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Make your bottled brews stand out with an amazing label from Canva

Craft breweries have independently stood out among other alcohol products simply because they aren’t held back by traditional styles of design. Today, labels for craft beer take many forms, from having bold hand-drawn elements to having quirky illustrative elements that convey the beer company’s style.

With Canva’s collection of customizable label templates, you’ll be able to instantly whip out awesome-looking labels just in time to market your batch of craft beers.

How to make a beer label

  1. Launch Canva

    In a few clicks, sign up for Canva or log in if you already have an account. Search for the “Beer label” design type and start designing, easy as that.

  2. Select a template

    Browse an impressive range of templates for every style of beer you can imagine, from pale ales to IPAs to ambers to sours. Choose a bright layout that pops off the page or a classic theme. Click on the template to start designing.

  3. Explore features

    Canva’s library boasts millions of stock photos, images, illustrations and icons. Use the drag-and-drop tool to add ingredients to your design and move them around on the page. Use the curved text feature to make your label stand out even more.

  4. Customize your label

    Fill in your details, from the name and description of your beer to the ALC and brewing location. Upload your own images, artwork, logos and other branding elements. Mix and match backgrounds, font styles and color schemes from different templates.

  5. Download and print

    Happy with your design? Download as a PDF and make high-quality prints. Print high-quality copies of your design through Canva Print.

Open a New Beer Label Design

Take advantage of Canva’s textholders tool

Whether you’re running a homegrown beer brewing business or have just taken an interest in craft beer as a hobby, you’re most likely to appreciate the effort that goes into creating it, including the labels that wrap around your bottled brews. You can even upload your graphic elements to help you express your beer’s personality.

After choosing a label template, experiment with several typographical styles by taking advantage of text holders. These pre-designed text boxes with ready font pairings which you can always modify to your liking.

Express your craft beer’s personality by customizing fonts, colors and images

Witty use of images, colors and fonts will help your beer label prominently stand out and set itself apart from commercially produced brews. With over a million images, illustrations and icons in Canva, you’ll never run out of photo options to use for your customized label. What’s most amazing is that while Canva’s library hosts plenty of free elements but you’ll also never have to pay more than $1 for each one-time use of a premium element.

Brand your brew with your own name and design

Get your beer crafting name out in the world by including your brand assets on your label. Upload your own logo or illustration into Canva for free and use the color wheel tool to reflect your brand colors.

Take your branding several notches up with Canva Pro’s Brand Kit feature. This dashboard lets you conveniently apply your own fonts, logos, and brand colors whenever you create your label, a useful feature for when you want to convey your beer’s signature flavor through your label. If you’re designing several labels, consider using Team Templates. This feature lets you create standardized templates for recurring designs.


Beer label sizes are typically 2.75 x 4.25, 3.25 x 4 or 5 x 2 inches. The label size will depend on the size of your bottle. Smaller labels will work for 12 ounce bottles or cans, but you’ll need a much bigger label for a growler.

Your beer label should include:

  • the name and logo of the brewery
  • the name of the beer class and type
  • the alcohol content level
  • net contents (e.g. “12 oz”)
  • a featured image for the beer
  • a special typography that’s both on-brand and unique to that particular type of beer.

First, decide if you want to outsource your printing or do it in-house. To do it yourself, all you need is your label design and an inkjet or laser digital printer. This is practical for smaller orders. Load specialty paper for a full-service look and hit print.

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