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Gear up for the bonfire! Spread the festive joy with personalized Lohri cards designed on Canva.

Lohri Greeting Cards

Design creative Lohri greetings for loved ones

Lohri is a bright and joyous festival celebrated with great enthusiasm both in the cities and villages of India. Sweet winter treats, bonfire, traditional songs, and dance are the core part of the Lohri celebration. This time around, greet everyone with personalized Lohri cards, perfectly reflecting your love and well-wishes. With Canva you can design beautiful festive greetings in minutes, for free!

On Canva, you can find ready-to use Lohri greeting cards for your loved ones. It doesn’t matter whether you want a card for a newlywed bride, a colleague, or a mother of a newborn, our team of professional artists has created numerous of Lohri cards, suitable for everyone. You can use these cards as they are or add design inputs with our easy-to-use tools. No prior design knowledge is needed as everything is simple and sorted on Canva.

How to make a Lohri card

Lohri Greeting Cards
Start Designing a Lohri Greeting Card

Launch Canva and type "Lohri Card" in the search bar to start your own design.

Discover beautiful, ready-made Lohri card templates designed by professionals. You’ll find bright and colorful styles or elegant and classic layouts. Click on your favorite template to add it to your page.

Make good use of Canva’s library of free, professionally designed photos, images, illustrations, stickers, shapes and other graphics. Bring your card to life with the photo effects and animate tools.

Want to add a personal twist? Upload your own artwork, images or photos. Mix and match elements from different templates. Add audio if you’re sharing your invitations online.

Save your invitation cards as JPGs or PNGs and share online. Download as print-ready PDFs and make prints at home or order special copies from Canva Print.

Start Designing a Lohri Greeting Card

Create a custom-made Lohri card by adding personal images

How about a Lohri greeting card with a lovely family portrait? With Canva, you can upload pictures in different formats like JPEG, PNG, and SVG from your computer and add them to your card. The drag and drop interface along with Canva’s image editing tools will help you blend the image perfectly. Also, pictures once uploaded get saved on your Canva account and you can use them in your future designs.

Add Lohri visuals like bonfire, harvest, and traditional dance to your card with Canva’s impressive media library. With over a million images, illustrations, and vectors you can easily find amazing visual elements for your Lohri card. Many of the photographs are free, and only a few exclusive ones requiring a small cost for each one-time use.

Add a heartfelt greeting to your card

Professionally created card layouts on Canva feature warm messages, thus saving you both time and effort to think of something fresh. However, you can easily edit or change the greetings card layouts since they are fully editable. Just select the text box and make appropriate changes to it.

Make your heartfelt words standout on the card by using Canva’s text tool that consists of pre-designed font combinations and typography. Further, you have the option choose from Canva’s collection of 130 fresh fonts, all available for free!

Share the Lohri wishes in the medium you prefer

Make sure that your Lohri greetings gets delivered before the bonfire dies. With Canva’s share tool you can send festive greetings quickly and easily to anyone. All you have to do is click on the share tool and select any one of the many options including – Email, Facebook, X (Twitter), or LinkedIn. You can also download your card and share it on messaging apps like Whatsapp and Viber.

Get your card printed and hand it over personally to your loved ones. Just select the recommended PDF-Print format from the download drop-down list and get a high-resolution copy each time you get a print.


There are as many ways to say Happy Lohri as there are friends and family to say it to. Try “May you be blessed with unmatched joy and happiness,” “A very happy Lohri to you and your family” or “Sending wellness, love and prosperity to you and yours.”

When filling out a Lohri card message, make it personal by writing “Dear [Friend, Family Member or Colleague], adding a warm wish to say “Wishing you and yours a Happy Lohri” or “May you have a blessed Lohri” and signing your name or your family’s name at the bottom.

Choose a classic font style for your Lohri greeting card like Baskerville, Futura or Garamond; something elegant like Windsong, Baroque or Chopin Script; or something friendly and approachable like Tin Doghouse, Champagne or Garrison.

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