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Canva for Education and NGPF Team up to Advance Financial Education


When it comes to navigating our complex financial world, we could all use a little help. With financial education programs, students are better prepared to make informed decisions and achieve their financial goals. That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF)(opens in a new tab or window), an educational non-profit dedicated to improving the financial lives of the next generation. NGPF is a “one-stop shop” for teachers seeking free, high-quality, engaging personal finance curriculum.

In partnership, NGPF and Canva for Education(opens in a new tab or window) designed a collection of high-quality student activities, specifically with financial literacy skills in mind. We’re excited to support educators and students as they develop and strengthen their financial knowledge and skills.

Check out the collection of financial literacy activities(opens in a new tab or window). You can also simply search “NGPF” or “financial literacy” in Canva.

Growing Demand for Financial Education Programs

From mortgages, to new forms of consumer debt, to budgeting on a steady salary, and to riding the gig economy rollercoaster—it’s enough to make your head spin. Studies show that when students take a personal finance course before high school graduation, their long-term financial behaviors improve. Financial education leads to higher credit scores, better saving habits, lower incidence of student loan borrowing, lower use of high-interest predatory lenders, and more real world benefits.

Teachers, school leaders, and policy makers are taking notice of the benefits financial education has on their students and communities. The demand for financial literacy programs has surged significantly over the past few years, with a growing number of schools and districts across the United States implementing personal finance courses for high school students.

About NGPF and Teaching Personal Finance in your Class

If you’re new to teaching financial literacy(opens in a new tab or window), you can begin with NGPF(opens in a new tab or window)’s free courses. These uplifting courses often begin with behavioral economics. Students will explore how their personal values and life experiences factor into their own money decisions. They’ll practice banking, paying taxes, financing their post-secondary plans, managing credit, investing for the long-run, and more real-world skills, as well as wrap-up with a practical budgeting or career exploration project. The most effective personal finance instruction urges students to rehearse these money decisions in the classroom with low stakes, so they’ll have stronger financial habits in the real world.

About the Financial Literacy Collection

We’re incredibly excited to be empowering classrooms with financial literacy together with NGPF. Here are a few highlights from the collection to check out with your students. These personal finance templates can be used as activities in the classroom alongside NGPF’s free resources.

1. Visualize those “Life Happens” moments

The Bean Game is a tactile classroom budgeting game that asks students to allocate beans (or candies, or whatever) into budget categories like housing, clothing, food, savings, furniture, utilities, and more — based on their values, cost breakdowns, and money priorities. Canva’s new companion template empowers students to create their own beautifully designed “Life Happens” illustrations to be projected in front of the class during the Bean Game. These moments cause each player’s budget priorities to shift, just like in real life.

2. Make money talk more memorable with whiteboards

Money is sometimes a taboo subject, but learning about money is also sometimes a conversational act. Teachers around the world can close the gap between societal norms around money and crucial life skills by creating opportunities in class for students to talk it out. Help students build fluency in the language of money together with a whiteboard template from the NGPF template collection.

3. Give students a creative option with infographics

Do your students ever get tired of worksheets and written reports? Try assigning your students a personalized infographic template that encourages them to express their creativity, design preferences, and choice.

4. Anchor the learning with informative Canva Poster templates

Personal Finance is filled with technical vocabulary that can be challenging for students to use in context. For many of the trickiest Personal Finance terms, Canva for Education and NGPF have teamed up to create eye-catching posters or anchor charts.

5. Engage your young storytellers with Canva Storyboard templates!

The best Personal Finance lessons put students in the driver’s seat as they scan the horizon for the many tough money decisions ahead. When well-planned financial choices compound over a lifetime (much like interest), people achieve not just financial literacy, but financial empowerment and security. This storyboard template is the perfect way for your young storytellers to write and illustrate themselves into their own epic story of long-term money mastery.


The Canva for Education(opens in a new tab or window) and NGPF(opens in a new tab or window) partnership is an exciting step towards promoting financial literacy and improving improving the financial lives of the next generation. We’re excited to provide educators with engaging resources they need to improve students’ long-term financial behaviors.

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