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20 eye-catching do-it-yourself real estate flyer templates from the Canva library


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Real estate marketing is complex.

You have your CRM, the hub of the marketing machine, which feeds the email marketing efforts, the production of physical collateral to be printed as billboards and window cards, and the bulk uploading of listings to the portals.

It’s hard enough just getting the machine to work, let alone optimizing all the aspects of it to actually improve the visual aspects of the property marketing.

We’re here to help. We’ve pulled a list of 20 eye-catching real estate flyer designs(opens in a new tab or window) from the Canva template library. To use them for your own agency, all you have to do is click on the one(s) you like. They’ll open as templates in your Canva account for you to customize as your own.

01. A Little Room to Breathe

Large, bright open spaces don’t just do wonders for homes—they’re great in design too. Whitespace, aka space not occupied by design elements, is a fundamental building block of good design. It helps you reduce clutter, create strong design pieces, and allows your message to stand out.

Below, you’ll find one of our real estate flyer templates(opens in a new tab or window) designed using whitespace. If you want to know about whitespace, check out Anna Guerrero’s article on it.

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02. Easily Organize Images

If anyone needs to be able to quickly crop and beautifully layout a high number of images, its real estate agents. Including just 1 shot of any given property just won’t close the sale.

Arranging a large number of images into stunning compositions is made easy with our grid feature. Below, we’ve included a template that showcases what we’re talking about. Feel free to click on it and edit away.

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03. Keep Your Background Simple

Going with a simple background lets your content take center stage. Use any of your brand colors to create a solid color background as showcased below.

If you like what you see below, go ahead and edit away. Remember, different element blocks, like the image grid and text below, can be adjusted easily in Canva.

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04. Show, Don’t Tell

This works especially well when you have a limited amount of text you need to include. If you’re designing a flyer around an Open Home event, check out what we’ve done below. Because we had just a few words to work with, we could focus on curating the best selection of photographs for the flyer.

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05. Communicate with Icons

Here’s what is so great about them: they can communicate large amounts of information and save space. Consider the example below. In it, icons are used to share how many beds, bathrooms, and parking spaces the listing offers.

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06. Use a Bold Header

Whenever I receive a flyer, I’ll decide it I’ll keep it or toss it in the bin within a couple of seconds. If nothing jumps out at me, in the bin it does.

To make sure your flyer’s message quickly gets across, use a bold header as a hook.

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07. Build Hierarchy

If you’re working with a fair amount of copy, be sure to make it navigable by building hierarchy within in. Below, we use differences in weight and font to prioritize and organize content. If you’re not sure how to do so, click on our template and plug in your content.

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08. Feature Beautiful Typography

If you’ve yet to define typefaces for your brand, use any of the templates we’ve shared on this post. They all feature excellent typographical choices and treatments, both vital to good design. Below, we’ve paired a stunning serif and sans-serif to design a lovely flyer.

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09. Use a Subtle Filter

If you decide to use filters, go with a subtle option that does not alter your image dramatically. Just as showcased below, make sure any filters you use on images are soft. Apply them consistently as well. Varying the filters you use will make your images feel unrelated.

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10. Design Using Your Listing’s Style

Let your listing’s style inform the design of your flyer. Below, we created a layout perfect for contemporary homes. If you’re working with a similar listing, feel free to work with this template.

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11. Try Bold Hues

Bold color is eye-catching. To make sure your flyer doesn’t go unnoticed, use a bright solid color background as we’ve done below. If you’re already working with a set of brand colors, go with your brightest option.

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12. Don’t Neglect Body Copy

Rags on left and right-aligned paragraphs should be “invisible.” They shouldn’t form distracting shapes or vary drastically in length. To create beautiful rags like the one in our template below, make sure your lines vary in length subtly.

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13. Use Large Photographs

Have a special photograph of your listing? Set it at a large size within your flyer and use it as a background. To achieve a balanced composition, be mindful of where you place your text. Unsure of how to do so? Use our template below.

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14. Use Simple Design Elements

To highlight that we’re selling the apartment in the flyer below, we’ve set the words “For Sale” inside a circle. It immediately brings that particular bit of content out. If you’d like to highlight anything in your flyer, consider using the same approach.

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15. Try Multiple Colors

Most of the options we’ve shared up to now go easy on color. But color on your flyer doesn’t have to be limited. Below, we share a flyer that works with white, blue and teal. Remember, if these colors don’t work well with your brand, you can easily edit them in the Canva editor.

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16. Use Geometric Shapes

You can use them as either design elements or fun backdrops for your content. In the example below, we’ve chosen to use them as a background for our content.

Not only do they add visual interest to our flyer, it helps make sure our white text reads. Without it, our content would have been lost against the white building.

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17. Highlight Content Using Red

They say if you can’t make it big, make it red. Red captures our attention incredibly quickly. If you wish to highlight anything on your flyer, consider using red to do so. You can set your content itself in red text or, like we do below, set it over a red design element.

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18. Front & Center

Stunning design doesn’t have to be complicated. Below, we’ve created a lovely flyer by centering our content, set in white text, over a photo background.

White text can be tough to read when set over bright areas on an image. To make sure our white text reads easily, we’ve slightly darkened our image.

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19. Don’t Sacrifice Readability

Above, we mentioned that setting text over images can be a bit of a challenge. Darkening images or using filter may not always be the way to go. If that’s your case, place your content over a shape set at a medium opacity to make sure it reads easily.

In the flyer below, we’ve used a black rectangle. However, you can use any other shape and color.

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20. Use Graphics

Have a listing that’s still in the works but wish to start showcasing it? Use graphics instead of photographs to start building hype around it.

These graphics don’t have to be complex or detailed. Below, we’ve created 4 eye-catching graphics of basic household rooms using simple geometric shapes.

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Your Turn

Keen for more options? We’ve got you covered. Head over to this address(opens in a new tab or window) to find more template options ready for you to use. You may also check out a house flyer(opens in a new tab or window) that best suits your liking by clicking on the link. Cut down on the time you spend designing the perfect piece of collateral and more on keeping your agencies running smoothly.

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