10 ways you can support small businesses

How to support small business

It feels like everywhere we look, the big brands are on display—on billboards, on the internet, on store shelves, on our feet, even in our pockets. But it’s a small business that has the most impact on our local communities.

Small businesses color and enrich our local shopping strips, providing quality, unique products, and services that we really cherish—they also employ people we know. Often we can’t live without them. They’re our neighbors, friends, and family. It’s hard work running a small business and there’s certainly a little luck involved in making one last for more than a few years.

During the global COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to share easy ways you can support small businesses everywhere—whether they’re in your neighborhood or your favorite e-commerce store from the other side of the globe.

If you have spare income or rely on their services (or both), we highly encourage you to support small businesses everywhere. These ten tips will help you do it:

1. Shop local

The street vendor in early morning in Hanoi, capital of Vietnam

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It sounds so simple but focusing your spending on your local area is the best way to support small businesses. If we all did this, we wouldn’t need this article. Also, no one wants to live in a neighborhood where curious and unique local stores are replaced with boring For Lease signs.

2. Buy gift certificates

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Some small businesses may have slow periods but all of them can struggle during any economic downturn. Gift certificates make for a thoughtful birthday or thank you gestures and help with small business cashflow.

All gift certificates should look as good as the Coral and Cream Streaks Photography Gift Certificate or Blue and Black Snookie’s Gift Certificate Layout templates.

3. Order delivery or take out

Delivery man delivering food to a woman at home

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You might not always be able to get to a store or restaurant, but maybe they can get to you. Delivery also helps employ a driver or rider.

If you need a menu, we have templates to suit any taste. Take a bite of  Black and Cream Freeform Restaurants Menu or White on Black Chalkboard Photo Monthly Menu.

4. Mention small business on social media

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Helping get the word out about small businesses will help increase their profile and their customer base – more customers mean a stronger cash flow. Your friends and connections trust your endorsement.

5. Write a positive review online

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Review sites can now make or break businesses, so support a small business with a glowing review. Use as much detail as you can. You can even write another when you next buy from them.

6. Reschedule, don’t cancel

Schedule Book

A schedule book with names scheduled in slots.

There are many reasons you may not be able to commit to a service you’ve booked. Instead of canceling, think ahead and reschedule the service and help keep that small business going.

7. Prepay or ask if you can pay a deposit

Portrait of asian woman wedding dress store owner,Beautiful dressmaker in shop and small business

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Cashflow is crucial to any business, but especially small businesses that won’t have the cash reserves of larger corporations and conglomerates. Paying in advance or offering a deposit to ensure the delivery of services is a small gesture, and any small business will appreciate it.

8. Offer your skills and services for free or at a discount

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If a small business you know is struggling, offer any skills or services you are good at. Are you a shopfitter, mechanic, painter, electrician, accountant, computer guru? See what you can do to help them out.

With a variety of free and inexpensive design tools and templates, Canva was once a small business and continues to support small businesses in just about every industry and platform. For example, snappy templates like Red and Cream Illustutive Retarants Business Card and Peach Hibiscus Massage Therapist Business Card can really help small businesses get going.

9. Be patient

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During tough times, small businesses operate on the same staff size as when business is slower. Typically, a small business also takes extra care because they can’t afford to have dissatisfied customers. So relax and be patient, they value you.

10. Keep shopping

Small business owner in Santiago, Chile

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A small business survives on your patronage, whether you’re a local or regular or one-time shopper. If you have the financial means, it's a great idea to keep them in mind and keep shopping with them throughout this time.

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