1. How to use X/Twitter for Business + 10 Case Studies

How to use X/Twitter for Business + 10 Case Studies

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On average, a total of 1.3 billion X (Twitter) accounts have been created and 500 million people visit the site each month without logging in, so when it comes to using X (Twitter) for your business, it's a social media platform worth investing in.

But, X (Twitter) can be tricky. You only get 140-characters and there is no edit button anywhere, which means your one mistake could reach millions in a second. That’s why it is important to play smart and learn the most effective strategies for leveraging your custom Twitter(opens in a new tab or window) graphics and posts for business.

How to use X (Twitter) for your business

From hashtags and pinned tweets to X (Twitter) lists and social media influencers, X (Twitter) is used by companies to promote their brand and be involved in relevant discussions.

1. Build a clear X (Twitter) profile

To set your X (Twitter) for Business profile up for success you need to create a X (Twitter) profile that stands out. This includes thinking about your banner image, and your biography. Points to consider include:

  • How do you want visitors to feel when they come to your profile?
  • What story are you telling with your images

2. Create content that is on-brand

Just like with any type of social media marketing, it's important to consider the purpose your X (Twitter) profile serves, and

3. Make sure your content gets seen

Once you've created a tweet, you want to make sure that it gets seen. Hashtags are an easy way to promote your content via X (Twitter). Try not to use too many hashtags and stick to ones that are relevant.

Twitter for Business case studies


Data-Driven Design Tips for Maximising Impact on Twitter

Another way is to post tactical content. To help increase your brand’s reach on X (Twitter), we have researched and curated some of the most successful X (Twitter) case studies.

01. Showcase Your Wit

If Pinterest is about amazing graphics, then X (Twitter) is about being witty. If you check the list of the most engaging brands on X (Twitter), you will find one thing in common among them – they are full of digs, quips, and smackdowns.

The idea is to try and incorporate popular trending topics with your brand and add a pinch of wit to it.

Delta(opens in a new tab or window), for instance, launched their new jet but instead of tweeting a boring announcement, they turned to an unmistakeable Sir Mix-a-Lot reference. Within minutes of publishing the tweet, people started reacting to it — including Sir Mix-a-Lot himself.

Let’s be honest, we have all taken our phones while going to the washroom at least once. Charmin(opens in a new tab or window), the toilet paper company, used this graphic and wordplay combo to ask its users whether they like watching videos while in the loo.

Lego(opens in a new tab or window) tweeted this picture on April Fool’s Day. Not only was it a well-timed tweet but the company was also marketing their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game in a very clever way.

02. Start a Hashtag Campaign

What better way to get your customer’s attention than by launching a hashtag campaign? But, to trend hashtags, you have to market it and execute it the right way. Also, you have to make sure that the hashtag is relatable to people and still connects to your brand.

Charmin(opens in a new tab or window) started a funny campaign on their X (Twitter) account called #TweetFromTheSeat where they ask people to tweet from their toilet seats. People loved it.

Redbull(opens in a new tab or window) has different X (Twitter) accounts based on the country and city, but all of its accounts use the same hashtag #PutACanOnIt to urge users to share pictures of their Redbull cans.

Harley Davidson(opens in a new tab or window) started #RollYourOwn hashtag campaign where it asked users to retweet to win the famous bike manufacturer’s posters.

03. Give Trending Hashtags Your Own Take

Starting your own hashtag campaign and trending it in the top ten can always be difficult. But, a quicker way to get attention is to give your own spin to the current trending and viral hashtags.

When “Damn, Daniel(opens in a new tab or window)’ started trending on social media with Daniel’s crisp white Vans, many brands picked it up, and of course, one of them was Vans itself. But I thinkAxe(opens in a new tab or window) found the right way to connect #DamnDaniel with their own hashtag campaign #FindYourMagic.

Similarly, when Sound of Music musical was being telecasted live on television and of course, trending on Twitter, DiGiorno(opens in a new tab or window) gave its own ‘pizza’ twist to the famous story. It would be an understatement to say X (Twitter) went crazy.

Believe it or not, Netflix(opens in a new tab or window) was actually not the one that came up with the viral phrase “Netflix and Chill”. But there was no way the brand could pass on it and let it go.

With the recent Brit awards, brands did everything they could to engage with their audience while making sure to use the right hashtag.

04. Add a Pinch of Humour to Your Replies

There is one problem every brand has to face on X (Twitter) – angry and confused customers.

While it’s great to have an excellent customer support to make sure your customers are always happy, sometimes you can also add a bit of humour to your replies to keep everyone entertained.

When a customer tried to bring up a ‘bar cod’ problem with Sainsbury(opens in a new tab or window), this is how they replied

Now, Old Spice(opens in a new tab or window) is one of the wittiest brands on X (Twitter) and that is the reason they have such a high engagement rate.

With 1.69 million followers, Taco Bell(opens in a new tab or window) is also not far behind when it comes to humorous replies.

But, what happens when two major brands go head-to-head in a X (Twitter) War? When Old Spice decided to take a dig at Taco Bell’s very famous fire spice, Taco Bell asked them the one question that has been on all our minds: are there really old spices in their deodorant?

05. Use Good Ol’ Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is when brands collaborate with famous influencers who have thousands of followers. This way, the brands get noticed by all the followers of those influencers. We also talked about influencer marketing on Instagram in this post(opens in a new tab or window).

Right before the Oscars, Henry’s Hard Soda(opens in a new tab or window) collaborated with IMDB(opens in a new tab or window) for a very subtle X (Twitter) marketing. In fact, if it weren’t for the #sponsored tag, it would have been very difficult to know that this was indeed a sponsored post.

With summer on its way, Corona(opens in a new tab or window) too started its #CoronaFakecation campaign where it collaborated with several influencers for beautiful summer tweets.

This was actually a sweepstakes by the brand where users were urged to take fake vacation pictures and tweet it to Corona but to get the ball rolling, the brand decided to collaborate with a bunch of influences.

06. Get Your Own Custom Hashtag Emoji

Hashtag emojis are the new trend on X (Twitter). It combines two things people love the most – hashtag and emojis. So, if your brand is looking for more exposure, you can get your very own branded emoji.

People love it, which means, every hashtag emoji gets way more attention than normal hashtags. But these haven’t been rolled out for all the hashtags yet. X (Twitter) is keeping this feature premium.

Since these are branded hashtags, they are created especially by X (Twitter) for particular brands and I am guessing there are a lot of big bucks involved. Another fact to remember here is that these hashtag emojis are only available for a specific period of time.

For instance, there was an emoji for Black History month launched by X (Twitter), but it was active for that one month only. After that, the hashtags stayed but the emojis vanished.

06_05_Black History Month

The first hashtag emoji created by X (Twitter) was for Coca Cola(opens in a new tab or window) to launch their new #ShareACoke campaign. The emoji showed two coke bottles clicking together.

A few days before the Brit Awards, X (Twitter) UK introduced special emojis for all the nominated artists including Adele, One Direction, Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran.

Samsung(opens in a new tab or window) recently launched their new Galaxy phone S7 along with Gear VR and to market their devices on X (Twitter), they decided to create a new hashtag emoji #TheNextGalaxy.


Now Oscars are the most awaited awards of the year and they receive a lot of online buzz too. This year Oscars got their very own golden statue emoji to celebrate the starry night.


Recently, when the new season of House of Cards was released on Netflix, X (Twitter) released a hashtag emoji for the show. You will find the flag of USA every time you type in #HouseofCards on Twitter.

06_06_House of Cards

07. Always Be Ready to Assist Your Customers

Twitter has always been the preferred place for customers to share their problems with brands. Mainly because it’s a public platform and they can get an answer in real-time.

It is very important for brands to resolve customer issues brought up on X (Twitter) instantly. Ignoring them can be extremely bad for any brand. I would suggest not copy/pasting replies and giving each customer an actual response.

While some brands prefer to forward the customer requests to the respective teams and keep the focus of their X (Twitter) account on social media marketing, brands likeFirefox(opens in a new tab or window) and Dell(opens in a new tab or window) make sure to help out their customers every which way possible.


08. Hold Contests

Everybody loves free stuff and they would do any amount of retweets to get it. In order to get more participation and engagement during X (Twitter) contests, it’s important to keep the rules of the contest extremely simple.

You could ask the users to retweet or tweet back using the correct hashtag. Also, allow multiple entries to get the hashtag trending.

Or, if you are looking to get more hits on your website, you can just ask the users to enter the contest through a link.

The prizes for X (Twitter) contests should be selected after a deep consideration. You need prizes that relate to your brand and get your followers excited as well.

Grazia(opens in a new tab or window) held a X (Twitter) contest last year urging users to sign up for the contest through a link to their website. The winners got cosmetics from major brands like Rimmel and Dior.

Doritos UK(opens in a new tab or window) started a contest where every retweet made users eligible for winning a big party supply of Doritos.

Prismologie(opens in a new tab or window), a beauty brand based in the UK, offered £100 worth of products for their followers in a X (Twitter) contest. All they had to do was follow Prismologie’s X (Twitter) page and retweet the post. Their post received over 1.1k retweets. This is the simplest way to increase engagement and followers on Twitter.

09. Never Underestimate the Power of the Graphics

Even though X (Twitter) is about the 140 characters, this social media platform could not run away from the power of the graphics. Now users can not only share photos and videos: Twitter’s recent collaboration with Giphy lets them pick and choose any gif for their tweets.

And graphics are being fully maximized by brands to get more attention on X (Twitter). We already saw above how Charmin is regularly posting pictures on X (Twitter) with its signature bear cartoon. But when it comes to choosing graphics for your brand, it’s important to stay true to your brand’s identity.

Forever 21(opens in a new tab or window) brought its witty side out on last Thanksgiving with this GIF of Joey Tribbiani getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner in his turkey pants — both funny and relatable.

Etsy(opens in a new tab or window), on the other hand, chose to be more authentic by posting a picture right from its website.

Amazon(opens in a new tab or window) posted this picture on their X (Twitter) page right around the holidays. The picture is funny, posted at the perfect time and it is very relatable. It also leaves a link at the end as a call-to-action. Now, this link leads you to Amazon’s website where you can find items to make your travel more comfortable.

10. Choose the Right Cover Page Photo

When you put so much time thinking about what to post and when to post, why leave behind the important cover photo which stays on the top of your X (Twitter) page all the time?

While some brands like to constantly change cover photos depending upon what they are trying to promote, other try to keep it constant and funny.

Axe(opens in a new tab or window), for example, takes a dig at X (Twitter) itself while trying to promote their products. The picture is relatable to X (Twitter) users and markets Axe’s products in the best way possible.


Starbuck’s(opens in a new tab or window) cover photo is a plain, hot and brewed coffee. A strong message with a very simple image.


Netflix(opens in a new tab or window) regularly changes its cover photo depending on which new show has been released. Last month, it was Fuller House and then House of Cards. Now that DareDevil’s new season is out, it’s also up on the cover photo.


Your Turn

Now that you know all the steps other brands are taking to get more engagement and followers on X (Twitter), it’s your turn to create buzz-worthy tweets. And if you need any help designing graphics for Twitter(opens in a new tab or window), remember, you always have Canva!

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