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Add Text to GIF to Express Your Reaction

Complete your GIF with a cool caption, catchphrase, or punchline. Easily add text to GIFs using Canva’s free text tool on its online editor.

Add words to your moving visuals

Add text to your GIF

Sometimes, all it takes for your GIF to go viral is an unforgettable line or phrase. Whether it be a reaction meme on your group chat or a social media post with a compelling call-to-action, turn your GIF content into share-worthy posts with our online text tool. Add text to GIF simply by uploading your moving image to our editor and adding a text box directly to your design. You can pick style options from the Text pane of the library or simply type “T” on the canvas for a new text box.

Find the right font to tell your story

Try different text fonts to your GIF

Having the perfect caption on GIF is just the beginning. Make sure your line catches everyone’s eye by showcasing it in the right font. Choose from our wide array of font styles, then try different font colors and sizes to find the perfect fit for your GIF. You can go for the classic meme fonts or go beyond with distinct font selections that tell more about your GIF. Canva’s handy font combinations let you discover different stylish formatting options.

Create complete and dynamic GIFs

Add text animations to your GIF

Keep everyone’s eyes glued to your GIF by adding more flair and motion. Make your text pop with text effects. Apply a shadow, curve it, replicate neon lights, and more to add character to your one-liners or emphasize your call to action. You can also decorate your text with icons(opens in a new tab or window), shapes, and graphics from our content library. Top it off with text animations(opens in a new tab or window) that make your words, captions, or catchphrases leave a lasting impression. Click the Animate button at the top of the editor for fun options.

How to add text to a GIF

How to add text to a GIF
Add text to GIF

Open Canva and create a design project from scratch or begin with a template from our collection.

Got a ready GIF in your device that simply needs subtitles or a caption? Upload or drag and drop your GIF into the editor or search for GIFs to add from our library.

To quickly add a text box, you can simply key in T to add your words, subtitles, or captions to GIF. Select Text on the left-side pane of the editor to browse font and heading styles, font combinations, and formatting selections.

Once you put text on GIF, apply a stylish font and striking color, and position and scale it nicely with appropriate sizing, spacing, and alignment. Make your text more eye-catching by incorporating shadows or curved text effects. Then, emphasize it better with text animations.

Easily download your GIF with text in high resolution or publish it to your social media accounts straight from the editor.
Add text to GIF

Frequently Asked Questions

Our GIF text adder allows you to add animated text to GIFs. We have simple and exciting text animations you can apply to your text or the whole design. Simply choose the text you want to animate, then click the Animate button on top of the editor. Then, find an animation style that suits the words on your GIF.

You can add a caption to your GIF with our online GIF text editor. You can choose whether to make your caption simple and informative or catchy and attractive by matching your tone with your font selection.

Insert writing on your GIF using our online editor's GIF text adder tool. You can simply upload your GIF into the editor and quickly add text to GIF when you select Text on the editor’s left pane or type “T” on the canvas.
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