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Best tips from party planning pros: how to make your event unforgettable

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Maya Angelou said “People may not remember what you did or said but they will always remember how you made them feel.” As true as that statement is for life, it’s possibly even more true of parties. Long after the party favors and swag bags meet the dumpster, guests will hold the memories of how much love and laughter they shared at great parties past.

The question is: How will they remember your event?

We asked our six-person panel of party experts to give us their very best tips for creating unforgettable events. Find how to make the most out of your event, from beautiful save-the-date cards and invites to engaging presentations and videos.

Here’s what our event planners have to say.

Rachel Senner, Senner of Attention

My best tip for creating an unforgettable event is to tie in touches that will bring everyone together. Sometimes people meet, grow closer, or bond stronger because of a fun game, touching photo slide, or song choice. These small things here and there can create a special experience no one will forget.

Instagram Post Senner of Attention

Instagram post shared by Senner of Attention

Use Canva templates to create themed photo slides that are real conversation starters. You can even mix in some fun facts about the hosts! Try this Pink Ice Cream Photo Cool Presentation template on Canva.

Read more about Senner of Attention in our interview.

Megan & Cedar Watson, Paper Goat Post

Our best tip for creating an unforgettable event is to PLAN! If you think through all the details and set a solid plan, you will be able to execute the event based around the goals set during your planning. If you run into any bumps during the execution, you’ll be able to “WORK YOUR PLAN” and respond in a calm and appropriate manner.

You can make your plan bump-proof by keeping all of your documents in one place (we use client management software, but a binder works), and think through contingency plans for things like weather. Mostly though, we focus on the original plan and move to plan B’s during execution if needed. Once we’re on site, we go “old school” and have everything printed in a binder with all the info we could possibly need.

Paper Goat Wedding Invitation

Megan and Scott's Invitation Suite by Paper Goat

Keep everyone on plan with beautiful Canva wedding itineraries. Try this template from Canva: Light Pink with Golden Leaves Wedding Itinerary Planner

Read more about Paper Goat Post in our interview.

Elle Anderson & Sydney Thompson, Elle A Events

I would say the best tip for an unforgettable event is to be 'open minded'. Every client is different and their happiness comes first ... always.

Hollywood Hillbillies Wedding

Elle helping Dee Dee with her dress and the cake from the Hollywood Hillbillies Wedding.

Get the simple yellow flower look with this Dark Blue Flowers Wedding template from Canva.

Read more about Elle A Events in our interview.

Ashley McAllister, The Party Girl

Make a killer backdrop. I have a super simple PVC pipe frame I use for pretty much everything, and you can get very creative. Use it as a showstopper behind your food table, and later on, let it steal the show on Instagram since it does double duty as a photo booth backdrop once everybody is warmed up!

The Party Girl post

Pink and Gold Unicorn Party by The Party Girl

If unicorns are your party theme, we’ve got you covered! Check out the Pink Illustrated Unicorn Invitation.

Read more about The Party Girl in our interview.

Andressa Hara, Twinkle Twinkle Little Party

The best tip for an unforgettable event is choosing a unique and relevant theme that carries through the party decor and food/sweets. Creating an eye-catching set up/presentation with a story behind it will definitely give the guests something to talk about.

TTLP's 'You are my Sunshine’ Party

Get the look with this Canva template: Sunshine Mother’s Day Card.

Read more about Twinkle Twinkle Little Party in our interview.

Jessica Lighter, The Celebration Stylist

I think the key to an unforgettable event is thinking about how all of the aspects of the event work together. Think beyond just the decorations, which you want to be memorable, of course, but think about what your guests will be doing, from the moment they walk in and beyond.

The experience will always be what they remember the most.

The Celebration Stylist post

Walt Disney World birthday party by The Celebration Stylist

Make sure your guests can make it to your event by helping them plan ahead with these fun save-the-date invitation cards: Blue with Circus Illustration Circus Invitation and Red and Navy Blue Curtains Circus Invitation.

I even consider whom I’m inviting. You don’t have to invite everyone to everything. Try to choose people that will mesh well, great food, and activities and decor that fit the theme and I can guarantee you will have an unforgettable event.

Read more about The Celebration Stylist in our interview.

It’s not about the things, it’s about the people

In speaking with each of these event planners and party bloggers, a common theme stood out. As much as they love the beautiful details, the colors, the special touches, the creative cakes, and displays, those aren’t what make parties memorable.

Those are all tools to do one job: Helping people connect with each other. If you can do that, you will have an unforgettable event.

Related: Apart from using invitations, you can also use a party flyer to get a good turnout for your event.

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