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Download the best GIFs for free

Spruce up your design with epic GIFs from GIPHY. Browse the GIPHY library, then download the best GIFs for free or add them to your Canva design for personal, non-commercial use, without switching platforms.

Free GIFs for all your designs

Sometimes, all your personal project needs is the perfect GIF. So whether you’re creating content to wow your friends on social media or designing a unique video birthday card, you’ll find the right GIF in the GIPHY library, which you can easily access on Canva. Keep in mind that GIFS can only be used for personal projects and can’t be used for any commercial purpose (e.g. selling or promoting a product or business) and are subject to GIPHY’s license terms.(opens in a new tab or window)

Your GIF, your way

With Canva, you can insert a free GIF in your design or download it as a stand-alone file for future personal, non-commercial use. From memorable TV moments to beautifully illustrated motion graphics to adorable cat GIFs, your choice of GIF will spread the right vibes.

Get free GIFs anytime, anywhere

Find awesome or viral GIFs, wherever and whenever inspiration strikes. Always be ready to create—download the Canva app on your desktop, iOs, and Android devices, so you can explore the GIPHY library and download free GIFs on-the-go.

How to download GIFs for free

How to download GIFs for free
Download free GIFs

Log in to your account and start a new project from scratch or with a template.

Go to the side panel and click Apps. Search for and select GIPHY.

Explore popular GIFs or type a theme in the search bar to find the best GIF for your personal project.

Add the GIF to your Canva design. Just need the GIF and nothing else? You can download it right away. Click Share, then Download it as a GIF.

Once you’ve added all the GIFs you want in your personal design project, download it as a video or share it via email or social media.
Download free GIFs

Frequently Asked Questions

GIF stands for Graphic Interchange Format. GIFS are soundless looping animated graphics created in 1987 by computer programmer Stephen Wilhite Today, it’s a very popular file format for memes, jokes, and reactions on social media.

Downloading free GIFs is easy within Canva. Just start any design project and access GIPHY in the Apps section of the design dashboard. Browse the free GIF library, then insert the best one on your design or download the GIF as is.

Yes, but only for personal, non-commercial use - you can download the GIFs for free and use them for your personal projects. You are not allowed to use GIFS for any commercial purpose (e.g. selling or promoting a product or business). You must comply with GIPHY’s license terms when using GIFS.
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