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Get viewers invested in your story from the moment they press play. Create a 3D intro for your videos, and customize it to build the viewing experience you want for your audience. Make the best of Canva’s 3D intro maker and its tools, so your introductory clip serves the narrative you want to tell.

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Captivate your audience from the get-go

Many professions now use videos to sell and promote their products and services. It’s no longer just vloggers: content creators, lecturers, and other creatives also use videos to build their brand and following. Even students and job applicants use videos to get high marks for presentations and impress potential employers.

To convince viewers to watch your full video, grab their attention right from the first second. An intriguing 3D animation clip created with Canva’s intro maker can do this for you. Make a short and snappy intro that gives people an idea of what to expect. Design it to be professional, funny, or animated, depending on the mood you want to set. From logos to fonts, the impressive 3D visuals in our media library will get your audience immersed in your storytelling. Apply your creative ideas with our intuitive editing tools and watch them come to life.

How to make a 3D intro

Create a 3D intro

Create a 3D intro

Create a custom 3D intro as your signature visual

For a strong business presence, you need to balance innovation and consistency. You can be as creative as you want in your videos, as long as your audience can recognize your artistic stamp.

Using our free 3D intro maker, you can craft a cool and realistic-looking video clip that showcases your logo or vlog title with eye-catching 3D effects. Apply your signature colors to further mark the production as your own. Or make use of thousands of 3D graphics in our massive media library to build on your template and create a distinct intro. To make the video more dynamic, add music from your collection or Canva’s audio selection.

Once you finalize your 3D intro clip, download and add it to the start of all your video projects. Want to reuse your intro clip for other video platforms? Use our premium, one-click video resize tool to make your clip fit the required dimensions.

Tell your story in just a few seconds

With everyone getting into vlogging and content creation, catching people’s attention has become a challenge. Creating a 3D intro for your online videos will set you apart from others.

You already know the importance of hooking viewers the moment they press play. Build on that impression with an engaging 3D intro that’ll compel them to check out the rest of your channel. Canva’s 3D intro maker even lets you create a short highlight reel from your other videos. Just upload and place them in your chosen template. Then, use different animation styles as transitions so the clips appear smoothly within your intro video. Keep it fun yet concise while showing off your website or channel’s overall vibe.

Intro videos are not just for social media stars; professionals can join in the fun, too. Liven up that demo or training video with an exhilarating 3D intro. Whether it’s for formal work comms or a casual tutorial, a 3D intro clip is the best way to get the ball rolling.

Start strong, finish strong

First impressions are crucial, but so are last impressions. Since you’ve already created an impactful 3D intro using our online video maker, why not finish strong with a free 3D outro?

Our 3D intro maker also functions as an outro maker. Just make a copy of your finished 3D intro clip and redesign it into a 3D outro. Keep the look cohesive by following the color palette of your intro. Since it wraps up your video, you can trim the length and reduce visual elements to make it less cluttered. In their place, add a big “Thank you” and inform viewers about your other social media platforms.

With our fully customizable 3D intro templates, you can start—and end—each video with a bang.


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