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Convert your video to GIF online for free

Cut and splice together shareable reaction clips out of your funniest videos for social media. Upload your MP4 and other video files on Canva’s video to GIF converter without losing quality.

Short, sweet, and social media-friendly

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If internet culture has an official language, GIFs probably function as social media’s vernacular. Upload and convert any MP4, MOV, MPEG, MKV, or WEBM video formats to GIF files. Trim the footage down to a precise length to make converting your video to GIF faster. Add subtitles, too, for added comedic effect.

Enhance with fun effects

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Some of the most popular GIFs in the world feature a touch of the absurd. Try Canva’s video editor(opens in a new tab or window) and discover our tools and collections that will make your GIFs stand out in people’s feeds. Experiment with different transition(opens in a new tab or window) styles and playback speeds as you change a video to GIF. Enhance your video(opens in a new tab or window) by adjusting the color levels for better contrast.

Trendy GIFs in an instant

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Once you’re happy with your vid-to-gif creation, share it to make someone laugh with an animated meme on your chats or feature a product on your brand’s Facebook post. Download your edited clip as a GIF. Publish it on your social media accounts instantly without having to leave the Canva dashboard.

How to convert videos to GIFs

Convert video to GIF

Open Canva, and start with a video project. Choose any template from our wide selection of designs or work from scratch.

Use a video from a personal collection or our stock video library. You can upload videos in MP4, MOV, MPEG, MKV, or WEBM file formats. Add and position it on your layout.

Get a particular frame or scene from your clip. Merge videos, trim a clip, or crop the footage with Canva’s built-in video editor. Tweak the playback speed for a different effect.

Apply a frame, filters, and other design elements. Add text to video for subtitles to make your new GIF more entertaining. You can use simple sans serif fonts in either black or white to keep the text readable.

Convert your edited video to GIF by downloading your finished clip in GIF format. Post it on your social media accounts directly from Canva.
Convert video to GIF

Frequently Asked Questions

GIFs are widely used on the internet by both ordinary netizens and corporate social media accounts. Not only do they generate engagement and elicit reactions from the public, but they also promote other types of content effectively. From marketing and advertising purposes to online how-to guides, GIFs make web pages, newsletter emails, and social media feeds more visually stimulating.

Use our video to GIF converter to turn your MP4 files into high-quality GIF files. You might want to get a specific sequence or part only from your video so apply some basic video editing to highlight and enhance the part of the clip you want to turn into a GIF. Once you’re done, download the file with a GIF extension.

Download our app on your iPhone and start a design project. You can upload a video from your gallery and edit it to capture a particular moment you want to turn into a GIF. Add other design elements from our library; voila, you’re ready to download it as a GIF and share it online.
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