Download free icons to quickly enhance your designs like a pro

From common signage to popular symbols, our library of stock photos is packed with icons you can add to your designs to wordlessly get your point across.

Populate your infographics with icons

Use icons in Canva

Bars and graphs can get a bit dull, but our collection of icons is sure to liven up your infographics. Our library is full of artful icons to represent your data. To start searching for icons to complete your shocking statistic, open the search pane and click “icons.” Next, scroll through pages of icons and symbols you can drag right into your designs. You can even rotate the icons and adjust their size and colors.

Craft quick signage with icons

Use icons in Canva

Show you care by creating signage with more than just notebook paper and a marker. Whether whimsical or functional, icons make it fast and easy to create signs and notices. Choose some shapes from our image library and start going to town! You can even export PDFs to make it easy to print your signs professionally.

Join icons and text for corporate documents

Use icons in Canva

Skip those generic-looking Microsoft Office layouts! Pair icons with skillful typography to create business essentials like letterhead, documents(opens in a new tab or window), envelopes(opens in a new tab or window), business cards, address labels(opens in a new tab or window), and more. With a variety of icon styles, you can find icons to match typefaces from slab serifs to gentle scripts and everywhere in between.

Enhance your designs with social media icons

Use icons in Canva

Let your followers know all the places where they can find you. Add social media icons to your social media designs and increase your reach. Our library of assets includes icons for every social media platform, so you'll never be at a loss when it comes to promoting your business or brand.

Combine icons with all our design elements

Use icons in Canva

Icons aren't only functional, they can be artful as well. Let your imagination run wild — try integrating icons with photos, grids(opens in a new tab or window), cliparts(opens in a new tab or window), and other tools to create sleek, modern designs. There’s no end to what you can make with Canva and a dash of creativity!

You can even design(opens in a new tab or window) anywhere, anytime by adding Canva to your iPhone, iPad or Android devices. It's free to download from the App Store and Google Play.

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@canva is simply outstanding as a tool to create designs. Using Canva is such a seamless experience that once you sit down to design, you don't feel like getting up. It's addictive and useful. Keep going Canva. I use Canva every day – I couldn’t do my job without it. The ability to style logos is my favorite feature.


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