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Edit SVG files online and produce clear, crisp graphics ready for display at any scale. Create compelling logos, icons, and illustrations to grow your online presence and publish them right away without losing quality.

Infinite scalability

Easily edit your SVG files

Preserve the high quality of your SVG image, no matter where you use it. Edit SVG files for free on Canva and produce stunning graphics to promote your brand across websites, online ads, and social media. SVG’s vector file format allows unlimited resizing, so you can scale your image up or down to fit your needs—with the same clarity and resolution guaranteed. Create colorful icons to add visual appeal to your presentations, or make facts and figures digestible with an eye-catching infographic. Skip time-consuming design software, and use our free SVG editor to make the most of your visual content.

Quick, easy changes for beginners

Drag and drop your SVG in the editor

Make minor adjustments in seconds, like changing individual colors, with our online SVG editor. Simply drag and drop your SVG to place it anywhere you want in the canvas, then use our one-click color tool to give it a brilliant makeover. Make things easier by experimenting with hues and gradients, creating your own color scheme to match your brand colors, or even cleaning up photos in a snap with Magic Eraser(opens in a new tab or window). Our online photo editor also allows you to crop(opens in a new tab or window), rotate(opens in a new tab or window), or flip(opens in a new tab or window) your SVG image to make it fit better into your layout or design. Get the confidence to create an enticing logo or a beautiful illustration with Canva's SVG tool, even as a non-designer.

A better user experience

Create and save your SVG images

Humans are visual beings, which is why adding imagery to your content engages your audience and conveys your message in a clearer, faster way. Create SVG images using the AI vector generator(opens in a new tab or window) on Canva and use them as a data chart, social media logo, or web animation. SVG images are perfectly scalable up to any resolution, so you can rest easy that your visuals will display well across all user screens. Their small file size likewise improves your load speed, providing a seamless user experience and better overall site performance.

How to make SVG files

How to make SVG files
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Open Canva on your chosen web browser or the app. Begin your design project by selecting a pre-made template or opening a blank canvas.

Upload your desired image from your device and drag and drop it onto the layout. Or find SVG graphics from Canva’s media library by navigating the Elements tab and entering “SVG” on the search bar.

Select your image to make simple adjustments. Modify the color, rotate it upside down, or crop it to remove unwanted content and keep only the parts you like. You can add text to your image using different fonts and apply stylish effects like glitch, neon, echo, or curved text effects.

Take advantage of our easy-to-use photo editing tools to enhance your image. Decorate your brand logo with borders and frames, beautify your illustration with stickers, or use charts to visually represent your data. Find plenty of other graphics and elements in our library to improve your design.

Click Share, then Download, and select SVG under the drop-down list of file types. Publish your SVG image directly to socials or generate a link to share your design with other collaborators.
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Frequently Asked Questions

SVG, or Scalable Vector Graphics, is an image format that uses vector data. SVG images are composed of points and lines instead of pixels, which means they can be scaled to any resolution without affecting quality. SVG images can also be animated and include multiple layers. They are often used as logos, icons, and illustrations or to create diagrams or charts.

You can open SVG files by accessing our free online SVG editor on desktop or mobile. Choose a pre-made template or start a design project from scratch. Use the Uploads tab to upload and open your SVG file on our editor. Take advantage of the same tools and features as you make quick edits and move your SVG design project from one device to another.

You can use our SVG editor online to save files in SVG format. Upload them on a template or a blank layout, then customize them however you see fit. Once you’re happy with your edits, select Share > Download, then click SVG as your chosen file type. Download your free SVG files to your device with no watermarks and use them as logos, icons, infographics, charts, and more.
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@canva is an incredible app for designing pretty much anything you need! A huge selection of templates, fonts and colours; endless choices at the tip of your fingers; easy editing and sending/sharing. Best app I’ve used for a long time. If you haven’t tried it... try it!


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