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Highlight only the best moments with Canva’s video splitter

Split videos into two, three, or more parts in a single click. Use Canva’s free video splitter to split your clips, remove unwanted bits, and keep the best parts in a single video file.

Split videos on any device

Split videos on any device

Split videos into as many parts as needed. Simply upload your footage, right-click the timeline, and click “Split.” Delete one or more sections of your video and save the entire project as one high-quality MP4 video. Remove dead air, shaky sections, and monotonous bits. Whether you’re editing a video for a school presentation, work event, birthday celebration, or social media post, our free, online video splitter helps you keep only the best moments.

String clips together seamlessly

Once you’re done using the video splitter, you can fill in any gaps with our free stock videos or other videos from your gallery. You can also apply transitions so the video flows smoothly from one frame to the next. The customization doesn’t end there—our free, powerful video editor allows you to add text, graphic design elements, and animation. Need to liven up your video? Add background music from our free audio library. Upload a voice narration or apply thrilling sound effects.

String clips together
Split or trim your videos

Stay within the ideal video length duration

Each social media platform has an optimal video duration. Make sure that your video posts don't exceed the recommended length. Split your videos and include only the engaging parts that'll keep your audience's attention. You could also trim the video for a flawless intro and outro. If you’re on Pro, use the Magic Resize tool to instantly video for different social media channels, like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram Reels. For extra magic, use our premium video background remover to add a sparkling new background.

How to split a video

  1. Launch Canva
    Open Canva and start a video project from scratch or use our ready-made video templates.
  2. Upload your video
    Upload or drag and drop the video you want to split. The free video splitter supports MP4, MPEG, MOV, MKV, and WEBM file formats.
  3. Split your video
    Right-click the video timeline and choose Split page or use the hot key S. Remember to click on the timestamp or part where you want your video split. You can split videos into two or more parts.
  4. Edit and customize the video
    After you’ve split the video clip, you can delete the unwanted sections or add videos in between. You can also add transitions or stock videos from our free media library. Make your video more engaging by adding music, filters, effects, subtitles, and more. If you’re on Canva Pro, you can use the Magic Resize tool and video background remover.
  5. Download, publish, or share
    Download your video project as a single MP4 file or share it directly to your social media channels. You can also email it to your friends and teammates.
Split a video

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