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In a world that’s always on the move, you can’t afford to keep your brand still. Design your own logo animation to draw more eyes and attention to one of your most important brand assets. Make your logo spin, pop, bounce, or unveil itself in a myriad of ways using Canva’s easy animated logo maker.

Create Animated Logos

Bring your brand story to life

It’s well-known that our eyes are drawn to visuals and even more so to those in motion. Add another layer to your brand storytelling by creating an animated version of your brand logo(opens in a new tab or window). You can better convey what your brand stands for through a moving logo and bring excitement to an otherwise static medium. Use an exciting motion path(opens in a new tab or window) to represent a brand that’s on the move. Or use a sleek photo animation(opens in a new tab or window) to convey a more modern and corporate feel. Even soft, subtle movements can speak volumes about your brand.

With Canva, creating a logo animation is easy, thanks to an amazingly simple editor. Not only is it effortless to use, even for design newbies, it’s also fun! Just drag, drop, and click your way around our design tool. And, with a library filled with free templates you can draw inspiration from, you won’t need to start from a daunting blank page. Simply pick a template and customize it to perfection by switching up colors, fonts, and millions of graphic and visual elements at your fingertips.

How to animate a logo

Create an animated logo

First, open Canva and go to “Animated Logos” for a library of professionally designed templates to draw inspiration from and customize.

Second, choose from any professionally designed animated logo templates that are closest to the look and feel you’re going for. All of these templates are fully customizable. You can also start with a blank design from scratch. It can be as simple or as complex as you like!

Customize your logo animation by changing the video background, design colors, font styles, font size, and text. Choose what kind of effect you want. You can animate elements and text separately or set the entire design as a whole into motion.

Once you’re happy with your logo animation, save and download it as a high-resolution MP4 video or GIF file. With video files, you can include audio, while a GIF file will give you a shorter, more compressed clip with no sound.

Finally, make sure to create recall and recognition for your brand by using your new animated logo in various visual media such as your website, your social media accounts, and your different advertising and promo videos.
Create an animated logo

Everything you need to animate your logo, for free

With Canva, you won’t need to look through ten different websites and motion design tools just to find all the ingredients you need to create your animated logo. Everything you’ll need from color palettes, free fonts, animated icons and elements, video backgrounds, audio, and images are all at your fingertips. Simply search through our library filled with millions of free design ingredients. Choose from various animation styles to add life to your logo. Go for exciting ones like “Pop,” “Tumble,” or “Stomp,” or go for a subtler style with “Drift,” “Fade,” or “Breathe.”

The best part is, whether you’re an established enterprise or a start-up business, Canva is a free design tool. You’ll only need to pay if you wish to use premium elements or features like Magic Switch, Team Templates, Background Remover, and more.

Get inspired with designer-created animated logo templates

Starting or thinking up a design concept can be the hardest part of the creative process. But, when you’ve got templates to choose from and gain inspiration from, you’ll find that it’s not such a daunting task after all. Our team of professional designers has put together a collection of animated logos in various styles and themes. Simply pick a template closest to your vision, then customize it as much or as little as you need to.

Take full control of your branding and visuals

Get your animated logo looking exactly right for your business and brand. With Canva, you control everything about your visual identity. When you make your logo with Canva, animated or not, you have complete control over the color and style to represent your brand. Upload your original logo and simply add in the animation, or include your tagline at the bottom and animate that as well. Everything is up to you. Not a professional motion graphic designer? That’s no problem! Canva makes design simple for everyone with its intuitive editor. Just drag, drop, and click your way to a professional-looking logo animation.


Creating a logo animation might seem daunting, but it can be easy with the right tool. Start with a template or from scratch. Align colors, visual elements, background, and fonts to your branding guidelines. Then, simply animate the various graphics in your layout, separately or as a whole design. Afterward, save your design either as an MP4 video or GIF file.

Depending on the intricacies of your requirements, animated logos can cost hundreds of dollars, not including the valuable resource of your time spent going back and forth with an agency or designer. But, by using our tool, you can design your animated logo for free and control every detail that goes into it.

Even static or flat logo images can be lively with perfect visual elements, colors, and fonts. But, with an animated logo, you can take it to the next level by adding motion to your design. Click on the “Animate” button in our editor to apply effects like “Rise,” “Pan,” “Pop,” and more. You can also animate text separately, such as “Typewriter,” “Burst,” “Roll,” and “Shift,” to name a few. Logo animations can breathe new life and add eye-catching magic to your branding.
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