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Level up your Instagram content game and stand out from your competitors. Produce an array of eye-catching visual and text-based Instagram Reels, Stories, or square videos that can compel your audience to purchase your product or join your event. It’s quick and easy with Canva's free Instagram video maker.

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Engage your audience with Instagram videos

Instagram's no stranger to the rapidly changing content game as it places more premium on videos. Ensure that you adapt effortlessly to this change by increasing the quality of videos you publish under your brand. Advertising an upcoming sale for your business? Explaining your new product? Or inviting attendees to your year-end event? Effortlessly create a variety of content for your brand using Canva's Instagram video maker.

Take advantage of our intuitive Instagram video editor to turn clips and footage you've taken into a cohesive yet dynamic Instagram video. Start with our customizable templates for any Instagram video project, such as Reels, Stories, and square videos(opens in a new tab or window). You can be creative with our full range of video-editing tools and library of graphic elements.

Simply drag and drop your workable shots on hand and apply stock videos, images, vectors, music, or animations to your layout. Then, download your work in a high-resolution MP4 video or share it on your feed straight from the editor.

How to make Instagram videos

Make an Instagram video

Open Canva and search “Instagram Video” to begin your video project.

Browse our collection of ready-made video layouts for Instagram. Choose a format to work on, whether it be for Reels, Stories, or square videos. Filter your options by color, theme, or style to easily find your ideal template. Or you can always get creative with a blank template.

Modify or switch out existing elements in the layout. Edit the text placeholders with your own copy and call to action. Explore our library for design ingredients to make your video pop. Choose from our assortment of backgrounds, patterns, vectors, illustrations, fonts, and colors.

Take your Instagram video to the next level by maximizing our video-editing tools. Find exciting options from our stock videos, audio, and sound effects. You can also easily upload assets from your own gallery and make them more dynamic with thrilling animations and transitions.

Download your Instagram video in high-resolution MP4 video format. Then, post it as content for your Instagram Stories or Reels. You can even share it conveniently within the editor. Or queue it on our built-in content calendar when you’re in Canva Pro.
Make an Instagram video

Make IG videos in minutes

Posting more than once a day can help potential customers discover you. So, it's best to grab the opportunity and post custom Instagram videos you've made with our Instagram video maker. Our ready-made templates can always get you started. They come in various styles that are a breeze to personalize, so you can fit them to any topic or theme.

Canva’s video editor for Instagram comes with beginner-friendly tools to express ideas and themes visually. Add video filters or enhance clips to convey nostalgia, noir, or romance with its colors and hues. Make it more exciting and seamless with the perfect balance of movement and effects. Use the Create an Animation tool to make custom animations or choose from our video transitions to drumbeat every motion of your Instagram video.

Get the right vibe with the right music

Take your IG video to the next level with awesome music and sound effects. Explore our library of free stock audio and use Beat Sync (Pro)(opens in a new tab or window) to automatically sync the video to the beat of the music. Need punchy SFX? Canva Pro's sound effects will add a whole new dimension to your post, Story, or Reel, with SFX that amplifies the thrill and suspense.

Want to put the latest hits on your Instagram video? Your Canva Pro or Canva for Education account unlocks our popular music library, where you can add chart-topping hits and trending tracks to your footage. This feature is available in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and other territories. See the complete list here(opens in a new tab or window). Now, you've got a lot more music options for your personal or educational IG video projects.

Stay on schedule

Got a lot on your plate? It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you make a video on Instagram. Do justice to your perfectly curated content and well-planned storyboard with only the best video editor for Instagram. With Canva’s IG video maker, you can collaborate with your team in real time and edit across any device. So whether you start on mobile or move into our desktop app later, you’ll see changes take effect instantly.

When your Instagram video is ready, enjoy numerous share options for the world to see it. Download your Instagram video in high-resolution MP4 format and manually post it in your Reels, Stories, or square videos. Alternatively, you can publish it straight from Canva’s Instagram video generator. Simply connect your Instagram account, share instantly, or queue it on our built-in content calendar if you’re in Canva Pro. Save time and effort, and ensure that your work will be posted during optimal posting time even when you're busy.

Repurpose Instagram videos with ease

Content creators can make elaborate video reels of their day or of an immersive event experience with Canva’s Instagram video maker. Newbies and expert video marketers can easily post quick announcements or comprehensive demos, launches, and how-to videos for their products with their branding intact.

With Canva Pro, it’s easy to use the same Instagram video you passionately designed and turn it into a format fit for Instagram Reels, Stories, or other digital video formats. Using our premium Brand Kit and Magic Switch tools, create numerous videos from a single design project and keep elements like stock videos and images flawless despite the change in dimension and scale.


There are two ways to add music to your Instagram videos. Within the Instagram app, you can choose from the platform’s music collection of different genres and styles. If you opt to make one from our Instagram video maker, you can upload your own or choose from our assortment of background music and sound effects.

Simply create a video loop from our Instagram video maker. Upload your clip into the video editor, crop your video, and use our video trimmer to choose a perfect frame to loop. Select the Playback option in the toolbar, and then toggle Loop Video to apply it to your clip. While you’re at it, add video transitions to make the loop smooth and seamless.

Upload several photos, instead of clips, on your Instagram video to turn it into a picture video or photo slideshow for your Reels or Stories. Then, using our Instagram video maker app, you can explore our design library to include embellishments like vectors, graphics, music, and transitions to showcase your photos well.
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