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Discover the easiest way to create survey forms, printed or digital. With Canva’s free survey maker, you’ll quickly generate surveys that ask the right questions, uncover insights, and get you the data that you need.

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Are customers happy with your service? What’s the feedback on your event? What activities do your students want? Find out the answers to the most important questions with Canva’s free survey maker. From quick polls, detailed questionnaires(opens in a new tab or window), to comprehensive research studies, you can generate survey forms that are easily printed and shared to respondents.

With lots of free, ready-made survey templates, there’s no need for tiresome formatting or editing. All you need is a list of survey questions; add them to a template, and it’s good to go. You can spruce it up with free illustrations and stock images, tweak the colors, and voilà! It’s ready to be downloaded, printed, and shared. You’ll be creating surveys within minutes.

How to create a survey

Make a survey

Launch Canva and search for “Survey” to make your own survey.

Browse our survey templates and choose a format that best fits your research purposes. Then, click on your chosen pre-made layout. Prepare your questions, too.

Edit the template and add your survey questions. Put the answer choices under or beside each question. Leave a blank space or an empty text box for open-ended responses. Don’t forget to put the survey title at the top of the form.

Customize the look of your survey form. Change the color palette to mirror the colors of your brand, school, or organization. Pick a new font, too. Add borders, illustrations, or stock images from our free media library. You can also upload your logo and then drag and drop it onto the survey form.

Download your survey as a PDF, ready to be printed out and distributed. You can also share the survey form as an editable document to respondents for online data collection.
Make a survey

Get the answers you need

Create a free survey for all kinds of respondents, for different research goals. You can ask questions to gauge customer satisfaction, get feedback, or test new products. Ask questions for your case study(opens in a new tab or window), or to measure awareness about your brand or advocacy. Or simply ask questions to get to know your respondents better: who are your students’ favorite superheroes? Or what’s the most popular snack on campus?

Use different question formats in your survey form. You can make a survey with yes-or-no, multiple choice, or Likert scale questions. Ask open-ended questions, too, and give your respondents a big text box to freely express their thoughts.

With our survey maker, you’ll get responses that spark solutions. Create better work policies, make better products, and plan fun events that everyone will enjoy.

Make a survey that people would want to answer

Say goodbye to boring surveys. Our free, online survey maker features beautiful templates, so you’ll be creating surveys that respondents would love to fill out.

Once you’ve added your questions, get creative and edit the template. Follow your brand colors and font styles. Take it a step further and tailor the survey forms to the respondents. For example, use vibrant colors for young learners or use brand visuals for customers.

You can even customize the survey form according to the topic. Asking about dietary preferences? Add food illustrations. Asking about sports? Add soccer balls here and baseball graphics there. The sky’s the limit with our free media and stock photo library.

Share instantly with your respondents

Need to pretest your survey? We’ve got you covered. Share the customized survey with your teammates, so they can check your work. In fact, you and your teammates can collaborate and edit the survey form in real time. Once the survey’s finalized, easily share it as an editable design for online surveys. You can also save it as a PDF and print out forms for face-to-face surveys.

Your research journey doesn’t have to end at our survey maker. Once your survey responses are in, you can use graphs(opens in a new tab or window) for data visualization and present your findings in presentations(opens in a new tab or window), Canva Docs(opens in a new tab or window)’ stunning report templates or Affinity Diagrams(opens in a new tab or window) to further analyze information. You have the entire Canva Worksuite at your fingertips, ready to make magic out of data.


To create a simple survey, identify your survey goals (what do you want to know?) and list down your questions. Then, create a survey using templates in our online survey maker. Send them out to your respondents. Once you’ve gathered data, analyze the responses and prepare a report to answer your research questions.

The basic types of survey questions are multiple choice, where respondents choose from a set of options; rating scale, where they rate items via a scale; and ranking questions, where they rank items in a particular order. Open-ended questions are also popular. In this type of question, respondents elaborate on their answers. You can make your questionnaire and design it easily for free in our survey maker.

The number of questions depends on your survey goals, but most survey forms have 5-10 questions. As a rule of thumb, surveys should have fewer questions if the questions are open-ended. Our free survey maker makes it easy to add or remove questions, so you can make surveys of any length.

It’s tricky to ask respondents to answer your survey, but with an interesting subject line, you can pique their interest. Before asking them to fill out the form, explain your survey and tell them how long it will take to answer it. It also helps if the questionnaire is clear and well-designed, and this is easily achieved with our survey maker. Lastly, thank your respondents after they’ve turned their responses in.
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