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Create scalable images for your design project, website, or business in seconds. With the text-to-vector tool on Canva, all you need to do is enter a description of the image you have in mind, customize the look, and get scalable AI vector art options in a few clicks.

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Create vector graphics in seconds with AI

Generate stunning images for your website, social media, and graphic design projects, even with zero digital illustration skills. With the vector AI generator on Canva, you simply need to put your vision into words. Get your creativity flowing with over 40 different art styles and color modes to choose from and get up to four image options in scalable vector graphic (SVG) format ready in seconds.

How to make vector art

Generate vector with AI

Launch Canva on the app or a web browser to create vector art. Explore our collection of ready-made templates or open a blank canvas.

Click Apps on the editor side panel, and select Illustroke to begin creating vector images.

Describe the vector illustration you want to generate, then select a style. Click See all to view over 40 art styles from five categories. Pick a color and object mode, then hit Generate.

Make the most of Canva’s built-in photo editor to tweak your image as you like. Crop your vector to any aspect ratio, add Duotone or Trippy effects, or use it in a realistic mockup design.

Download your AI vector file in high-quality SVG format or add it directly to any Canva design.
Generate vector with AI

Generate unique imagery in seconds

Whether you’re a web designer, digital artist, or content creator, you know the struggle of scouring through thousands of images and never finding the right one. Before you know it, you’re settling for the second best to meet a deadline.

Cut to the chase with the online SVG generator on Canva! Whip up the right words to describe what you have in mind, and get the perfect vector imagery with powerful AI!

Customize away

Increase your chances of generating your desired SVG with a versatile vector art maker. Enter your text prompt in the description box, zero in on the art style and color mode you want, and watch your image come to life.

Choose from more than 40 art styles, from flat to isometric, to match your aesthetic. Pick between a full-colored illustration or a black-and-white image. Finally, decide whether you want it to be background-free or with an entire backdrop. Hit Generate, and the AI SVG generator will do the rest!

Infinite scalability, endless creative possibilities

Enjoy using your vector image across all designs while preserving its high quality. Stretch your SVG for a massive billboard or size it down for a landing page thumbnail–rest assured your vector image will survive with its quality and resolution intact. Need to make some tweaks on your image before launch? Use our SVG editor(opens in a new tab or window) to polish up your file.

Seamlessly incorporate into any design

When you create your image with the vector graphic generator on Canva, you can instantly use it on any existing project you’re working on. No more switching from one design tool to another. Quickly save your image in your folder and drag and drop it onto your next design on Canva, whether it’s a one-page website(opens in a new tab or window), a client presentation(opens in a new tab or window), a print flyer(opens in a new tab or window), or a social media(opens in a new tab or window) post.


Yes, it can! Access the AI vector art generator on our platform to create your vector image from scratch. To get the best results, here are some tips:

  • Write your prompt in English.
  • Go simple and direct with your prompt.
  • Don’t specify a style just yet in your text prompt – the following steps will allow you to narrow down the look of your image.
  • To ensure you choose the right art style, click See all to see how the vector image creator interprets each style.

You can convert any image to a vector with an image-to-vector converter. With our built-in image converter, it’s a breeze to vectorize your image. Upload your photo onto the editor, click Share, and scroll down to find the Download option. On the drop-down menu, select the SVG option for Canva Pro and get your photo as a scalable vector image in seconds.

You can create your own vector image with a generative AI design tool. Access the vector image maker app on our platform to quickly generate vector illustrations that you can use as website illustrations, logos, and icons. The app is currently unavailable on mobile, so remember to begin your design project on a desktop computer.
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