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Bi-Color Word Search Writing/Words Foundational Worksheet

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Add a dash of excitement to your lesson plans. Make a word search that turns a class exercise or homework into an exciting but fulfilling activity. Design fun and free word search puzzles with Canva’s word search maker.

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Add a fun twist to learning

No matter how interesting the subject, classroom sessions can get dull. An exciting game will do just the trick, and it’s even better if the teacher connects seamlessly to the lesson.

Get students prepped and ready for the day’s lecture with a puzzle made with our word search generator. Let Canva help you create a word search puzzle fit for any topic or lesson. Make it easy by going with a 9x9 grid, or make it challenging with a 15x15 word hunt. Change the puzzle font, depending on your students’ learning level. Modify the color palette and add small graphics, so your word search follows the theme of the day. With user-friendly design tools, you can create gamified worksheets for your classes every day.

How to make a word search

Make a word search

Open Canva on your desktop or mobile device and search for word search templates to start creating your puzzle.

Check out Canva’s variety of word hunt layouts. Narrow down the templates by theme, style, and color to find one that fits the day’s lesson.

Change specific letters in the template to spell out the answers to your puzzle. Place the answers vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Then, you can switch out the filler letters with random letters. At the bottom of the grid, list the words your learners should look for. If you need more space for the text, select the entire grid and the letters and adjust their size.

Adjust the difficulty level by changing the font style, size, and color. Add a witty title, too. To make it extra fun, check our media library for small icons and illustrations you can add to the layout. Upload your school or club logo, plus other branding assets and place them on your puzzle worksheet.

Finalize your word hunt design and download it in JPG, PNG, or PDF for quick printing. You can also order a stack of printed worksheets from Canva Print.
Make a word search

Make your word search puzzle as complex or easy as you want

As a learning tool, a word search helps improve vocabulary, spelling, and pattern recognition skills. As a game, it’s a really fun way to pass the time. Combining these work-and-play functions can be a challenge. In addition, you need to consider the age and learning abilities of your students.

Good thing Canva makes the job easier with its word search templates. If you’re a busy teacher, you don’t have to start from scratch. Go simple with a 9x9 grid or create a more difficult puzzle with a 15x15 template. Tweak to simplify it or make it more complex. Customize the puzzle’s font style, size, and color, too.

Plus, you can design a puzzle according to the lesson or occasion. Creating a word search for Christmas? Add a Santa icon and snowflakes. Making a puzzle for a science class? Throw in some farm animals or an astronaut. Put a soccer ball for sports-themed word hunts, a violin for music class, or fruits for nutrition day. Whatever’s the lesson of the week, you can customize your word search puzzle to a T.

Generate a word search through collaboration

Coming up with ice-breaker activities can feel like a task. So make things easier by collaborating with your fellow educators. Brainstorm(opens in a new tab or window) word search themes that can be used by different classes. Create customized word search templates together—one that can be easily modified in the future.

Collaborating is easy when you use Canva’s online word search maker. Share the link to your design, so colleagues can check for errors, give feedback, and even make direct edits to the puzzle. For a more exciting classroom activity, you can divide your students into groups, which can be both word search creators and solvers. Those who come up with the best word hunt will win a prize. There will surely be no dull moments in class.

Make tests and evaluations less stressful

Not all learners are great at taking quizzes(opens in a new tab or window); some might find it hard to think clearly under pressure.

Apart from exams, puzzles can help you gauge students’ progress. For example, an occasional word search game can be an informal test of their vocabulary and spelling prowess. Introduce it as a fun and low-stakes quiz to encourage them to do their best.

Make a word search that fits your subject and your students’ learning level. Apply an appealing color palette(opens in a new tab or window) and add amusing elements like vectors and stickers to brighten the layout. Give your word search a title, too.

Introduce your word search puzzles as an enjoyable form of downtime during class, so learners feel free to apply themselves to the worksheet as best as they can.


When you download our free mobile app, you can access our free word search puzzle maker, along with lots of other helpful tools. Just search for word search templates, customize the letters on the grid, jazz it up with graphic design elements, and then share or download the puzzle. With our app, the puzzle-making process is just as fun as puzzle-solving.

Word search puzzles are an inexpensive way to keep the brain active; think of it as exercise for the brain. It also helps improve your pattern recognition skills as you look at each letter on the grid. The more puzzles you complete, the more you expand your vocabulary and spelling skills. At the same time, word searches are a great way to relax and unwind.

Being methodical is key. Scan each row or column of letters from left to right or top to bottom. Some word searches also place words in a diagonal pattern, so scan in this direction too. Be on the lookout for the first letters of the words you’re looking for. Use a pencil to help you track your visual scan.

Track uncommon letters like J, B, K, Q, X, Y, and Z. Once you spot them, it becomes easier to work backward and spot a complete word that contains these letters. Encircle or highlight the correct words once you find them. Remember to cross them out from the list of answers.

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