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Convert your images into any image format, like magic. Use Canva’s free online image converter to turn your photos into a format suited to your platform or project, without worrying about losing image quality.

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How to convert image to any file format

Upload your image

Select the “Upload your image” button or easily drag and drop your files into the section.

Edit your design

Make some quick touch-ups on your images using our beginner-friendly editor.

Download your image

Finally, convert your image by downloading it in your desired format.

Convert image file with different formats

Change the image file format with ease

Specific platforms call for specific image file formats. No need to dabble in multiple image converter tools to convert a single image into your required format. With Canva’s online image converter, you can convert a wide range of image files formats. Convert your JPG, PNG, HEIC/HEIF, WebP, and SVG images into JPG, PNG, SVG, or PDF in just a few clicks.

Turn any image into a creative asset

By converting your images, you can achieve whatever your project demands. Switch to JPG if you want to reduce your image file size. Go for PNG or SVG for HD graphics. Protect your final file and make it uneditable as a PDF. Do all these and more on the Canva image file converter, which you can access on any mobile, desktop, or tablet device.

Convert image to PNG
Enhance your photos

Transform and enhance your photos

Go beyond mere image conversion. With Canva’s free photo editor, you can easily enhance the look of your images before converting them for your specified use. Make them picture-perfect by adjusting their brightness and saturation. Add effects, graphic elements, and even text to make them stand out. Then, instantly use them on any creative project you have on Canva.

How to convert image into any file format

  1. Launch Canva
    Open Canva on your mobile device or desktop to start a project.
  2. Upload your images
    Upload the photo you want to convert and drag and drop it onto the editor. You can upload JPG, PNG, HEIC/HEIF, WebP, and SVG images. To convert multiple images, drag each image to a separate page.
  3. Edit your image
    Get creative with your image and use the photo editor to enhance your image. Adjust the brightness or saturation, apply effects, or add text or graphic design elements. Crop, mirror, or rotate the image as needed. If you’re on Pro, use the one-click Background Remover to remove the photo background.
  4. Convert your image
    Once you’re done editing, it’s time to convert your photo. Click Share > Download. Choose your desired file type from the dropdown menu. Hit Download and voilà, you have a freshly converted image.
  5. Share your image
    You can now use your converted image in any project. Share via attaching it to an email or use it in a new Canva design. You can also store it in cloud file folders without worrying about large files.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just upload your image to our online image converter then choose the SVG file format from the dropdown menu before clicking Download. You can convert your JPG, PNG, or PDF into an SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics with a Pro subscription. Converting your image into a vector is a guaranteed way to retain HD quality at any size. It’s the recommended file format for web graphic use.

If you’re converting JPG, PNG, HEIC/HEIF, and WebP images, these are the format requirements:

  • Under 25MB in size
  • Not more than 100 million total pixels (width x height)
  • For WebP: currently, only static images are supported

JPG is the ideal image file format if you want to get your image or photo in a smaller file size. It’s best used for photographs, but not for HD-quality web graphics. Unlike PNG, it doesn’t support transparency.

Yes, JPG and JPEG are exactly the same image format. There’s no difference between them, and there’s no need to convert one into the other. JPEG or JPG is one of the best image formats for photos.

The Portable Network Graphic (PNG) is best for logos, illustrations, and web graphics. This file format supports transparent backgrounds, handles a large number of colors, and doesn’t lose detail even after compression. You can use our online photo converter to convert images into PNG files.

Download our free mobile app, which comes with a built-in image converter (along with many other exciting editing tools). Just upload your picture to the app and then download it as a PDF file.
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