30 inspirational quotes for teachers


Your job as a teacher is to inspire your students. But who inspires you?

Luckily, some of the most famous writers, educators, innovators and change-makers have left us with words of teaching wisdom that can turn even the most difficult day around.

We've gathered up 30 of the best inspirational quotes for teachers to keep close at hand. In our list, you’ll find the best motivational quotes for expressing appreciation for brilliant teachers, inspiring your students or getting motivated in the classroom at any point in the school year.

These quotes can help you (or your favorite educator) fall in love with teaching again and remember why you started in the first place.

What are the best teacher appreciation quotes?

A good teacher can awaken joy in their students and leave a positive impression that lasts a lifetime. But from time to time, every educator can use a little reminder of just how important they are, and how far their influence can go.

Use these uplifting quotes to express gratitude for that amazing teacher who is always there for you:

What inspirational teacher quotes can strengthen and inspire you?

In any classroom, it’s not just the students who are there to learn. As a teacher, you can give yourself the opportunity to learn from your class in new and unexpected ways each day. And remember that your job isn’t just about sharing knowledge. You have the power to spark an interest and desire to learn that extends far beyond books and blackboards.

For those times when you’re challenging your students as well as yourself, these education quotes can spark a renewed sense of passion and possibility:

What quotes can you use to motivate a teacher?

Teaching kids can be a tough job. Bad days happen to everyone, and sometimes you’ll feel like you’re not getting through to your students. But learning is a process — and as an educator, it’s about helping your students grow and making sure they know you care.

For those difficult times in the classroom, these motivational quotes can inspire hard working educators to get up, dust themselves off and make a fresh start:

What are some funny teacher quotes?

A teacher’s job is filled with ups and downs, some more amusing than others. These favorite inspirational quotes say it all with the right balance of wit and wisdom to help put a smile on any teacher’s face:

What quotes can be a good reminder of why you became a teacher?

Whether you’re a new teacher or you’ve been sharing knowledge with generations of students, these inspirational quotes bring a fresh perspective to help you remember why you do what you do every day:

Creative ways to use your favorite teacher quotes

Whether you’re an educator or someone whose life has been positively impacted by a brilliant teacher, there are plenty of ways to use teaching quotes.

If you’re inspired, try working a quote into your own creative expression as a way to say “thanks.” Or, you can simply share some words of wisdom to inspire others in your teaching community. Either way, here are a few ideas to start with:

Displaying teacher quotes in the classroom

  • Choose a quote of the day to share with your students.
  • Display a quote about learning and education on a bulletin board.
  • Design your own inspirational quote posters to hang on your classroom door, using Canva’s free quote poster templates.

Sharing teacher quotes online

  • Create social media graphics in Canva using motivational quotes.
  • Weave inspirational teacher quotes into your social media captions.
  • Write a teaching blog post inspired by your favorite teacher quote.
  • Feature a weekly quote in your school newsletter.

Using quotes to thank a great teacher

  • Show appreciation by adding a meaningful quote to a handwritten card.
  • Have a quote printed on a personalized gift, like a mug or framed print.

Ready to start creating? Learn more about how teachers can use Canva Pro features for free with Canva for Education.

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