the class!

So, how can you create and display your case study(opens in a new tab or window) in a way that’s easy to read, fun to look at, understandable and ready to knock your teacher’s proverbial socks off? We’re pretty sure we know a way—infographics.

Infographics are visual ways of explaining the work you’ve done. They’re a little like long memes, but for serious classroom assignments, and not angry-cat pictures. You can use them to display the key points of your work in a way people will remember.

You can either use them in addition to the case study you write (especially if you have a word count to meet) to break-down specific points. Or, if your teacher lets you be creative, as your final submission.

Using Canva’s editing software, you can easily add-in information, drag and drop graphics, and update the colour scheme to present your work in a new way. We can almost guarantee none of your classmates will have thought of this!

08. Write book reports that wow!

The word “book report” is up there with slow WiFi, the doctor’s waiting room and traffic jams as one of the most boring things in the world.

And the process of writing one is made worse by word processors which only display them in mundane ways. Not even comic sans could liven them up.

To create a report that looks professional and wows your teachers, you need to look beyond word processors to create the design for your report. Especially if you want something that leaps off the page and is fun to read for a change.

Canva has a wide range of report templates to choose from. You can display your information in a cool and interesting way that doesn’t feel like it’s straight out of a 1990’s business meeting.

I’d suggest you get started with our Orange Fiction Photo(opens in a new tab or window) template:

09. Level-up your photography skills

Photograph editing is a tricky process. Especially when you need it for an assignment, and not just an Instagram or Snapchat update.

Professional editing suites make it too hard to make the simple edits and changes you need. That means there’s a lot of wasted time looking for the right tools or giving it a quick touch-up. Not exactly what you need when you’ve got a deadline breathing down your neck!

Canva makes editing photographs much simpler and easier, while still giving you lots of options to work with. You can take your raw images and bring them to life in just a few clicks. It’s easy to make the colours pop, play with the levels, add filters and even your text.

Your teachers will never know the difference, and you’ll get the results you want in much less time.

10. Submit your work in style

We know you put a lot of work into your assignments. And, you want a way to display all of your hard work and show how much time and effort you put into this.

Now, if you’ve made it this far into the article and you’ve not yet seen a template to match your project, you might be a little disappointed. But don’t fret! For every assignment you can create, Canva has a template.

You can make:

Amongst many other things! Meaning that you can have great designs, and a professional feel, to all of the assignments you’ll ever need to create.

Wrapping this up

Design can play an important role in your school assignments. It helps you to stand out from the crowd and create work your teachers will remember!

But you don’t need to be a design student to take use it. All of the templates listed in this article will help you quickly and easily create professional school assignments that pack a punch.

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