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Create a greeting card that your friends and family will cherish! Choose from our library of stunning layouts to create an original and thoughtful card with ease.

How to make a greeting card - Canva

Create a greeting card your friends and family will cherish

There’s nothing better than receiving a heartfelt greeting card from a friend or loved one. Forget generic cards that will be easily discarded, allow Canva to unleash your creative potential and create a greeting card that will be cherished.

Our online design tool allows you to create and translate(opens in a new tab or window) personalized greetings cards or holiday videos(opens in a new tab or window) for every occasion. Choose from our library of hundreds of beautifully designed layouts and customize them to your liking. Whether it's for birthdays, weddings, or expressions of gratitude like thank you cards(opens in a new tab or window), Canva has you covered with endless possibilities.

How to make a greeting card

How to make a greeting card - Canva
Create a New Greeting Card

Open Canva and search for "Greeting Card" to start designing your own greeting card.

Canva’s library of greeting card templates will get your creative juices flowing. Uncover great card template finds by adding keywords that fit your theme, color, style and occasion.

Make elements move with the handly animation tool. Glam up layouts with the drag-and-drop tool. Browse millions of stock photos, images, illustrations, stickers and other graphics in Canva’s library.

Create compelling card designs by adding your own photos, images and artwork. Choose your own color scheme, background and font combination that perfectly translate your card’s theme or purpose.

As soon as your design is finished, you can download and save it, share it online or print it out. Post it on social media in a single click. Or, make high resolution prints with Canva Print.

Create a New Greeting Card

Choose from our library of high quality images or use your own

Canva gives you access to a premium libary of photographs, images and illustrations you can use to design the perfect greeting card. You’ll only have to pay a small cost for a premium image.

There are also lots of free images for you to choose from, as well as the option to upload your own. Use as many of your own images as you like to add a personal touch.

Print your greeting card or share it online

If you’re after a traditional greeting card to print or send in the mail, Canva is the perfect option! Send your newly-created card designs straight to Canva Print(opens in a new tab or window) and receive beautifully-printed copies of your card right at your doorstep.

You can also show your friends and family that you care with a beautiful online design. Simply click the Share button and choose whether to send your greeting card via email or post it directly to your social media account.


Ideal fonts for greeting cards are warm and friendly, while being clear and simple enough to be easily read. Commonly used types are Advent, Myra, Cylburn, Windsong, Fox & Cat, Brusher, Chunkfive, Bounce Script, Lavender Script, Duffy Script, Liam and Coquette.

The purpose of a greeting card is simply to say hey and let someone know you’re thinking of them. You’ll want to include a few lines or a block of text to get your message across, and then add images, illustrations, photos or other graphics to add a little cheer.

In your greeting card, use conversational language, avoid clichés, and keep it brief and to the point. Make it heartfelt or use humor to bring a smile to the recipient’s face. Use a famous quote or poem to capture what you want to say or start from scratch using Canva's Poem Generator.

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