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Watermark videos to own your content

Make your content truly yours when you watermark videos online using Canva's free and easy-to-use video editor. From personal social media reels to branded ads, see to it you get credit for your creative work by placing logos, text, or video watermarks.

Make your mark

Take ownership of your content by watermarking videos with our free online video editor(opens in a new tab or window). Upload your footage, then place your name or logo anywhere you want in the canvas to ensure audiences know who’s behind your work. Whether you’re a seasoned videographer showcasing your work or a beginner creator with a growing following, protect your original content with unique identifiers created with Canva.

Brand your content

Add your logo when you watermark videos

Etch your brand into your ads and clips with video watermarking. Use your present logo or craft a new one on Canva by putting together fonts, colors, and imagery or sketching your ideas to life with our online Draw(opens in a new tab or window) tool. Create a beautiful, professional-looking icon or symbol in a few clicks, or talking head videos with our AI video generator(opens in a new tab or window), then easily put your watermark on your videos, reels, and films for free without altering the quality.

Share your work, worry-free

Share your watermarked videos

When it comes to design, Canva stands out with its ease of use for updating and sharing. Add a watermark to your video online for free, then apply it instantly across multiple designs—no special video watermarking software needed. Now, you can do a content refresh in a snap! With our intuitive and beginner-friendly editor, you design anything you want and polish it to perfection, all in one place.

How to add watermark in video

How to add watermark in video
Add watermark to video

Launch Canva on the app or a web browser. Start your design project by choosing a ready-made video template or opening a blank canvas.

Upload your videos and drag and drop them in your desired order in the timeline. Then, cut or trim each clip as needed. You can also record yourself and save it quickly while in the editor.

Drag your logo, text, or video watermark to your desired position in the frame. Once you’re happy with the placement, right-click and select Add to all pages to apply it across all clips.

Enhance your video by applying stylish filters and effects. Speed up or slow down key scenes. Then, use Beat Sync to automatically sync your audio and video for seamless storytelling.

Preview your work, then download your watermarked video as a high-quality MP4 file. You can also share it with your email list or publish it on socials straight from the Canva dashboard.
Add watermark to video

Frequently Asked Questions

Watermarking for video means adding a unique mark or identifier to your video content. This can be a logo, text, or graphic to attribute your work to you and prevent video theft. Watermarking video content can also be a way to increase brand visibility and recognition when it’s shared across different platforms. Watermarks can be placed anywhere on a video, such as in the corner, across the entire canvas, or as a transparent overlay.

Add a watermark to your YouTube videos, Instagram reels, and other video content for free using our online video editor. Our watermark adder feature makes stamping ownership to your footage and adding your branding quick and easy. Simply upload your videos, place your logo or watermark in your desired area, then share instantly without leaving the editor.

If you’re making original content and sharing it publicly, adding a watermark is wise. Firstly, this identifies you as the original creator, so the people who see your videos will know who made them and can reach out to you if they want to use your work or collaborate with you. Second, this makes it harder for people to steal your work online. A watermark is like a nametag that shows who rightfully owns the work.
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