The 57 ultimate YouTube video ideas to level up your vlog

You’ve got a YouTube video idea. Great! Turns out there might be a few hundred (or thousand) other content creators with the exact idea. Not so great?


It means your idea was a good one, and other people think so too.

When it comes to making social media content, you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. It’s the reason why we have trends and why a lot of the same kind of videos tend to go viral. People love them. We want to keep seeing them. And we want to see more of them.

In this article, we’re listing down the 53 ultimate content ideas to spruce up your content calendar. From proven-and-tested fan favorites, you can give your own unique spin, to more niche materials for a select target audience, use these content inspirations to take your YouTube video-making game to the next level.

Holiday themed and seasonal videos

‘Tis always the season for seasonal and holiday-themed videos!

From major global holidays like Christmas or Halloween to quirky, niche special days like Donut Day or National Everything You Do Is Right Day, you can pack your calendar full for the entire day just by doing seasonal events alone. From filming your holiday traditions and practices, partying it up on these special days, or putting a holiday spin to regular Youtube video ideas, there’s no shortage of seasonal content to spruce up your YouTube calendar.

1. Christmas

Christmas content alone can fill up your entire December calendar. Spread the holiday cheer with videos like holiday shopping hauls, gift packing with you, Christmas decorating challenges, and more.

Use this template from Canva to make your videos extra festive this season:

2. Halloween

Get into the spirit (get it?) of Halloween with spooktacular vlogs, tutorials, and challenges to fill your content calendar. Popular YouTube content ideas during this time of the year include costume DIY tutorials, cooking recipes reimagined with a Halloween twist, and test of courage challenges where you explore haunted locations or go on ghost tours (putting safety above all else, of course!)

Ramp up the scare factor with this video template from Canva:

3. New Year’s/Lunar New Year’s

What better way to start the year than with fresh new content? The New Year is always a great time to try new things or launch new projects. But if you’re not ready to do some heavy lifting first thing in the year, even simple videos capturing how your New Year went (from NYE parties, dishes, resolutions, outfits, and more) are already fantastic content.

4. Valentine’s

Love is in the air and so are YouTube video ideas! From outfit ideas, makeup tutorials, gifts you can make, date night spots, and other romantic ideas, there’s no shortage of Valentine’s content to fill up your February.

5. Graduation season

Graduation is a very important milestone for most people, so it’s always worth including in your calendar. Popular graduation-themed content includes makeup and styling tutorials, gift ideas, and actual graduation vlogs. You can also create content around graduation, such as tips for starting their next academic journey (high school, college, etc.), work or job-hunting advice, and others on a similar tangent.

6. Summer vacation or school break

School break content makes some of the most popular YouTube materials simply because of how exciting and diverse they can be. From outdoor getaways to indoor activities, your content calendar is sure to be booked with vacation-themed videos.

7. Back to School

The excitement of a new semester or school year is a wonderful time to make content. With thousands of students (and parents) tuning into YouTube to help prep for the upcoming term, back-to-school season is definitely one for the content creation books.

8. Thanksgiving

Cooking and lifestyle channels can have a field day serving up Thanksgiving content, but there’s a piece of the pie for everyone else too! Recipes and cooking videos. Funny skits about going back home. Your actual Thanksgiving celebration, documented. This is one holiday that can keep your content calendar well-fed.

9. Hanukkah

Hanukkah is another major holiday that can really light up your YouTube calendar. For Jewish content creators, YouTube can be an excellent platform to share your traditions and practices, and spread the holiday spirit with your viewers.

Day specific events

Using special days as the theme for your video can also make it easy to populate your content calendar. Whether you’re filming your actual celebration of the day, or giving a holiday-twist to your regular YouTube video, here are a few more popular events to plan your content calendar around:

10. Mother’s Day/Father’s Day

11. Earth Day

12. International Women’s Day/International Men’s Day

13. Pride Month

Tutorial and how-to videos

YouTube is a great place to learn things because the videos can really go in-depth into how stuff works. People are always on the lookout for good quality How-To videos to help make life a little easier, so if you’ve got the knowledge to share, consider producing some instructional content for your followers.

Of course, it should go without saying that your tutorial should be something relevant to your channel. If you’re a food vlogger, your audience might not be expecting—or even interested ina tutorial on how to change their car tires. At best, they’ll be surprised by the random, unexpected content. At worst, it might completely put them off from your channel. That being said, here are some instructional YouTube video ideas you can film next:

14. Cooking videos and recipes

Perfect for food vlogs and lifestyle channels, YouTube has a dedicated foodie community full of eager learners who want to learn how to whip up their favorite meals for themselves. Share old family recipes or experiment with new dishes!

15. How to make/design/create ____

Another popular vlog idea are step-by-step tutorials on how certain products or things are made. Whether it’s simple academic curiosity, or a desire to create the products themselves, people turn to tutorials to learn how things are made.

16. How to use ____ videos

This type of YouTube video is perfect for channels that regularly review products. Give people more valuable content by actually showing the products in action, in addition to reviewing their specs.

17. Life hacks

From a simple trick to make cleaning pots easier, to life-saving tips that would be useful for emergencies, sharing tips you personally know and use always makes for good YouTube channel ideas because of how genuinely useful they can be to your audience.

Reaction and opinion videos

If you love watching YouTubers react to things, you’re definitely not alone. Reaction videos create a sense of community; it’s not unlike freaking out with a friend over the new episode of your favorite show, or fangirling or fanboying over your favorite celebrities. That shared sense of emotion is a great pull for audiences, which can really make your video a big hit.

18. TV show or movie reaction videos

People love to rave about their new favorites—and they want to hear others loving (or hating) them as much as they did. So set up your camera, [legally] stream this new show or movie everyone’s talking about, and capture your honest, genuine reactions. Don’t forget to splice the clips often to avoid getting flagged for copyright!

19. Music videos reactions

Reacting to music videos is another popular YouTube video idea because it’s easy to do, always timely, and comes with the added bonus of catering to a pre-existing fan base who love to hear “new” and “objective” takes about their favorite acts. And with how crazy the production quality on popular music videos has gotten, you won’t have a hard time finding material to talk about!

20. Song reaction videos

Vocal coach? Music guru? Musician, in general? You have to react to popular songs at least once on your channel. Not only can you engage with a fan base, in addition to your regular viewers, but you can also take this time to show off your knowledge and credibility by reacting to the songs from a technical perspective.

21. Game reaction videos

First-time gameplays are a favorite among gamers. Whether you’re playing a game that’s not yet out in the market or learning the ropes on an old game you haven’t played before, YouTube has a dedicated gamer community who would be excited to share these experiences with you.

22. Viral videos or trending memes reactions

Timely. Relevant. And (currently) interesting. There’s nothing wrong with hopping on the bandwagon from time to time and adding your own two cents. After all, everybody’s already talking about it—why not join in on the conversation? Just be mindful that trends can and do fall out of style so keep it classy and respectful.

23. Relevant news and current events reaction videos

Video reactions to trending news and current events are not only timely but also highly engaging and informative. It’s a chance to educate your viewers on important, relevant matters, as well as give them much-needed context. Just make sure you’re careful about your sources of information and you don’t accidentally spread fake news in the process.

24. Unique/unusual products or services reaction videos

YouTube vlogs let people live vicariously through the vloggers. When you try out unique or unusual products or services, your audiences can “experience” them for themselves through your videos. This can make you feel closer to them, which can be good for turning casual viewers into more dedicated subscribers.

YouTube reviews

And when you have more things to say, take your reaction video to the next level with a full-blown review video.

Unlike reaction videos (which can be knee-jerk and miss important details that will only be caught after a few more views, listens, or uses), review videos go in-depth on the analysis of the subject and really take the time to explore all nuances and aspects of the topics. Set yourself apart from your cohort by studying up and really learning your material well. Not only do you increase your credibility in this way, but you are also more likely to gain long-term followers who would put stock into your words.

25. TV show or movie reviews

Easter eggs, remarkable cinematography, hidden or subtle details are all things people love learning about, especially because they can add interesting, deeper nuances to the shows. When you dissect shows and films, whether as a whole, or individual episodes or scenes, you can give audiences a new lens with which to view the material.

26. Music video reviews

Similar to show or film reviews, analyzing music videos is about giving a fresh new take to the material. Fans appreciate this content because it can provide deeper insights into the artists’ creative process.

27. Song reviews

Song reviews are a great and effective way to show off your musical expertise and establish your credibility, which can be helpful if you’re trying to launch your own musical career on YouTube.

28. Game reviews

With detailed game reviews, you can hype up the audiences for their own gameplay, set expectations for what’s coming, give them valuable knowledge to better navigate the game, or even take them on routes and adventures they might not have otherwise stumbled upon.

29. Product reviews

Modern consumers are active consumers. They do their own research, and in-depth product reviews are very valuable to them. Take your time exploring the item you’re reviewing; know its functionalities, use it in action, and give your honest, educated opinion.

30. Service reviews

People want to know if they’re getting their money’s worth, so they turn to the reviews of others—like yourself—who had already availed of and experienced these services. While filming at the establishment isn’t always possible, you can still have a simple, sit-down chat to go over everything about the service, what went down, what you liked, and what you did not.

Hauls, unboxing, and first impression videos

Still on the topic of sharing your opinions on things, hauls, unboxings, and first impression videos are another fun experience you can share vicariously with your viewers.

Though this can easily be a pricier video to film, this doesn’t mean you have to go out of your way to buy things you otherwise wouldn’t need. If you’re just starting, don’t have a brand to sponsor your hauls, or just don’t want to spend unnecessarily, consider buying and talking about products you will already personally get.

31. Haul videos

Hauls can be an excellent source of ideas for occasions like gift-giving, packing for move-out day, and other events where it’s necessary to buy certain items. Using themes to guide your shopping list can make for some very helpful material for your viewers.

32. Unboxing videos

People are drawn to unboxing videos because they capture a very specific experience of getting new things, which, for many, tend to be the most exciting part. By filming your unboxing, you can share that magical moment with thousands of viewers.

33. First impression videos

These are similar to reaction/opinion videos, but you react to the items as soon as you get them out of the box. Content such as these can be easily expanded into a series, as you can revisit the items over time. From first impression videos, you can create reaction/opinion videos, until you’re informed enough on the product to make a proper review video.

What’s in my ___ videos

Humans are naturally curious creatures, and that’s precisely why “what’s in my ____” videos always rack up views, no matter that each one is, quite literally, exactly the same as the last. We just can’t get enough of them!

In addition, these types of YouTube videos are incredibly easy to make and don't require a high-budget production to create high-quality output. Quite the opposite, actually. The more organic and normal and natural the content you show, (i.e., having the same things most average people would also have) the more likely they are to enjoy your video.

34. What’s in my bag

Just literally rummaging through your bag and going through its contents can entertain hundreds of thousands of viewers because it satisfies an innate curiosity about others’ many of us carry.

Variations to this kind of video can include specific kinds or uses of bags such as:

  • What’s in my [school/work] bag
  • What’s in my backpack/handbag (or a specific type of bag)
  • What’s in my pouch
  • What’s in my [special] bag (like makeup bag, gym/sports/events bag, artist bag/etc.)

35. What’s in my phone/tablet/computer/gadget

This is a dual-type of YouTube video that serves not only to show the kind of apps and software that you use (which your audiences may find useful if they’re in the same line of work/studies as you are), but also as a review for the device you’re using.

36. What’s in my car

From the kind of car you drive, the tools that you keep inside (especially unique gadgets that can make commutes easier), the tips and tricks you have to maintain your vehicle, taking your audiences on a tour of your car can not only just be entertaining, but also educational depending on how in-depth you want to get.

Tour videos

More fodder for the curious!

Tour videos are similar to the “What’s in my ___” videos but obviously show viewers places and locations rather than single items. For the curious YouTube audience, there’s no place too boring or mundane not to be taken on a tour. So whether you’re taking them on a chatty, casual tour of your bedroom or apartment, or an exciting swing around a gorgeous local tourist spot or the filming site of the current trending television show, you can have confidence that someone, somewhere would find that interesting.

37. House or apartment tours

House tours are especially fascinating to the current generations, so if you’re lucky enough to have a space to call your own, you’ve struck gold when it comes to audiences. Millennials and Gen Z love a good house tour, so why not give the people what they want?

38. Bedroom tours

Or any other rooms of interest like a game room, collection room, etc. also works. Not everyone will be comfortable sharing their most private space with the internet, but if you’re looking to really connect with your audience, your bedroom can give them fantastic insights about you. If nothing else, they can take a peek at your prized collections or gain inspiration for decorating their own spaces.

39. Dorm room tours

Dorm room tours are especially popular around the back-to-school season when college kids are looking to spruce up their new home away from home. From decoration tips to independent living life hacks, dorm room tours can be a very valuable resource for your audience if you do it right.

40. Office or workplace tours

Whether you’re a company looking to entice job hunters to join your team, or a really lucky employee working at an office with a slide (or free breakfast!), it’s definitely worth adding a well-filmed office tour in your content calendar.

41. School or classroom tours

Sometimes, school is cool. A tour of campus is a wonderful way to show off your school spirit, especially when you think about how many interesting stories you can regale your audiences with while you walk around the grounds.

42. Neighborhood tours

If you’re one of the lucky ones who live in a nice neighborhood that’s rich in history (or interesting people in the block), or you just happen to be vacationing in one, you can be sure there are a couple of thousand people on the internet who would love to go ‘round the block with you. Just remember to exercise caution when filming these kinds of videos, as you could be giving away valuable information (i.e, your homeaddress) to strangers online!

43. Tourist or historic spot tours

The world is full of all kinds of amazing places, but it’s not always possible to see them in person. If you happen to have one of them in your backyard, YouTube can be the perfect way to share these wonders with the world. Of course, don’t forget the old adage: take nothing but memories (and videos!), leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.

44. Secret gems

Every locale has a secret gem. Whether it’s a hole-in-the-wall eatery that serves the best dishes in town or a pocket of natural paradise off the beaten path, there are little diamonds in the rough everywhere. Through your videos, your audience can enjoy these little adventures—and maybe even bring in some customers for these businesses.

45. Filming location tours

If you live in places that often pop up on TV, you can put a “local” twist to the tour and show hidden gems in the area these shows or movies might not have caught. Or, you can go on a “themed” tour and visit the locations that were included to see how they are in real life. If your place is not as mainstream, you can use the attention to show off your area and encourage tourists to visit.

46. Trending locations near you tours

Pro tip: If you think you’ll be doing these kinds of videos more than once, it’s a good idea to invest in affordable but high-quality stabilizers like a tripod or gimbal. Fortunately, most stabilizers these days are considerably cheaper than what they used to be, and they’re more than up for the task in terms of quality.

Daily or Day in my life vlogs

And if people are interested enough in the contents of your bag, it only follows that they’ll be interested in what you do in your day-to-day life, too!

Unlike mainstream TV, YouTube has a much more organic content creation process for a similar, if not even bigger, audience base. This means that ordinary folks can now enjoy a platform similar to what only celebrities used to have, which has opened a whole new world of organic, more “normal” content for people to enjoy. These days, netizens are just as likely to be interested in the day-to-day life of a high school student who doesn’t even need to show her face on camera, as they are in the uber-luxurious, high-end life of A-Listers.

Some things you can film include:

47. Daily or What I do in a day vlogs

These videos are fascinating for two reasons: they show a completely different lifestyle than what other people usually assume (which becomes a vicarious adventure), or they capture the exact same experiences they go through (which romanticizes their daily experiences). Either way, you won’t run out of content when your daily life itself is the content!

48. What I eat in a day vlogs

Food is the way to the heart and social media is absolutely obsessed with it. Why not join in on the fun? Even a simple matter of sharing what you eat in a day can be a great watch for people on the internet, whether it’s because they want to know about other culture’s dishes, are interested in your meal prep process, following along your diet journey, or just plain curious.

49. Study or Work with me

With quarantine keeping many at home—or, at least, socially distanced from each other—“Study with me” or “Work with me” videos gained popularity. Simply set up your camera, sit down, and go do your normal study and working routine (taking care to hide any confidential information, of course). As a bonus, these are mostly filmed in real-time, which means less post-production work for you!

50. Follow me to work/school

If you have a cool workplace or school, your audiences will love to have a look. Unlike the office/school tour though, these vlogs will focus on you as you go about your day, and the tasks you do as an employee or student.

51. A day in the life of a ___

People who are interested in getting into your line of work will find this kind of daily vlog useful, as it gives a firsthand, intimate view of the day-to-day tasks involved in your position. For marketers and recruiters, these can make for great materials with which to entice job seekers.

52. Weekly/Monthly vlog

Essentially a longer version of “What I do in a day”, these period-long vlogs are great whether you’re sharing an exciting week or month you had, or capturing just another, ordinary time in your life.

53. Productivity vlog

Another crowd favorite, productivity vlogs play on the sense of being in the same boat. Seeing someone accomplish their day’s tasks—whether it’s work, studies, errands, and more—can give audiences a vicarious sense of achievement, and may even encourage them to work on their own To-Do lists.

54. Vlog diaries

Vlog diaries are essentially a serialized version of the day-in-the-life vlogs. Rather than doing them one time, or every once in a while, you’re committing to regular programming, with each entry having a specific focus on one aspect of the day (similar to how you would note events in a diary).

55. Day in the life with/using [company product]

Daily vlogs tend to be more personal, but companies can still run a branded version by shifting the focus to using their products or services instead. Showing what a day in people’s lives could be if they use your products is a great and practical way to showcase the products’ specs and functions.

56. Day in the life of a [company employee or position]

This is the branded version of the “Day in the life of a __” video. You can use this type of daily life content to show off the jobs in action, the actual working environment in the office, and the people on your team. It’s helpful, informative content that shows the human side of your organization.

Trends and challenge videos

And when all else fails, you can always rely on the internet to tell you what to do.

All kinds of videos and challenges trend all the time, letting you know what exactly has the internet so enthralled at the moment. Check the top trending YouTube videos for some inspiration, or browse social media on the current trend or viral challenge and consider recreating those.

Always remember: safety over views! Be mindful of your personal safety and health while doing these challenges, especially those that can be dangerous or harmful to anyone around you while filming. Also, keep in mind that not all trends will be suitable for your audience or brand. Be careful to pick which ones will reflect well on your channel, considering that trends can very easily backfire on creators, particularly if you are representing an organization (and a corporate one at that!).

When it comes to actually producing high-quality video content, you can count on Canva's video editor to bring your ideas to life.

Use your existing YouTube video templates so you don’t have to start from scratch or check out free stock videos in the library. Simply drag and drop your clips onto the editor, tweak the premade content to personalize the videos, and save in HD, upload-ready format. Take advantage of professionally-made intros and outros to capture your viewers’ attention and interest, and get them excited for more releases from you.

Consistently produce top-notch videos even with no art background or expensive video editing software, thanks to Canva’s intuitive, online YouTube video editor and thousands of free and premium video templates.

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