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Blue Chevron Pattern High School Yearbook Theme

Design brilliant yearbooks with Canva’s yearbook maker

100% fully customizable

Beautifully designed templates

Millions of photos, icons and illustrations

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Use Canva’s drag and drop editor and free templates to capture memories in an amazing yearbook.

How to make a yearbook - Canva

Chronicle an entire Academic Year using Canva’s easy Yearbook Maker

No other book can create nostalgia and capture fond memories from your time in school the way a yearbook can. Frozen within its pages are the events, faces and words of an entire year, an entire story told in pictures and words that can be revisited years down the road.

Using Canva’s free templates and easy design tools, creating your yearbook is a simple matter of dragging and dropping your own photos, moving around design elements and customizing each page to perfection. Give Canva the heavy-lifting when it comes to designing your yearbook so you can get back out there and create more memories to add to its pages!

How to make a yearbook

How to make a yearbook - Canva
Open a new Yearbook Design

Open a new Yearbook Design

Upload your own images and enhance them with Canva’s easy image editor

Pictures are the most important part of any yearbook. Upload your own featured images by dragging and dropping them into your “Uploads” folder in Canva. Once uploaded, your images will be saved in that folder, ready to be used again. Use the Grids and Frames tool and experiment with composition through cropping and resizing. Each image can also be enhanced by applying one of Canva’s pre-set filters like Epic, Retro or Cali. Apply one filter across all your images to create consistency in your design.

Or go ahead and edit your image down to its details by using various sliders to control brightness, contrast, tint and more. You can also add effects like X-Process, Blur and Vignette.

Create awesome typography with Canva’s text tools

Make your senior quotes or photo captions extra-special through beautiful typography. Canva’s text pane includes a variety of features and tools you can use on your design. To get started just click on “Add text” and edit the text box by choosing from over a hundred free, fresh fonts and the full spectrum of hues in the color wheel tool. You can choose from our library of stylish text holders — little drag and drop morsels ready-made typography. From there, it’s a simple matter of changing the text to reflect your quote or caption.

Use teamwork to build your Yearbook

A yearbook is the ultimate practice in teamwork. It takes an entire class to create the memories within it and it’ll take an entire team to finish it. To share an editable design, just click the Share button and choose the “Can edit” option to allow others to make changes to your design or convert from PDF to PNG. Since Canva works on the Cloud, your teammates can access your design anytime, from any laptop, desktop or even on their iPhone, iPad and Android devices.


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