9 terrific font pairs for you to try

9 terrific font pairs for you to try featured image

Choosing fonts that pair well with each other is a lot like choosing an outfit. In graphic design, fonts play a huge role in shaping the end result of your design. Below, we share nine modern font pairings that you can try in your next design.

There's a fine art to font pairing. And when it comes to choosing a modern font pairing that will allow your design to stand out, you want to make sure that it actually looks balanced and cohesive. If you're on a time crunch, we've selected just a few of our favorite font pairings for you to add into your arsenal.

01. Fonts for the hospitality industry

Raleway (51, Bolded, All Caps, Centered, #747676), Yellow Tail (51, Lower Case, Regular,  Centered, #747676), Raleway (28, Bolded, All Caps, Centered, #d3e0d1)

Keep things bold and fresh with a combination of Raleway and Yellowtail. It provides a perfect balance for a modern and yet classic feel. Raleway is a modern, no-nonsense font with classy accents and Yellowtail is a playful script with sharp angles.

02. Fonts for marketing the outdoors

Alfa Slab Serif (89, Regular, Capitalized, Right, #FFFFF), Nixie One (42, Regular, Capitalized, Right, #FFFFF)

Thick and bold fonts are perfect for eye-catching words and slogan and Alfa Slab Serif makes for a great choice for digital marketing. Thin fonts at smaller sizes help put emphasis on thicker fonts. Nixie One is a thinner serif font that has a similar feel to Alfa Slab. Both are in theme with the outdoorsy feel of the design.

Design tip: Be adventurous with font sizes. The difference in size and weight can pull emphasis in all the right places. 

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03. Elegant fonts

Julius Sans One (18, Regular, All Caps, Center, #FFFFF), Julius Sans One (56, Regular, All Caps, Center, #FFFFF), Mr. Da Foe (37, Regular, Capitalized, Right, #FFFFF, Rotated)

When you need a feminine touch to your design, look for thin fonts with curves. Julius Sans One’s laid-back feel can soften the edges of a rough design. Rotating cursive fonts such as Mr. Da Foe, and aligning it to the background gives a design impact. This pairing is best for when you want something down to earth and elegant. fonts with similar tones.

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04. Fonts with a friendly feel

Megrim  (96, Regular, All Caps, Right, #FFFFF) Satisfy (37, Regular, Lower Case, Right, #FFFFF)

Megrim and Satisfy contrast each other beautifully with the lines and curves in both fonts. Splash Megrim onto your page if you want a fun display font with quirky lines and accents. Satisfy is a is script font that’s bound to make waves with its loops and curves. Round designs and curved elements add friendliness to a design. 

05. Fonts that create contrast

Roboto Condensed (86, Regular, All Caps, Centered, #FFFFF), Raleway (75, Bolded, All Caps, Centered,  #FFFFFF), Mr. Da Foe (56, Regular, Capitalized, Centered, #FFFFF, Rotated)

Combining fonts that are plain with a script font creates contrast. The difference in simplicity also creates a sense of balance. Roboto Condensed set to bold is both thick and tall. We’ve added spaces in the middle to create more balance and tie the whole design together. Raleway’s versatility gives this scene a lot of balance, it's also a font that’s easy to read. And finally, Mr. Da Foe’s playfulness makes this design the life of the party.

Design tip: Tilting a font can sometimes make a word seem less intimidating and more inviting.

06. Fonts that work well in shapes

Roboto Condensed (69, Regular, Capitalized, Centered, #5C856C), Kite One (56, Regular, Lower Case, Centered, #5C856C), Open Sans (69, Regular, Capitalized, Centered, #5C856C)

Shape your designs with text. Roboto Condensed is in capitals, with spaces between each letter so it can create a box that compliments the word in the middle. Kite One is a font that’s naturally slanted. Slanted or italicized fonts are great for emphasizing your main point. Don’t be afraid to use spaces between the letters or keep things as they are. Often professional designers will adjust the spacing between each letter to enhance the design. This is called kerning.

07. Sophisticated fonts

Quatterocento (108, Regular, All Caps, Center, #eccb46), Pinyon Script (142, Regular, Lower Case, Right, #eccb46), Quatterocento (15, Regular, All Caps, Left, #eccb46)

Let your design bloom with sophistication with Quatterocento. We’ve used this as both the header text and the body text, using size to make the distinction between the two. Pinyon Script makes for an excellent pair as a calligraphy-inspired script font. At the tip of the letter, we’ve added a swirl element (known as a flourish) to bring the design up even further. Branch out and use elements to add hints of character to your design.

08. Powerful fonts

Fredoka One (144, Regular, All Caps, Center, #ff00d9), Special Elite (24, Regular, All Caps, Center, #ff00d9)

Add some spice to your designs with bold powerful fonts. Large fonts with ends rounded off, like Fredoka One can get you on track. Using rustic accents together with a rustic font and can really make the design look put together.

09. Fonts to use on packaging

Mr. Da Foe (85, Regular, All Caps, Center, #ffffff, Rotated ), Cabin Sketch (85, Regular, All Caps, Right, #ffffff)

To design something approachable use neat fonts that don’t look to corporate or too plain. Here, Mr. Da Foe makes another humble appearance as a versatile, friendly font that looks terrific when at an angle. Paired with, Cabin Sketch, these two modern font pairings can give the viewer a feeling of being welcomed.

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