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Shorten links and track visits with the best URL shortener

Transform complex URLs into highly shareable and trackable links. Use the short link generator on Canva to instantly create a custom short URL you can seamlessly integrate into any design.

Craft memorable links worth clicking

Generate a new QR code or link using Canva's URL shortener

Grab people’s attention with a concise and unforgettable link. Use the free URL shortener on Canva to customize your URLs and turn them into branded links that reflect your brand name or current campaign. Share your custom shortened URL anywhere, from ads and flyers to social media posts. Perfect for directing clients straight to your website, feedback form, or online portfolio.

Ditch the app-switch

Copy your shortened URL into your design

Cut down on app-switching and speed up workflows by doing everything on Canva. Design stunning presentations and business cards, and make links shorter without leaving the platform. Type in a URL, make a short link, and then effortlessly drag and drop the trimmed URL anywhere in the canvas. Create, edit, and collaborate on designs, then quickly shorten links for free — all in one place.

Short links, big insights

Customize your short link

Besides unique QR codes or custom links, the short link creator on Canva gives you valuable information from your free shortened URL. Reuse your short link on multiple designs, and find the total number of clicks your link has received or track its engagement by location. Make the most of an all-in-one short URL generator and get all the performance data you need to boost your marketing game.

How to shorten a link

How to shorten a link
Shorten URL

Shorten URL

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