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Let your voice be heard with our AI audio enhancer

Say goodbye to background noise and hello to the power of your voice. With the AI sound enhancer on Canva, you can create high-quality, compelling videos with crystal-clear audio without skipping a beat.

Achieve studio-level sound

Use Canva's Enhance voice feature to make your sound flawless

Whether you’re making a vlog, an Instagram reel, or a meeting recording, make it sound flawless to keep your audience engaged. Try our one-click vocal enhancer to automatically remove noise from your voice recordings with speech enhancement to really make your voice shine! Eliminate background noise, balance sound levels, and instantly produce studio-sounding videos with the help of AI on Canva.

Record and edit on the go

Start recording with our online video recorder

Shooting social media content outdoors? Or a talking head video(opens in a new tab or window) at your desk? With Canva, get an instant voice cleaner for better-sounding videos wherever you are. Upload your footage or start recording with our online video recorder(opens in a new tab or window), then clean your audio of wind noise or street sounds with just one click. Now, you have the perfect audio to match your visual content.

Polish to perfection

Add text and trim your video with Canva

Do more than just enhance the audio on your video. Our editor comes with a slew of tools that let you fine-tune each element and frame. Trim(opens in a new tab or window) your video to its right length, add text(opens in a new tab or window) to make it more descriptive, or use Pro’s Video Background Remover(opens in a new tab or window) to quickly change the backdrop. From ads and social videos to talking presentations, get creative and polish your video, all in one place, with Canva.

How to remove background noise from a video

How to remove background noise from a video
Enhance audio with AI

Launch Canva to access the audio enhancer online. Browse our collection of pre-made video templates, or begin a design project from scratch.

Upload or drag your own video clips to the editing canvas or timeline. Supplement them with stock images or footage from our media library.

Select your video, then click the Volume icon in the toolbar. Toggle the Enhance voice switch to enhance the voice recording, reducing background noise and ensuring your voice stands out.

Maximize the AI tools in Canva’s built-in video editor. Auto-edit your video with a prompt using MagicDesign™ or let Magic Animate select the best animations and transitions for your video.

Once you’re satisfied, download your video in high-quality MP4 format, share it on your social media feeds, or present it straight from the editor.
Enhance audio with AI

Frequently asked questions

You can enhance audio quality with our online audio cleaner. Upload or drag your video to the timeline, then with just one click, reduce background noise—while maintaining pristine audio and video quality. Spend less time editing and more time sharing and promoting your content.

You can fix the audio or voice in your video using our platform's one-click audio quality enhancer. Get rid of noise while making the speaker's voice clear, achieving the perfect balance between professional studio and natural environment sounds—no need for expensive gear to produce high-quality audio.

Our Enhance voice tool is an instant sound cleaner for crisp sound videos, making it the best speech enhancer for user tutorials, explainer videos, social videos, and the like. Harnessing the power of AI, it automatically eliminates background noise and brings your voice to the forefront, creating high-quality, compelling videos with crystal-clear dialogue.
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