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How to make a Holi invitation card- Canva

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Holi is the festival of colors, love, triumph, and togetherness. Everyone irrespective of their religious faith celebrates it with great enthusiasm. If you are planning to host a Holi party at your home, office or community center, then send out invites as bright as the festive mood with Canva.

Canva’s team of professional artists understands that festival as playful and vibrant as Holi needs a complimenting invite. That is why they have created a massive collection of customizable Holi invites. You can pick one that matches your celebration theme, edit them using Canva’s design tools, and send them out.

How to make a Holi invitation card

How to make a Holi invitation card- Canva
Start Designing a Holi Invitation

Open Canva and type "Holi Invitation Card" in the search bar to make your own invitation. Launch a blank page to start from scratch or browse templates for inspiration.

Explore Canva’s library of professionally designed Holi invitation card templates. Filter your search by layout, color or style. Click the template you like to add it to your page and make it yours.

Drag and drop ingredients from Canva’s library of free, professional-quality photos, images, icons and other graphics. Use the photo effects and animate features to bring your images and text to life.

Make your invitation card as unique as the person you’re giving it to. Upload your own images, photos and artwork. Experiment with color schemes, backgrounds and font styles. Rearrange, rotate and resize ingredients.

Use the collaborate tool to put finishing touches on your design with friends and family. Share your card online or download it as a print-ready PDF. Print at home or through Canva Print.

Start Designing a Holi Invitation

Create an attractive invite by adding images of fun activities

Holi celebration is synonymous with lots of colors, balloons, mouth-watering sweets and loud music. Get your guests excited about your upcoming Holi celebration by adding images of all the fun elements they’ll get to enjoy. Either add pictures of previous year celebration or new ones clicked exclusively for the event. Canva’s ‘Upload your own image’ feature enables you to use personal images on the invite. If you don’t have event-specific pictures, you can use Canva’s media library which has over a million images, graphics, and illustrations. Most of them are free, while only a few require a small cost for each one-time use.

Edit your invitation anytime and anywhere

Whether you are hosting a house party or a big Holi event, your invitation should be error-free. So, if there’s a last minute change in the venue, timing or you notice a typo in the invite, everything can be corrected quickly and easily. Your design automatically gets saved in your Canva account homepage. Just select the design, make necessary edits and share or download the final invitation.

Busy in party preparation with no time to edit your poster? Don’t worry Canva is here at your rescue. You can share your design access with friends or colleagues, thus enabling them to make changes on your behalf. All you have to do is enter the email address of the concerned person under the share tab, while checking the ‘Can edit’ box.

Quick and hassle-free delivery of your invite

Thext important step after designing a Holi invite is to send it to everyone on your guest list. Canva eases your task, by allowing you to send invitations directly to guests. You can send your invites via multiple options like email, Facebook and, X (Twitter) directly from Canva. The share tab on editor’s toolbar will assist you in sending out your invites.

You can also get your invites printed and hand them personally to invitees. Just select Canva’s recommended Print-PDF format from download drop-down list, and you’ll have a high-resolution invite saved on your system. If you want to send invites over messaging apps like Whatsapp and Viber, download the invite in JPG format and forward it easily as an image.


Write from the heart when you’re filling out your Holi invitation. Choose a message that makes your guest feel special, like “We welcome you to our joyous Holi event,” “Please grace our Holi celebration with your presence” or “We invite you to our home to celebrate the Holi season.”

Inviting employees to your Holi Festival can be a great way to build company morale. Send a warm invitation that welcomes each employee to your celebration. Begin with “Dear [Employee Name],” continues with the event details and ends with your signature.

A standard invitation card size for Holi Festival is 5” x 7,” but you can also customize your card to be 3.5” x 5,” 4.5” x 6.25” or 5.25” x 5.25.” You can choose different shapes for your invitation—with square, rounded, scalloped or bracketed edges—and adjust the size accordingly.

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