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Showcase what’s unique about your gaming channel with a well-made video intro. Whether you’re here to make others laugh with your antics, give serious gaming tips, or both, it’s easy to introduce your channel and your style with a customized gaming video intro. You won’t be at a loss for ideas with free templates and an easy drag-and-drop video editor,(opens in a new tab or window) all in Canva’s free gaming intro maker.

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Connect with subscribers with a intro that is unique to you

With millions of gaming videos made every day, you’ve only got a few seconds to snag your audience’s attention. Hook them with a professional gaming intro that speaks to your channel’s unique style and personality.

The best part is, you won’t even need to be a master video editor to do it. With Canva’s free gaming intro maker, you can easily create your own with a few drags, drops, and clicks. From cool gaming intros to fun and colorful ones to dark and grungy, you can easily customize any of our free templates by dragging and dropping graphic elements, changing up the color scheme, switching fonts, and, of course, adding your channel name.

How to make a cool gaming intro

Create a gaming intro

First, open up Canva and search for “Gaming Intros” to find a library of professionally designed templates to draw inspiration and choose from.

Next, select the gaming intro template that best fits your channel’s theme or brand. All templates are fully customizable so just pick the one closest to what you want for your channel. Or, you can always start with a blank template and create an intro from scratch. It can be as simple or as complex as you like!

Customize it further by changing the background, design colors, and font styles and sizes. Explore elements from our massive media library filled with animated stickers, stock videos, audio, images, and more. You can also upload your videos, logos, and photos for a truly personalized intro.

Once you’re happy with your intro, save and download it as a high-resolution MP4 video. Video intros are ideally 16:9 in aspect ratio. But you won’t have to worry about that because Canva has already optimized all video designs for you.

Finally, make sure to create recall and recognition on your channel by adding your brand-new intro to all your gaming captures.
Create a gaming intro

Create better channel recall with the perfect gaming intro

Be consistent with your channel branding to set yourself apart from the rest. When you make your gaming intro, you have full control over the color and style that speak to your brand. Your intro is also the best way to create recognition for your gaming logo and your channel name(opens in a new tab or window). Showcase your logo through a slick reveal at the end using our animations, or put it front and center at the start.

Either way, what’s important is that you establish your unique style and brand so viewers can easily pick your channel out and keep it front of mind. It’s also a good idea to create a matching video outro just to lock in your branding completely.

Garner attention from your target subscribers

73% of gamers say that they enjoy watching other gamers play on YouTube. With more than 40 million active gaming channels on the platform, you should be able to engage and garner the right subscribers by showing off your unique gaming style. The right gaming intro will help hook viewers in and give them a sense of what’s to come.

If you’re here to give them a fun time, show off your wacky gaming personality with a fun intro video. If you’re more of a no-nonsense creator, then go with a darker or more serious look. Or find a happy medium between the two. It’s all up to you!

Also try our news intro maker if you're into reviewing or sharing all the exciting game updates to your followers!

Make a professional gaming intro for free, without watermarks

With Canva’s free gaming intro maker, not only is it easy to make cool gaming intros, it’s also free. When you download your gaming intro, we won’t add any pesky watermarks. You can also make as many gaming intros as you need; there’s no limit. You’ll only need to pay when you use additional features such as premium stock videos, audio, images, and graphic elements. Upload your own logos, photos, and footage for free. Growing your channel is easy, thanks to Canva.


A gaming intro is a quick video introduction for your channel or specific game footage you want to share with your subscribers. With a customized gaming intro, you give viewers a taste of what your content is about, reel audiences in, and help you build brand recall for your channel.

To make a good intro, you should keep your channel style and personality front and center. Use your logos and create a color scheme for your channel. Curate short footage or audio from your various streams and stitch them together. What’s most important is to remain consistent with your style and personality, show off your authenticity and connect with your viewers.

It’s best to keep your gaming intro short and sweet, no longer than 15 seconds. Your main goal for an effective gaming intro is to hook your audience and present your gaming style in the shortest time possible.
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