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Canva is a design tool that allows you to make stunning slideshows in seconds. Simply open our editor, pick a slideshow template, then add your photos and videos. Next, select a soundtrack and download your video. It’s that easy!

With our photo video maker, you’ll quickly turn your pictures into an enthralling video montage, ready to be enjoyed by your audience.

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Turn photos into impressive slideshows

With Canva, you can create photo and video slideshows with music to impress your followers, friends, or family. You can find slideshow templates for all kinds of occasions including weddings, work events, graduations, birthdays, holidays, and more. No one will suspect that it took you only a couple of minutes to make a video montage. Use our intuitive video editor to drag and drop design elements to decorate your slideshow and download and share easily in high-resolution MP4 video.

How to make a slideshow

  1. Launch Canva

    Open Canva and use the photo video maker right away, but if you want to save your designs and edit them in the future, you can easily log in to an account. Search for “Slideshows” to start a design.

  2. Find the right template

    Browse slideshow templates for every theme. Use the search tool to filter by industry, layout or style. Click on the template you like to add it to your page.

  3. Discover features

    In Canva’s library you’ll find millions of stock photos, images, illustrations, icons, charts and other graphics to deck out your design. Use the drag and drop tool to move them onto your page. Spruce up your images with the photo effects tool.

  4. Customize your slideshow

    Upload your own images, photos, and branding elements to make your slideshow more unique to you or your business. Choose your own background, font style, color scheme and add background music from our music library. Apply animations to each screen and animated sticker GIFs.

  5. Save and share

    Happy with the result? Preview your slideshow, then download it as an animated gif or video (MP4), or why not as JPEG, PNG, PDF, or PPT – your choice! Use the Present button to go live with your slideshow. You can even share a link to view your slideshow online.

Make a Slideshow for free

No design skills needed

Canva’s slideshow maker is built for everyone. No experience needed. You can create free slideshows from templates themed for vacations, business, family, or for fun. Our library is always updated with fresh template styles and layouts.

Explore our huge library of design elements

Canva has thousands of free stock videos, millions of free stock photos, and hundreds of free music tracks—everything needed to elevate your pictures into a delightful video clip. Our slideshow maker also offers a diverse range of premium images, music tracks, and video footage that can be purchased at an affordable price.

Make slideshows for free, online, on every device

Creating a slideshow with Canva is free. There’s no limit to how many times you can make or download slideshows. No watermarks will be added to your design. You can also create a slideshow on every device. Simply download the Canva app for iOS or Android.

Present your slideshows confidently

Presenting your slideshows live? Present confidently with our Presenter view. Stay on topic and on time with presenter notes and timer. And with Canva Live, direct your audience to a special link where they can answer polls, ask questions, and give real-time feedback through emojis.


To add music to your video slideshow, simply choose the function to insert audio, either for one slide or across multiple slides, and select “play in background.” You can use a third party audio editing tool to combine multiple songs into one file to be played nonstop throughout the presentation.

Choose our slideshow maker tool and upload your photos or use pre-designed pictures to create your slideshow. You can begin by storyboarding out your presentation, choosing a template or layout, then adding the media. Consistency is key when making a slideshow or video montage, so keep the colors and font styles uniform. For each slide, you can also choose a background image, featured photo, or collage.

Most slideshow maker tools allow you to add text wherever you need to on each slide. Simply hover your cursor over the area you want to include text and click to add it in, or add a text box on top of your background.

To make a good slideshow presentation, follow these tips:

  • Use our photo video maker to create uniform color schemes, background images, font styles, and font sizes.
  • Keep your slide design simple to let your audience focus on your slide’s content. One slide, one point.
  • Limit the number of words per slide to a minimum. Use the most important headings or key phrases only. Add a focal image or video instead, if possible.
  • Avoid the use of excessive text animations or slide transition effects. Seeing text fly-ins or fading in and out can be distracting.
  • Present with confidence by practicing multiple times. Rehearse your presentations in detail. Ask someone to sit in and give you feedback. Project your presentations and learn when to time your slide transitions and when to use Magic Shortcuts.
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WOW. This @canva video tool is so powerful, plus I'm sure it's going to get even better. I just created an IGS video ad in 15 minutes that I used to have to pay a videographer/editor $300-500 to make. Best $10/month I've ever spent.

Zack Stuck

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