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Help your followers and fans recognize you with an amazing SoundCloud banner designed with Canva.

How to make a Soundcloud banner - Canva

Add visuals to your music with a new SoundCloud banner from Canva

Back in the old days, we’d walk into a record store on an adventure of musical discovery. We’d thumb through hundreds of albums and take a listen to any that piqued our interest. A big part of what drove our choices was not only a chosen genre, but also album art and how it made us feel. Today on platforms like SoundCloud, the same visual fundamentals are just as important. Forget about complicated design programs, all of our templates are set with the right dimensions, making designing your SoundCloud banner an absolute breeze.

How to make a Soundcloud banner

How to make a Soundcloud banner - Canva
Open a new SoundCloud Banner Design

Open a new SoundCloud Banner Design

Professional design that won’t break the bank

Whether you’re a listener, a well-known musician, garage band or bedroom producer, paying to hire a graphic designer can be really expensive. Canva’s mission is to empower the world to design, without being constrained by budget, design skills or time. Signing up with Canva is free and gives you access to hundreds of free templates and layouts created by our amazing team of professional designers. Canva also hosts an amazing media library filled with over a million high quality stock images, illustrations and icons. There are plenty of free images you can use and you’ll only have to pay a small cost for each one-time use of premium elements.

Share and collaborate on your design

Allow bandmates, co-producers, friends and family to have their say. Canva is a highly interactive design platform that makes it easy for you to share your creations with others so they can give their input or even integrate their own ideas into the design itself. All it takes is a tap of the ‘share’ button to send an editable link to whomever you like. If your friend was a dedicated photographer at your last gig, share your design with them so they can upload images that you don’t have. Not only that, they’ll also gain access to all the tools Canva has on offer – meaning they can tweak elements to their fancy, making it a truly collaborative experience.

Show off your new SoundCloud banner

Whether you use our online portal or our free iOS or Android apps, getting your banner upload ready is amazingly easy. Once you’re happy with your design, all you need to do is export it in JPEG or PNG file format, making it perfect for viewing online. Spread the word about your music by sharing it on your social media accounts. You can even send it via email. And voila! Amp up your presence and help your music shine.


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@canva is simply outstanding as a tool to create designs. Using Canva is such a seamless experience that once you sit down to design, you don't feel like getting up. It's addictive and useful. Keep going Canva.


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