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Change the color of an image to add mood and atmosphere

Edit image colors for free using Canva’s online photo editor, with no design skills or complicated software necessary. Manually adjust color properties, apply preset filters, and edit background colors all in one place.

One-click color changer for images

Replace colors in your image to give it the vibrancy it needs. Whether you’re a professional artist, beginner designer, or simply someone dabbling in the world of image manipulation, edit your photos effortlessly with one-click filters and effects in Canva’s powerful photo editor. Brighten your vacation photo by highlighting orange shades from the Summer filter, achieve that raw, grainy portfolio with blush tints from Edge or Drama, or colorize a black and white and turn it into an instant artwork. When you’re in a pinch, our preset filters save you time and effort so you can focus on what matters most: creating quality content that resonates with your audience.

Customize the overall look and feel

Have your subject stand out in a photo by singling them out or muting the backdrop. Canva’s AI photo editor automatically detects and isolates the foreground and background for editing, making it easy to adjust the colors of parts of your image. Enhance contrasting hues to create visual interest in your landscape shot, or tweak details to make your profile picture pop. Want more customization options? Add harmony to the brightness, contrast, and saturation with our easy-to-use sliders and take control of your photos. Change the colors of your image as little or as much as you like, and quickly give it a creative touch on Canva.

Compelling images across all platforms

Change photo colors depending on where they will be posted or how they will be used. Accent reds and pinks to fit your Valentine’s Day sales campaign, use gold and silver hues for your wedding or graduation invitation, or make your website or social media images green to match your eco-friendly brand’s identity. Canva’s intuitive photo editing tools allow you to easily change the colors of your PNG or JPG image, so you can expect richer, deeper colors and a high-quality image resolution every time.

How to change the color of an image

Launch Canva

Open Canva on your browser or mobile app to access our free online photo editor.

Upload your image

Upload your desired image, and drag and drop it onto the canvas. Or choose from the available stock photos in our extensive media library.

Edit the colors of your image

Select your photo and click Edit image. Use our built-in photo editing tools to change the color of your pictures. Adjust the brightness, contrast, warmth, and shadows with easy-to-use sliders. Apply dramatic, whimsical, or retro filters to spice up your images. Or take advantage of our AI-based tools to modify the color and lighting of your picture’s foreground and background.

Add finishing touches

Customize your image further by inserting text in trendy fonts or finding icons, illustrations, stickers, and other graphic design elements from our library. You can also crop or flip your image to reframe it or add borders and frames for an extra layer of style.

Download and share

Download your final image in high-resolution JPG, PNG, and other image output formats. Add it to an existing Canva design or publish it straight from the dashboard to your social media accounts.

Change color of image

Change color of image

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