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Enjoy transparent photos without compromising on quality by converting JPG to PNG. Use Canva's online JPG to PNG converter to remove distracting backgrounds, create overlays, and produce sharp, crisp images every time.

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How to convert JPG to PNG

Get crisp, high-resolution images

Convert JPG images to PNG

Turn your JPG images to PNG to keep your photo's last color, line, and minute detail in their original quality. With Canva's JPG to PNG tool, have confidence that your work will stay the same, no matter how many times you edit or save the file. Enjoy lossless photo resolution that remains consistently high-res across any page, device, or project.

Give your photos a creative flair

Edit or adjust your image

Do more than just convert JPG to PNG. Take your content to the next level with Canva's impressive slew of features. Resize or adjust your image to fit every online platform. Apply stunning filters to create wow-worthy photos, or add text in stylish fonts to tell a better story. You can also explore our media library to find icons, illustrations, and other graphic elements to enhance your design. With Canva's powerful photo editor, you have all the tools to transform ordinary images into instant works of art.

Take out the clutter

Remove your image's background

Remove distracting backgrounds and keep only what matters. Canva’s Background Remover lets you take out your image’s background in one effortless click—like magic! Now you can achieve exactly the look you’re after. Replace the background with a solid color to get the perfect headshot, highlight your subject to create stand-out product photos, or simply save your new background-less JPG to a transparent PNG to enjoy greater flexibility. This feature is only available on Canva Pro, and well worth it.

How to change JPG to PNG

How to change JPG to PNG

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