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Add text to your videos with Canva’s video editing tool

Make your videos engaging, descriptive, or informative! Easily add text to your video online using Canva’s free online video editing tool.

Add text to specific video parts

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Whether you’re adding subtitles, captions, or descriptions in your video, our free video editor(opens in a new tab or window) tool lets you add text to your video for free. You can choose which parts you’re adding text, be it the start, middle, end, or the entire video.

Fully customize your texts

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Add moving text to your video to make it extra. Be stylish and engaging by customizing your font style, color, and size to match your video. Our media library is filled with free and premium fonts that you can use and put into any video content. Insert text animations(opens in a new tab or window) or effects for some oomph.

Download and share videos easily

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Once you’ve added text to the video, download your final work and share it on social media. With Canva Pro, easily resize(opens in a new tab or window) your video for Instagram Reels, TikTok, or Facebook video ads(opens in a new tab or window). Share directly to your social media account through the platform for free.

How to add text to a video

How to add text to a video
Add text to your video

Open Canva and start a video design project. Start inspired with pre-made template or create one from scratch.

​​Upload or drag your video to the editing canvas or timeline. Alternatively, browse through our free stock video library. Canva’s online video editor supports MP4, MOV, WEBM, MPEG, and MKV file formats.

On the left sidebar, click Text. Then choose a font combination according to your preferences. Or, click on the editing canvas, then key in T. A text box will appear where you can put the text, title, or video description. If you have multiple clips, you can add text to every clip.

Edit the video text by changing the font style, color, or size. You can adjust the position, spacing, and alignment. Add text animations or effects to create moving text across your video clips.

You may edit your video further by adding audio or more clips. Insert some transitions and animations as needed. Once you’re happy with your video, download it as a high-quality MP4 or share it to your social media accounts.
Add text to your video

Frequently Asked Questions

With our free online video editor, you can add a title, caption, or description to your video easily. Upload the clip and add the text. Move and adjust the placement to ensure your video content is still visible. You can customize your video by adding more design elements after.

Yes, you can! Go to the App Store and download our free iOS app to add text to your video. Upload the video that you want to use. On the bottom toolbar, click the “+” button and choose the "Text" menu. Choose the font size or font combinations you like. Edit the text and you’re done!

To change the font style and color of any added text, first upload the video that you want to use and add the text to the video. Click on the text element and look for the font menu bar. Click the drop-down button and choose from the free and premium font styles available. Afterward, click the Text Color button and choose from the photo colors we have available, or type a specific color hex that matches your video.
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