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Add music to GIF for content that rocks

Boost your online following by creating GIFs with music as groovy audiovisual content that moves to the beat. Add music to a GIF, save it as an MP4 or MOV video, and set up your online posts on a good note.

Not your ordinary soundless GIF

Add audio to your GIF

Want to elevate your GIF with audio? It’s possible with Canva’s video editor. Upload a GIF from your gallery or find free customizable templates from our collection. Then find the right sound from our pre-licensed library or apply your own audio track to the canvas, and voila! Add that last song stuck in your mind, the banger you heard from last week’s music fest, or any audio effect to your GIF, and stand out from the crowd. You’ve just created a breakthrough GIF with sound bound to go viral on your socials.

Post a pitch-perfect GIF

Apply audio effects to your GIF

Add audio to GIF just the way you like it and capture your catchiest hook for all the world to hear. No need for a separate audio-editing tool! Canva’s video editor lets you see and edit your audio waveform as you add sound to GIF. Splice and trim audio, move tracks around the timeline for the perfect timing, and apply fade in and fade out. You can adjust the volume and layer different sounds easily, using ambient sound effects(opens in a new tab or window) and tunes for a multidimensional feel.

Amplify with pop elements

Add text with effects to your GIF

Complete the audio-visual experience for your online audience. Explore interesting graphic elements from our design library and mix and match them as you create GIFs with sound. Apply with moving stickers and cute icons and vectors or add text to GIF(opens in a new tab or window) with beautiful text effects. Tie everything together with dynamic transitions or exciting text animations(opens in a new tab or window). You don’t have to worry about missing the beat despite all the moving elements. Select your audio waveform and apply Beat Sync to sync video and audio automatically.

How to add music to a GIF

How to add music to a GIF
Add music to GIF

Open Canva on your desktop or mobile app to start a video project from scratch or work with an existing template from our collection.

Upload a GIF from your gallery or search our media library to drag and drop your picks into the canvas. Crop, flip, scale, and position it nicely in your layout. Showing multiple GIFs? Sequence them well in your video timeline.

Search for the perfect sound from our stock music library. Got your own songs or instrumentals to use? Upload your own tracks on the video editor, then drag and drop them to easily add audio to GIF. You can splice and trim the audio waveform, layer tracks, adjust volume, and apply fading effects.

Add other visual elements to complete the audio-visual experience. Explore our library for photos, videos, stickers, and more. Add text to GIF and select fun font combinations and exciting animations. Then, apply Beat Sync to get them all in sync with your music.

Download your GIF with sounds as an MP4 or MOV video file. Share it as a post on your socials straight from the editor or queue it on your content calendar with Canva Pro.
Add music to GIF

Frequently Asked Questions

You can put audio over a GIF using our online video editor. To add sound or music to GIF, simply upload the GIF or create with a template, then drag and drop your selected audio into the design. You can use sound effects and instrumentals from our stock music library or upload your original song, audio clip, or snippet.

Technically, the GIF format doesn’t have sound capacity, but you can still create an animated GIF with sound using our online video editor. To retain the audio playing over your GIF, you must download your file as an MP4 or MOV.

Some platforms call them audio GIFs and let you upload and watch GIFs with sound. Using our video editor, you can download and share them as video files in high-resolution MP4 or MOV.
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