What your graphic design style secretly reveals about you

You might not have given it much thought, but the style of graphics that appeal most to you also reveal some “inner secrets” about your personality. Much like your favorite color, graphic design styles can say a great deal about who you are at a simple glance. Let’s take a look at eight different examples to see what we can uncover.


1 The Artist

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You’re not one to “upset the apple-cart”. You prefer quiet, solitude and often get lost in your own thoughts. Your designs aren't complicated or cluttered, with an appreciation for well crafted design and embellishments. It’s not your style to want to control others or lead the pack. You’re flexible, loyal and committed to a job well done. You look for beauty in the little things.

2 The Independent


You’re the kind of person who would rather rely on facts than fluff, on practicality rather than theories. Charts, tables and graphs help you rationalise visually. You have the uncanny ability to turn wishy-washy ideas into concrete action. Your graphic design style is all business. You lay everything out on the table and leave nothing to the imagination – because that could create misunderstandings. You’re logical, rational and utterly dependable. You demand a lot from yourself, and you get it.

3 The Nurturer


You radiate warmth, kindness and caring. Your graphic design style carries over that warmth, and is all about sampling the best that life has to offer, and then coordinating it into a beautiful mix of creativity and originality. Color, filters and photography help your designs immortalise themselves. You have outstanding perception and make astute observations of others. You’re very conscientious of the effects and impressions you leave on others, so you always strive to incorporate feelings of happiness and harmony in all your surroundings.

4 The Minimalist


You value simplicity in all things, and your graphic design style reflects this by surprisingly using as few graphics as possible. You use aIt's not that you don't care, or that you want to skimp on the basics, but rather that you feel a sense or idea can be conveyed in far simpler terms. To you, complexities are mundane and today's 'flat design' trending encompasses this brave design aesthetic. It's strong interface and unrivalled ease in navigation, mirrors your personality, and is what also makes you an amicable and reliable individual.

5 The Adventurer


You’re the kind of person who would rather get things done than sit around and plan or have meetings about them. You’re a “do-er” who knows exactly how things should be, and aren’t afraid to tell people that either. Your graphic design style is bold and fresh, with unconventional color choices that deviate from the “norm”. You live a fast-paced lifestyle that’s very in-the-moment and have amazing people skills. Others secretly wish they were as brave as you are.

6 The Unconventional

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You certainly march to the beat of your own drum! Innovative and original, your graphic design style probably doesn’t even have its own name yet. You like to do things that push the envelope…that jar people out of their safe, secure little nests and get them questioning the bigger picture. You may be inventive and see unusual solutions to everyday problems. Details bore you. Imagination is your canvas and you’re attracted to abstract theories and unique ideas that haven’t quite caught on with the masses…yet.

7 The Trailblazer

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It’s safe to say you’re a trendsetter of the highest degree. Quick-witted, clever and resourceful, you can get a lot done with very little. Your graphic design style is a reflection of your personality and incorporates new ideas, strong colors and bold textures that few others would be courageous enough to experiment with. You enjoy company and surround yourself with smart people. Disorganization and flightiness grate on your nerves like nothing else. You can tackle advanced concepts with ease and often weave three-dimensional styles into your graphics.

8 The Traditionalist

c'est la vie, mon cherie_560x400

You value heritage, history and tradition, and have fond memories of “the way things used to be”. You try to bring some facets of that style into your graphics, with textures and classic color combinations that have stood the test of time. Old-fashioned ads and typography appeal to you. You like security and consider yourself well-informed on the things that matter to you. You may also be into music or the arts and you probably have a favorite sweatshirt(opens in a new tab or window) or old pair of jeans that you’ll never throw away because they’re so well broken-in that you simply can’t part with them.

Which Style Describes You Best?

Although many people see a reflection of themselves in one or two styles, it’s clear that each one has a tone and perception all its own. From eclectic textures to time-tested colors, your graphic design style is as much a reflection of who you are as it is the impression you want to convey to your website visitors and clients. Tell us in the comments, which one describes you best?

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