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Stay on top of everything by keeping a handy, online task list for your projects and routines using Canva’s free to-do list creator. Create a list of things to do for today’s errands or your well-deserved vacation next week with ready-made to-do list templates and tools right within our visual Canva Docs.

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Get the job done with a to-do list

It’s easy to be tangled in a sea of responsibilities when a new project comes along. It shouldn’t be the case for you. Keep track of your daily errands, weekly agenda, or business or travel plans anytime, anywhere. Create a to-do list that’s functional but also aesthetically stunning — get a clearer picture of all of your tasks and accomplish every activity to set you up for success.

Creating a to-do list doesn’t have to be another task on your to-do list. Make a to-do list online in a few easy steps with Canva’s to-do list maker. Open a Canva Doc and let the magic of its built-in tools and vast library help you create your own online task list in no time. Browse our professionally designed templates for free layouts for different purposes. Need a list for your trip to the beach? Are you lining up your team activities for next month’s product launch? Have an organized list with appropriate headings and labels you can customize. Play with fonts, colors, and design elements to make a truly aesthetic to-do list. Then, easily share it online for your team, family, and friends to see and edit in real-time.

How to make a to-do list

Make a to-do list

Open Canva and search “To-Do List” to start a new document.

Browse our collection from Canva Docs for the perfect to-do list template to match your needs. Find a layout for project management, business, travel, goals, or a simple daily to do list or weekly task list to run through your errands.

Start adding tasks to your to-do list. First, set a title for a particular project or event. From there, it’s as easy as typing every activity in the document and adding a checkbox beside it. Organize your list from high to low priority or according to your project’s different stages or phases. You can even delegate to your team by adding comments to tag their names. Then, choose a stylish font and color to create a theme for your to-do list.

Personalize your to-do list as you go on. Explore our design library to place visual cues on your list. A married couple emoji for your wedding planning, perhaps? Or a stock image of the beach for your weekend getaway. You can embed your other Canva projects for easy reference, use our Text to Image app for a unique idea, or speed things up with /Magic shortcuts to complete the whole picture for you.

Easily share your to-do list with others and tick those checkboxes one by one. Invite your team or colleagues to collaborate with you on your doc via email or a design link. You can also download your to do list as a Canva Doc in PDF and set its paper size to your liking.
Make a to-do list

Get visually organized

A drab-looking to-do list is off of your list this time. With visual Canva Docs, it’s easy to make to-do lists that exercise the mind and energize the eyes. It’s no longer just a long list of boring important tasks, but a sleek, organized, and visually informative list of things to do. Choose a free template from our to-do list maker and spice it up with your own flair.

Match the style with your brand or project theme. We have plenty of options for stylish fonts and color palettes to fit. Creating a task list for your daily errands or weekly appointments at work? Choose icons, images, and design elements to represent your tasks from our design library. Need easy access to a document(opens in a new tab or window) or Canva presentation? Insert a link on your to-do list or embed a design project straight into your Canva Doc.

Set your priorities straight

Easily organize your tasks with the right tools from Canva Docs to make the most out of its built-in to-do list maker. Add headings for each stage of your team project from high to low priority. Or, if you’re making a list of your house chores, you can simply divide your list into your morning, afternoon, or evening tasks. Then, start listing down activities in each section.

Don’t know where to start? Type “/” for Magic shortcuts that lets you format and apply check boxes on your to-do list, access design elements like charts, graphs, images, and emojis, or create a new Canva design without leaving the editor.

Real-time updates on the go

It’s nice to have a cute to-do list maker to keep you in check. But it’s another story to finally check a task off your list. Take your to-do list with you anytime, anywhere, and strike out an important task just as you finish it. Canva’s to-do list maker doubles as an online to-do list app you can take to your meetings, lunch out, grocery shopping, or getaway.

Simply download the Canva app on any iOS or Android device, and make changes to your list in real time. It’s possible to start your to-do list on a desktop, then continue where you left off on mobile. Plus, you can easily share it with anyone, so they are in the loop of what’s done and still pending on your shared to-do list. Let them add a few tasks, leave a comment, or mark an activity done for you.


A to-do list is simply a list of your tasks or errands that need to be accomplished for a specific time or specific project. It can be a quick list on a paper or as elaborate and collaborative as a digital to-do list in an online app for teams. Manage your tasks online with our free to-do list maker.

Creating a to-do list gives clarity on your tasks and helps you plan out your day or project. You can use to-do lists to keep track of all the important activities you need to accomplish for a productive use of your time.

An effective to-do list captures everything you have to accomplish, sorted and organized by priority. It is also important to add deadlines to each task so you see what’s time sensitive and what’s not. Make your language action-oriented and provide context when you list a task down to help you and your team better understand what’s at hand.

The number of tasks in your to-do list can depend on the time or duration you’d like to cover. It can be as short as two or three things you’d like to finish on your two-hour grocery run, or as lengthy and comprehensive as a whole long-term project with subtasks. List as many tasks as you can with a pageless document on our to-do list maker.

Cross out as many tasks as you can on your list when you organize and sort them. Categorize your list in a section or subheading, whether that be a stage or phase of your project, or the time of day or week. You can also sort them based on priority or break big tasks into subtasks.
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