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Create depth and drama with a grayscale image

Turn a simple colored picture into a dramatic image by converting it to grayscale on Canva. With our photo editor, you can instantly set a timeless, somber, or nostalgic mood to your photo.

Breathe new life into any picture

Transform your pictures into grayscale images

Transform your pictures into stunning grayscale images for a plethora of needs. Whether it’s for the monochrome aesthetic, business card mockups(opens in a new tab or window) or for practical design purposes, a grayscale photo can do wonders for your projects. Use our preset filters to instantly convert an image into grayscale. Or play around with dedicated controls to adjust your photo based on brightness(opens in a new tab or window), contrast, saturation, and other toggles.

Photo editing made easy

Turn your image into grayscale with photo editing tools

From individual content creators to established business brands, practically anyone can use and benefit from Canva’s grayscale image converter. No design background is necessary to navigate our intuitive photo editor(opens in a new tab or window). Simply choose a stock image(opens in a new tab or window) from our extensive library or upload your own, and have fun turning your image into grayscale using our drag-and-drop tools and intuitive interface. Save time, effort, and resources with Canva.

Take your projects further

Edit your image to grayscale for your next projects

Use your grayscale images for personal endeavors or professional campaigns. Upload a black and white profile picture to match your online portfolio and exude elegance. Choose a grayscale photo as the focal point of your next promotional poster. Visualise your design on poster mockups(opens in a new tab or window) before printing out a draft of your company flyer with a grayscale image. More than just editing photos, Canva lets you transfer these converted files onto other projects and continue designing without disrupting your workflow.

How to grayscale an image

How to grayscale an image
Convert image to grayscale

Head to Canva on your browser, or download the free mobile app on your phone or tablet. Then, open the grayscale image converter from the photo editor.

Navigate the Uploads tab and select your image. Or, simply drag and drop it directly to the layout. Click or tap on the photo you want to grayscale. The selected image is marked by a purple outline.

On the menu bar, click on the Edit image button. Explore the Filters tab and click on Greyscale or Street for a quick, one-click conversion. Use the slider to modify its intensity. For a more customized image filter grayscale, experiment with the Adjust toggles to tweak its brightness, tint, vibrance, and more.

Crop, flip, blur, or rotate your image to enhance it further. Or try adding supporting text, frames, and icons from our massive media library. By signing up for a Canva Pro account, you can even remove the background with just one click.

Download your grayscale photo in file formats such as PNG and JPG. Use it for your design projects—from marketing posters and company brochures, to social media posts and online branding.
Convert image to grayscale

Frequently Asked Questions

None. In most cases, the terms are interchangeable. Grayscale is a more technically accurate term, as most black and white photos have shades of gray in them. A true black and white photo looks flat and one-dimensional compared to a true grayscale image, which retains varying shades that create depth and perspective.

Aside from aesthetic purposes, turning an image to grayscale is helpful for a variety of reasons. A grayscale photo has less data than a colored one, so web pages and devices can load them faster. If you’re manufacturing a product, looking at a photo in grayscale helps you get a more accurate picture of its shading and vibrancy. Grayscale images are also said to increase productivity by minimizing the distraction that colors can bring.

There are many uses for a grayscale picture. Convert all your colored photographs to grayscale, and create a classic-looking social media page. Use a monochrome image for the poster of a film, novel, or event with a somber tone. Evoke a feeling of mystery or melancholy by fronting your project’s promotional materials with a grayscale image. The sky’s the limit!
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