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From yard signs to banners, Canva got you covered for any custom signage needs. Our free online sign maker lets you design the best custom signs and order high-quality prints, all in one place. Promoting products or services, giving instructions, or celebrating events is easier with Canva.

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Custom signs for all your business or home needs

With our free online sign creator, making custom signages that suit your business marketing campaign or flash your catchy brand name in your storefront is conveniently easy. Use Canva’s drag-and-drop editor to marry text, images, shapes, icons, logos, and colors into one head-turning signage design.

Start your sign-making process with free and 100% customizable templates. You can also transform a blank template from scratch so you can easily add your official brand logos, fonts, and colors. Jumpstart on your design in any custom sign measurement or format you need for your business or home. Save your designs in PDF(opens in a new tab or window), JPEG(opens in a new tab or window), or PNG(opens in a new tab or window) formats for home printing or order directly through Canva Print and get your custom signs in place with free standard shipping.

How to make a sign

Make a sign

Open Canva and search “Signs” to start your project. Determine the sign size and type you wish to create. The farther you want your sign to be seen, the bigger your sign’s dimensions should be.

Begin with a free and 100% customizable sign template. Pick from professionally designed layouts that you can narrow down by color, theme, or style in the search filters. Alternatively, you can start with a blank template.

Personalize your sign design with your own text, logos, colors, fonts, illustrations, images, and other graphic elements. Use our font combinations tool and color palette generator to ensure your sign stands out.

Approve your design after checking for typos, margins, and alignment. Or, send a view-only or edit access to your client or team for their input.

Click Print on the upper right corner of the editor dashboard. Order high-quality prints by choosing the sign type, quantity, and material. Free standard shipping is available for all print orders.
Make a sign

Increase brand awareness

Get your brand noticed and reach your potential customers with stunning signage designs made on Canva. Our intuitive sign maker includes access to millions of graphic elements you can drag, drop, and customize. Find icons, shapes, illustrations, images, and fonts to get your message across.

Upload your existing logo or emblem to strengthen brand recognition on promotional, workshop, and job ads. Or, come up with a brand-new logo on Canva and create a unique business sign—useful for shop launches, events, or window displays.

Prep for indoor and outdoor events

Sign-making for both indoor and outdoor events is a breeze on Canva’s free custom sign maker. Attending a trade show or convention? Decorate your booth or kiosk with vinyl banners or sign posters. Select any of our ready-made sign templates and personalize them with your business logo, colors, and fonts.

For fairs, carnivals, or pop-up street markets, you might want to pop out and attract everyone. Go big or go home! Make your custom signage more outdoor-worthy by choosing bright, head-turning colors and complementing your design with large font sizes and readable font styles. You can do all that on Canva with our vast library of free fonts and font combinations or browse our print product templates(opens in a new tab or window) for business merchandise and choose the best one for your specific needs.

Make wayfinding signs with ease

When creating directional signage for your home or workplace, it’s important to make them easy to read and attention-grabbing. Personalize one today using our free online sign maker. With this free tool, you can design and print signages in your custom sign format. You can also create simple exit signs and restroom signs to decorative wedding venue directional signs and no smoking signs. Save your design in your preferred dimensions and export then in high-quality PDF, JPEG, or PNG formats. Send them to your trusted printer or simply order them in Canva Print with free standard shipping.


Scout a location for your sign and take it from there. Usually, the best size for yard signs or banners is at least three inches tall (216 pt. font size), ensuring optimal readability and visibility for up to 100 meters. Increase your sign’s font size if you want it seen from farther distances.

Signs are very integral to businesses and homes. Not only do they provide a proper label to items or areas, but they help people find you and their way around. Using a business sign maker helps one personalize the signages that appear on your store front or big event. When your customer journey is great, it can ultimately lead to better sales.

To create a business or store sign, start with our intuitive and easy-to-use sign maker and follow these tips:
  • Determine what you want the sign to showcase and choose the signage type accordingly. Need a sign to post on your store windows? You may want a poster sign. Need outdoor signage for a conference booth? A retractable banner would work well.
  • Make sure that your business name or the main message of your sign is front and center. Use different font sizes to emphasize or de-emphasize a phrase or line.
  • Use large, bold fonts, at least 72 pt in font size to ensure readability and visibility from greater distances.
  • Add attractive and high-quality visuals. Use your official business logo, trademark, or wordmark. Insert high-resolution images, illustrations, or shapes as needed.
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