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50 free stylish fonts to bring a touch of elegance to any design

50 free stylish fonts to bring a touch of elegance to any design

Are you still on the lookout for the perfect elegant font? We've got you covered.

The popularity of social media has meant that standing out from the crowd takes extra effort. Hence, you will need fonts that will take your designs to the next level.

Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of stylish and elegant fonts that are absolutely free. To start using any of them right away, download and upload them straight to Canva. Here’s how(opens in a new tab or window).

If you want to learn even more about fonts and how best to use them, then check out these free design courses(opens in a new tab or window) from Canva Design School.

01. Accent

Nelson Balaban

Designed by Nelson Balaban, this font has a very minimalistic, stylish tone with crisp and clear lines. The pop of color adds to the fun and lets the font take the center stage of any design. Accent is perfect for short titles and small words.

02. Halo Handletter

Mario Arturo

Halo Handletter is a script font created by Mario Arturo. It is sophisticated as well as fun. The capital letters are inspired by brush strokes and are very easy to read. In addition, its lowercase letters will make you fall in love with cursive handwriting again.

3. Coco

Hendrick Rolandez

Inspired by the legendary Coco Chanel, this font designed by Hendrick Rolandez screams fashion. Coco has bold and tall letters that will get anybody’s attention in a second. It is a perfect font for headings and cover pages.

04. Castro Script

Måns Grebäck

Created by Måns Grebäck, this is a handwriting calligraphy font with very beautiful letter strokes. The curved terminal lines in the capital letters are inspiring, making Castro extremely elegant and perfect for wedding invitations.

05. Vanity

Hendrick Rolandez

This is another font designed by Hendrick Rolandez. Vanity is a chic font specifically made for fashion magazines and blogs. What I personally love about it is how each trailing letter has a dot linked to it. The font has clean lines, which makes it extremely easy to read, even when there is a lot going on in the background.

06. Parisienne


Inspired by the city of fashion, Parisienne font is the perfect mix of vintage and classic. Designed by Astigmatic, it is a bouncy, cursive font with intentional irregularities, which makes it all the more fun and interesting to use.

Here's an example of a template using the Parisienne font:Simple Text on Photo Flowers Instagram Post(opens in a new tab or window)

07. Balqis

Artimasa Studio

Balqis was created as a collaboration between Artimasa Studio and Free Design Resources. This calligraphy font screams elegance and style. Although the font style is cursive, the letters feature no slant, which makes it a great font for titles and headings. Balqis has a romantic vibe with a perfect splash of sophistication.

08. Nickainley

Seniors Studio

Brought to you by Seniors Studio, Nickainley is a script font, but its thin lines and clear letters differentiate it from all other script fonts. The curved letters only have a slight slant, giving it a very rustic and vintage feel.

Here's an example of a template using the Nickainley font:Breakfast Party Fundraising Eggs Poster(opens in a new tab or window)

09. Moon

Jack Harvatt

Designed by Jack Harvatt, Moon is a clean, crisp, and simple font. In fact, its simplicity is what makes it stand out. With its straight lines and graceful curves, Moon would be perfect for headings and posters.

10. One Day

Nawras Muneer

One Day is an elegant uppercase font with a modern and geometric design. It is created by Nawras Muneer. Although there are no lowercase letters, you will never really miss them with this futuristic style font.

11. Geomanist


Designed by Atipo, Geomanist is a geometrical font that can transform into nine different styles based on your requirements. You can use it for headings as well as for paragraphs. But whichever way you choose to use this font, it is guaranteed to be elegant and minimalistic.

12. Abrakatebra

Sanja Stojkov

This headline font by Sanja Stojkov has thin lines and elongated letters. Abrakatebra might have a magical name, but its style is very practical and sophisticated.

13. Braxton

Evgeny Tkhorzhevsky

Designed by Evgeny Tkhorzhevsky, Braxton is a script font with a mix of brush stroke style. The font is stylish, but it’s not so over the top that it’s difficult to read it. It is very refined and understated.

14. Brotherhood

Youssef Habchi

Brotherhood is another script font, but unlike Braxton, it slants and curves more, which gives it a more romantic feel. Designed by Youssef Habchi, it is perfect for wedding invites and bridal showers.

15. Monastic

Saptarshi Nath

Montastic is a modern style font with a geometric design. The line weights have heavy contrast in them, which makes this font a great option for magazine covers and fashion blogs. It is created by a talented designer Saptarshi Nath.

16. Valencia

Bowery Studios

Brought to you by Bowery Studios, Valencia is a handwriting font, and it looks like the epitome of style. The ligatures are beautiful, giving this font its romantic look. If you are looking for a font for a save-the-date card(opens in a new tab or window), then this is the one.

17. Lovelo

Renzel Designs

This is a modified version of the original Lovelo Inline font by Renzel Designs and this version combines both the inline and the basic black form. It is modern, geometric, and minimalistic.

18. Savoye

Alan Meeks

Savoye font by Alan Meeks has very delicate and flowing letters. The slant to the right, high ascenders, and light stroke contrast creates a beautiful, fun script. Savoye can be a great choice for invitations and personal blogs.

19. Lavanderia

James T. Edmondson

This is a casual script font with an elegant twist to it. It is marginally condensed with a slight slant, which gives it the look of a sign painter’s lettering. It is designed by James T. Edmondson.

20. Clicker Script


Clicker Script is a fun and bouncy font that instantly gives you happy thoughts. Created by Astigmatic, the font has thin lines to go with its cursive handwriting style and give it a boost of elegance.

Here's an example of a template using the Clicker Script font:Turquoise Script Medical Logo(opens in a new tab or window)

21. Cylburn

Dai Foldes

Though this is based on Roundhand font, what makes Cylburn different is its brush strokes with restrained tension. This font by Dai Foldes has that vintage cursive style, which makes it perfect for formal correspondence.

22. Coneria

Måns Grebäck

Coneria is another script font on the list, and we have to agree, it is one of the most elegant fonts designed by Måns Grebäck. There is a very little slant, and the ligature letters are beautifully created.

23. Matilde

Type Depot

Matilde by Type Depot has crisp, tall, and thin letters. The way its lowercase letters curl up at the end is utterly cute. This would be a perfect choice for children’s books and projects.

24. Roselina Script

Seniors Studio

Roselina script combines both vintage and contemporary style in its calligraphy font. With a moving baseline and gorgeous ligatures, Roselina is perfect for any style project. It is designed by Seniors Studio.

25. Metropolis

Josip Kelava

Metropolis by Josip Kelava is a double line font inspired by the 1920s. Even with those double lines, it looks very sophisticated and chic.

26. Gratitude Script

Kathy Malici and Ale Paul

Gratitude Script is a whimsical looking font with an elegant side to it. The font has used traditional letterforms in a very modern way. Gratitude Script was especially created for weddings, but you can use it any way you want. The calligraphy is done by Kathy Milici and it is digitized by Ale Paul.

27. Vevey

Vanessa Lam

Vevey by Vanessa Lam has strong and tall uppercase letters that would look amazing on headlines, posters, and magazines. With the help of condensed sans serif, the font looks very dreamy and sophisticated.

28. Wisdom

James T. Edmonson

Wisdom is a geometrical font with an inclination of 30 degrees. It was launched in 2011 by James T. Edmonson, and right after its launch, it became so popular that there was a Tumblr page created just for it. It would look great on absolutely any design.

29. Glamor

Hendrick Rolandez

Glamor by Hendrick Rolandez is a chic font specifically designed for fashion projects. The lines are straight and clean, and the ball terminals at the end just add to the beauty of the font.

30. Bear & Loupe

Bowery Studios

Bear & Loupe is a stylish handwriting font with little, intentional irregularities. It has thin lines and strikes in every letter (which we all know is the best part). It is designed by Bowery Studios.

31. Ditasweet

Ksenia Semirova

Inspired by the legendary Dita Von Tesse and René Cruau, Ksenia Semirova created this font keeping fashion in mind. The design is minimalistic, and the ball terminals at the end of letters make it extremely chic and perfect for fashion magazines.

32. Carosello


Add a touch of vintage to your design with Carosello font. This handwritten font by Unio is inspired from 1950s ads, and it was actually created with a real Sharpie to maintain all the imperfections.

33. Break

Rajesh Rajput

This font takes the word “break” quite literally. The lines in this font are broken from different places, and this is what gives Break its edge. It’s very modern, and it would go very nicely with fashion and lifestyle related designs. It is created by Rajesh Rajput.

34. Devious


Designed by Graptail, Devious has the right mix of whimsical and elegance to it. There are only uppercase letters in it, and by turning on caps lock, you get the beautiful ligatures with the trailing curves.

35. Streetwear


Streetwear by Artimasa is a script font inspired by the roaring 70s fashion. If you are working on a retro design and you want an elegant font to complement the theme, this is the one.

36. London

Antonio Rodrigues Jr.

London is a modern and geometric font available in regular and fill. It looks very chic, and it’s a great option for magazine covers and headings. The font is designed by Antonio Rodrigues Jr.

37. Badhead


Badhead is a script font with sharper and edgier ligatures that give it the “bad boy” look. IanMikraz has added different alternates in the font that can be combined together.

38. Serendipity

The Hungry JPEG

This is a soft, cursive typeface with handwritten characters. There is no slant, and it would look great in logos(opens in a new tab or window) or invitations(opens in a new tab or window). Serendipity is designed by The Hungry JPEG.

Get the look with the Playlist Script font:Pastel Watercolor French Postcard(opens in a new tab or window)

39. Valkyrie

Hendrick Rolandez

Valkyrie is a modern style font with geometric elements. This font was created specifically by Hendrick Rolandez for fashion magazines and blogs, and that is pretty evident from its design.

40. Construthinvism

Pedro Fernandes

Inspired by Russian Construthinvism, the font has a geometric design with skewed lines. And somewhere, Construthinvism by Pedro Fernandes does remind you of the Russian language font.

41. Banthers

Agga Swist’blnk

Combine modern hand lettering style with vintage typography, and you get Banthers by Agga Swist’blnk. It is a mono-line typeface with several alternates that can be mixed together to fit your style.

42. Bleakerst

Agga Swist’blnk

This is another font by Agga Swist’blnk which combines old-world charm with contemporary design. It is a hand lettered script font that would work well for invitations and fashion blogs.

43. Poiret

Denis Masharov

A sleek and simple font with pure elegance — that’s what Poiret is all about. Created by Denis Masharov, it has a geometric design with beautiful curves and straight lines.

Here's an example of a template using the Poiret font:Yellow Script Modern Cheerleading Poster(opens in a new tab or window)

44. Roicamonta

Aga Silva

Roicamonta by Aga Silva is a modern cursive font, and it’s very feminine and delicate. It has clear and thin lines, which makes it just perfect for wedding cards.

45. Distorted Fashion

Scribblez Grafix

Designed by Scribblez Grafix, this is a minimalist font with blank breaks in between. Distorted fashion looks extremely chic. Put it over a fashion magazine cover, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

46. Handletter

Sasha Koggio

Handletter is created by Sasha Koggio and it is a simple and sophisticated script. It can bring a touch of elegance to any design.

47. Lombok

Alexandre Pietra

Lombok is an elegant, minimalist font, but the geometric design is what makes it completely stand out. Every letter is carefully created to make it go with the theme. The font is designed by Alexandre Pietra.

48. Blenda

Seniors Studio

Inspired by the lobster font, Blenda brings the right amount of vintage with it. Designed by Seniors Studio, it is a script font with beautiful alternates that you can combine according to your design.

49. Brayden

Adam Fathony

Brayden is an elegant script font with an old-world feel to it. The initial and terminal letters are beautifully done. According to the designer Adam Fathony, it is a great font for quotes, logos, and headlines.

50. Shintia

Seniors Studio

This last font on the list is also by Seniors Studio. Shintia is a stylish script font with a classic and vintage touch to it. It is very bold and yet very legible, making it perfect for logos, posters(opens in a new tab or window), or your next throwback Instagram post(opens in a new tab or window).

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