How graphics can increase your conversion rate – Starting today

It might sound hard to believe, but the right images can have a major impact on your conversion rate. All other things created equal (you have an outstanding product, amazing customer service and a beautiful, mobile-responsive website, to name a few), great images are the icing on the cake.

How Graphics Increase Your Conversion Rate

But the images you choose and how you choose to display them are far more important. For example, nobody really believes you have an office full of beautiful, immaculately dressed, multicultural employees. It’s almost an indirect insult to their intelligence to try and act like you do:


You’re not fooling anyone!

Customer Images Speak Louder than Words

Instead, show images of your customer actually using your product. You can do this even if it’s a digital product, similar to how 37Signals did with their Highrise management cloud-based service:


An image of a happy customer is worth 1,000 testimonials If your product is more how-to oriented, invite customers of all levels to show off their work in your online gallery. What were they able to create using your products and/or training?

Guide Their Eyes, And Their Attention

Eye tracking studies have shown that, as human beings, we give the most attention to other human faces. One diaper company capitalized on this by showing an image of a happy baby looking at the visitor:


Here’s lookin’ at you, kid The purple spots indicate the time spent looking at the image and how the eye tracking was measured. But then they wondered, what would happen if we showed the baby looking at the headline instead?


Heat map showing attention and eye-tracking results As you can see, red and yellow spots indicate the greatest amount of attention – in this case it went directly to the baby’s gaze and consequently, what they were looking at. As a result, headline recall went up dramatically.

Show Alternate Views of Your Product

For an e-commerce site, it might seem easiest to just put in a single image of the product and move on to the next item. But showing alternate views of the product can go the extra step in truly convincing the customer that this is a quality-made item worth their consideration:


Beyond just alternate views of the product, it can also help to show an average customer wearing it, (as opposed to a model with particular sizing). In the example below, a man is shown wearing a shirt from a variety of angles, as well as a close-up of the pattern and pocket detail:


Don’t Forget the Call to Action!

Perhaps one of the most important items on your page should be the call-to-action button. This is the button you want people to click that encourages them to perform a certain action on your site, be it subscribing to your newsletter, adding an item to their cart, downloading a free trial, etc.


The main thing to keep in mind when creating a call-to-action button is that it should be large enough to be noticed among all the other elements of your site. Although it’s temptingly easy to just add a few words of text, like “sign up now!” studies have shown that conversion rates go up considerably when you add what it is they’re signing up for – such as “sign up for your free organic recipes newsletter”.

Getting Creative with Canva

Now that you know what to do – how do you go about doing it? Well, the good news is that Canva can take your images and add an extra splash of creativity and professionalism to them – with just a few clicks. For example, although we have literally thousands of potential layouts, designs and embellishments that you can use from our huge stock library, you can also import your own photos from either your computer or Facebook:


An example of a three paned presentation image in Canva, waiting for photos to be added

We have layout styles for nearly any idea you could imagine, so creating a clickable work of art for your e-commerce page, business presentation or event is drag and drop simple. Take a few photos at different angles, show someone looking at your headline, and spotlight real customers taking your product for a spin. Canva makes it easy for you to put your ideas on a digital canvas, without any graphic design experience. And the results are sure to look amazing – guaranteed.

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