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Sync your soundtrack with Beat Sync

Ready to drop the beat? Beat Sync on Canva will automatically match your video footage to your soundtrack so you can showcase peak moments and keep your audience tuned in.

Get your beats synced

Sync your video to a music beat

Design perfectly timed videos every time. Auto-match your soundtrack to your footage with one-click Beat Sync. Seamlessly sync video to a music beat, which looks and sounds great for your Instagram Reels or TikTok videos. Save time and instantly find the perfect moment to play with the beat.

Sounds in sync

Explore our stock music library for sounds

Got your song in mind? Or want to add a soundtrack to your videos? Simply upload your own or search Canva's music library and press play on the beat. Find popular songs or exciting sounds to fit your videos, or use personal audio for a more intimate feel. Auto-sync your video to music and bring out the best in your visual narrative with perfectly timed beats.

All in perfect harmony

Apply transitions and animations to your videos

Do more than sync videos to a music beat. Pair your videos with images and illustrations, then easily sync photos to music beats. Need to refine your clips? Access a wide range of editing tools and features. Trim or crop videos, play with filters(opens in a new tab or window) and enhancers, or use Pro’s Video Background Remover(opens in a new tab or window). Let your creative side shine, and use Canva’s powerful video editor(opens in a new tab or window) to enrich your visual content.

How to sync audio and video

How to sync audio and video
Play with Beat Sync

Open Canva and choose a pre-made video template from our library or start with a blank canvas.

Choose clips from our video library or upload your own footage to go with your TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube Video. MP4, MOV, MKV, WEBM, and MPEG file formats are supported.

Easily add music to your videos. From the Audio tab, search for specific audio tracks from our stock music library to set the vibe of your video. Or upload your own music track.

Arrange clips and audio in the timeline. Select a track, and click Beat Sync. Choose Sync now to auto-sync clips to the beat with Canva Pro or Display beat markers to manually sync for free.

Download your watermark-free video as a high-resolution MP4 file. Share it to your social accounts straight from the editor. With Pro, you can queue your posts in a content calendar.
Play with Beat Sync

Frequently Asked Questions

Beat Sync simply syncs your clips, footage, and elements to the rhythm of music. Your videos will be more cohesive and dynamic with perfectly timed music.

You can use Beat Sync to synchronize videos with the beat of the music. It's perfect for creating exciting hype reels, slideshows, or videos for social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more.

Yes! You can sync your videos to any music track for free by manually snapping your clips to beat markers. Simply click on the waveform in the video timeline and select Display beat markers to see where those perfect beats are. Then, drag your clips to manually snap to the beat. For Pro users, the Sync Now button automatically adjusts all clips to the beat.

Beat Sync can only synchronize videos to music beats, not voice snippets. However, we’re constantly improving and expanding our platform’s capabilities, so stay tuned for updates regarding this feature.
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