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Use video filters to enhance the look and feel of any clip

Infuse style and atmosphere into your raw footage. Use cool video filters to turn your clips into compelling visual stories that educate and engage audiences.

Add mood and drama to your videos

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It’s easy to transform your footage with the right video filter. Find the perfect one from Canva’s selection of cool video filters. Choose Retro for an effortless vintage feel. Go for Summer for a bright and peppy look. Make it noir with Nordic or Greyscale. Apply your chosen filter with a click and adjust its intensity on the slider.

Layer your visuals for more impact

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Customize your video’s overall look and feel beyond our free filters. Bring dull footage to life by adjusting its overall brightness and saturation. Looking to add more depth? A vignette or blur effect can come in handy. Want to express your quirky style and personality? Explore Canva’s media gallery, where you’ll find stickers(opens in a new tab or window), icons(opens in a new tab or window), and graphic elements to bring out your unique touch. Unsatisfied with the background? Take it out using Canva’s new Video Background Remover feature.

Turn your clips into a shareable, moving visual story

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Put together all your footage and create a memorable video, whether it’s for your brand’s Instagram Story or a personal YouTube page. With Canva’s online video editor(opens in a new tab or window), you can apply filters, adjust the speed(opens in a new tab or window), sharpen images, and trim(opens in a new tab or window) each clip. Do these edits easily on your desktop, mobile, or tablet device. When you’re finished, upload your project on any social media platform — straight from Canva.

How to add a filter to a video

How to add a filter to a video
Add filter to video

Launch Canva and search for a video template to get started. Choose by style, theme, or medium: YouTube, TikTok, Stories, Reels, and more.

Add your own video and audio clips to the project by clicking on the Uploads tab.

Supplement your assets with royalty-free images, videos, and elements from our content library. Adjust their brightness and saturation so every clip matches.

Select your video clip. Click Edit Video and explore all the cool video filters offered. Choose a filter to preview your clip. Tweak its intensity by dragging the slider to the left (decrease) or right (increase).

Download a file as a high-resolution, watermark-free MP4 video. Or have an editable file on hand by creating a Canva account. Quickly share the project on your socials or website straight from our dashboard.
Add filter to video

Frequently Asked Questions

To put a filter on a video, start by uploading your clip on our design platform. You can also use an existing one from our ready-made templates. Choose the clip you want to modify, then click "Edit video." You'll find the Filters section on the left-hand side of the online editor. Click on a specific filter and see its immediate effect on your video.

To remove a video filter, select your video and click "Edit video" on the editor. Under Filters on the left-side panel, click "None" to remove the filter, and your clip should instantly revert to its original appearance. Click on the layout to close the panel and continue designing.

Most smartphone cameras offer built-in free filters for videos. But if you edit your videos on our online editor, you get access to a wide range of filters, fonts, and graphic elements that can easily enhance your footage.

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