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Build a memorable brand identity with a logo you can use anytime, in any way you want. When you create a PNG logo online on Canva, you can explore your creativity with a full suite of features, including background transparency and image enhancers. With an easily editable and versatile logo, you can make your mark across various digital, print, and web materials.

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Logos are the visual trademark for your brand. As you develop your professional identity and grow your consumer base, your logo becomes your partner in recall. Use it wherever you can—on your website, social media graphics, letterheads, business cards, and merchandise, you can even use it as your Instagram logo.(opens in a new tab or window)

Canva’s free PNG logo creator offers a downloadable image file to help you do all these and more. Take advantage of our powerful editing tools to design a distinct logo you can use in all your brand collaterals. A logo in PNG format supports a transparent background, so you can easily use it as a watermark without clashing against the contrasting colors of your media and products. Preserve the high quality of your PNG image, no matter where you use it.

How to create a PNG logo

Make a PNG logo

Open Canva on your browser or app to access our logo PNG maker. Enter “logo” in the search bar to begin your design project.

Browse our gallery and choose a logo PNG template you want to customize. Filter your search by style, theme, or color. You can also start with a blank layout.

Tweak your chosen template any way you want. Play with different color schemes, add text in fancy lettering, or explore our extensive media library for illustrations, icons, and high-quality graphics you can add to your design.

Click Edit Image to enhance your logo design. You can apply fun filters and effects, add stylish frames and borders, or unlock the Pro Background Remover feature to make your image transparent—perfect for PNG logos!

Once you’re satisfied with your logo, click Share, then Download. Select PNG as the image file format, save it to your device and use it to build your brand assets.
Make a PNG logo

Enhanced details for a unique mark

Whether starting your own clothing line, launching a food business, or rebranding your beauty company, craft a stunning logo with Canva's logo PNG creator. Start with a professionally-made template, then customize it to your heart’s content. Each design element in our media library has been created with expert artistry.

Canva’s free PNG logo generator lets you save your image in high-quality PNG format. Drop shadows and transparent color overlays will still look good even after downloading, so you won’t lose out on all the finer details of your design! Whether scaling up your logo for large prints or using it as an icon on your social media pages, you’ll get rich colors and a smooth resolution every time. Bring the timeless appeal of old-school imagery to your pictures with a cool vintage camera effect(opens in a new tab or window).

Take your logo out of the box

Give a new shape to your logo and go beyond the usual circle or square. Add deliberate curves and spirals to showcase your brand personality. Or apply vertical or horizontal lines to boost aesthetic appeal. With Canva Pro’s one-click Background Remover(opens in a new tab or window) feature, you can make instant edits and create a transparent logo that seamlessly blends in anywhere you use it.

Go for the timeless and versatile wordmark logo, or make clever use of typography with a striking monogram. Make multiple versions in transparent, dark, and light backgrounds, and let your PNG logos merge nicely across various backdrops of your branded content. Your versatile set of logo variations can be used for future projects, such as a merch expansion or a website makeover.

A quick start to a lasting identity

You don't need professional design skills or expensive software. Let Canva be your one-stop custom PNG maker! From editable templates and beginner-friendly tools to high-quality image downloads, you can design anything you need, all in one place.

Upload your PNG logo design onto your library and use it for future projects. Build a strong recall value for your brand when you add your logo to your digital, print, and web materials. Design labels, merchandise, and social media cards, using Canva's ready-made templates. Then, add your DIY logo for the perfect, professional finish.


Choose a free template in our PNG logo maker on desktop or mobile. Customize it by tinkering with filters, enhancers, and graphics from our rich elements library. Access the same tools and features and seamlessly edit from one device to another. When you’re done polishing your design, choose PNG as your preferred image format before saving it to your gallery.

Adjust the transparency of your logo by clicking on it and selecting Edit image on the dashboard. Select BG Remover to remove the background in one easy click. Fine-tune the results using the Erase and Restore brushes available on your desktop browser or app. Simply drag the brush over the areas of your logo you want to remove or restore. Download your transparent PNG logo and add it to other projects like business cards, ads, social posts, and more.

Most designers prefer the PNG file format because of its lossless compression. Your logo retains its sharpness and fine quality no matter how many times it’s saved. Additionally, it’s a versatile format used in print and web materials.

Our design platform automatically creates a 500x500px square canvas for your logo project. The high-resolution format will allow you to play with the various details of your PNG logo while maintaining quality.
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@canva is simply outstanding as a tool to create designs. Using Canva is such a seamless experience that once you sit down to design, you don't feel like getting up. It's addictive and useful. Keep going Canva.


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